ibasso dx220
  1. C

    Ibasso DX220 problem: firmware update to 1.19.324

    Hello! I am a new user, have been reading a while here (great forums indeed) and hope somebody can help me. I have a DX220, about 1 year old. Yesterday (the device was switched off for a while) I got the info to upgrade from firmware 1.18.284 to 1.19.324. I tried it over WIFI which always...
  2. T

    Earphones for iBasso DX220

    I have just ordered iBasso DX220 today (8 June 2020). I’m new here for Hi-Res music player. Please help me to find the earphones that would be better matched with this device. I come across with the last 2 that I can’t make a decision, one is Campfire Polaris 2 and the other one is Oriveti...
  3. PocketClouds

    iBasso DX-220 or Kann Cube?

    I would know impressions from owners or full listeners of this two daps. I'm looking for the best one for train travelings, office time and home, already knowing about the size and weight of Cube. Thanks.
  4. MaxD

    My Portable Audio Journey

    I was chatting on another forum about the audio Journey we go on when at first afflicted with this wonderful hobby. I thought it might be interesting to see if we can show a journey in one picture, see how different or similar we are here is my one:
  5. Paul - iBasso

    DX220 A new view to your music. *** LATEST FW: 1.19 Local *** Link for User Guide 1st Page.

    Android Tool with instructions for doing a clean wipe of the DX220 with .img firmware. The USB/DAC from our download site on www.ibasso.com also has to be installed on your computer (Windows based). Android Tool: http://www.ibasso.com/uploadfiles/download/AndroidTool.zip .img firmware for...