DX220 A new view to your music. *** LATEST FW: 1.19 Local *** Link for User Guide 1st Page.
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Android Tool with instructions for doing a clean wipe of the DX220 with .img firmware. The USB/DAC from our download site on www.ibasso.com also has to be installed on your computer (Windows based).

Android Tool:


.img firmware for use with the Android Tool for DX220.


1.19 Firmware for the DX220


V1.08 .mg Original FW for the DX220:




April 8, 2021 New firmware. This is a local update for SD card. OTA will be available this coming Monday.


Aug. 29, 2020


1. Added support for DTS format.
2. Added support for multi-channel DSD.
3. Improved the compatibility of the USB digital output.
4. Rectified the bug that when playing ISO, the album artwork isn't displayed.
5. Rectified the bug that after sorting settings are changed, the play order is incorrect.
6. Rectified the bug that when using folder play function, the Now playing music list would not be updated.
7. Improved compatibility with Bluetooth devices. (Android OS)
8. Rectified the bug that when using shuffle mode, the first album artwork may display incorrectly.
9. Rectified the bug that when using 720P screen resolution, the bootup screen isn't displayed in the center.
10. Rectified the bug that the USB DAC mode doesn't support USB C to USB C cable connection.
11. Rectified the bug that when using Bluetooth output, sometimes the pause function doesn't work correctly. (Android OS)

New Firmware:

December 22, 2021


For AMP9 you must update to at least to the latest firmware of June 16, 2019.

DX220. A screen by Sharp. High resolution to accompany your music journey. Fine tuned, ready to play, ready to destress your day.

Link for the Manual Download of the DX220: https://ibasso.com/product/dx220/

Change Log for May 20, 2019 Firmware:

Android OS:
1. Rectified the bug that some quick chargers will not function correctly with the DX220 when the
DX220 is powered off.
2. Artist view is now changed to Artist/Album/Song structure.
3. Artist view now uses the Album Artist tag instead of Artist tag.
4. Rectified the bug that when the playback is paused and the previous button is pressed, the track info was not refreshed.
5. Rectified the bug that when playing video, the sound is incorrect.

Mango OS:
1. Improved the shuffle mode.


It really is About the Music!
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I want one !
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I wonder what is it?

I would’t overthink it, more likely than not it’s just the mockup, I don’t see 4G/5G coming into the picture :p
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It is an indication of how long or how many months before productions is here. 4 bars, probably indicating 4 months :wink:. Similar to what @twister6 posted about people interpreted the hidden message :D kakaka

Reading too much into it I think but we’ll see if it goes down to 3 bars in a month :wink:
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Putting 1 sim card for internet like an ipod?
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Don’t believe it one bit, no SIM card is my (safe) bet :)

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