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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: June 18, 2019 OTA * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. panasonicst60
    Did you order from taobao? My tracking shows at transshipment warehouse. And it says I have to pay for some transfer fee. But I don't know how or where to pay or how to contact anyone. Because everything is not in English. I just asked for a refund. Hopefully this tpu case shows up elsewhere...

    What does yours show in tracking?
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  2. JamesKH
    I have the same setup but on high gain - no hiss. Have Solaris 2.5mm balanced going to 3.5mm adapter (PW Audio) into DX229. No hiss.
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  3. fokta
    Now, this is interesting...
    Is it warm? compare with what amp u use now?
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  4. Whitigir
    I have no experiences with Diana, I use Hd800s and Amp8 can blast my ears. Is Diana that much harder to drive ?
  5. Ojisan
    How many hours do you have on Amp9?

    Mine (just got it Monday) was a hiss monster out of the box with Andromeda. Better after 15 hours but noticeable. Much worse than hiss on M11. Hoping it will improve with time. It’s fine with headphones though.
  6. JamesKH
    Just received it yesterday...so probably about five hours total. Was totally expecting the hiss and was willing to live with it...seemed like a foregone conclusion after reading so much about it here. But nothing.
  7. JamesKH
    Was using A1MK2 until yesterday when i received A9. Running a little less warm than A1MK2. Battery life is definitely better. Cable is ALO Superlitz 2.5mm balanced to PW 3.5mm adapter in case anyone wants to try to recreate.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  8. AlexRv
    It’s not the problem with volume, amp8 can make Diana shout) It’s about music quality, with Hugo You close Your eyes and sense the music, and with dx220 - just hear the music)
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  9. panasonicst60
    Sounds like you like the warmer sound signature on the Hugo?
  10. Whitigir
    I think he needs DMP-Z1 :wink: for his preferences and demanding headphones
  11. lhydavid
    there are alternatives, if you like your DX220 a little more low slung.
    I post 3 here today.

    1) EVA case measuring 16cm by 11cm by 4.5cm.
    Has the most protection, though is also the most bulky of the 3.
    Everything closes well with room to spare.
    The elastic band holding the dx220 is slightly loose, but nothing that would jeapardize the unit.
    If you're using a straight jack, it will need to be unplugged.

    2) Draw string pouch in with double mesh (coarse outer and fine inner)
    Very comfortable to hold. Lots of ventilation. Even the iems can go in and the drawstring
    can be closed completely with no issues. Easily pocketable. There pouch itself
    has a slightly spongy / compressible feeling.

    3) Just a sponge type, form fitting pouch. The dx220 sits well inside completely with about
    an inch of headroom/space left at the top. The iems will not be secure though.
    Though it is also comfortable to hold and easily pocketable.

    Of the 3, I like 2 the best, though I use 3 as well, but have to carry a separate iem case.
    I use 1 for longer travels.

    The total cost of all these 3 cases are no more than USD 40 and easily replaceable where I live :)
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  12. Whitigir
    I think you are talking about sound signatures and performances, not really drivability. I tuned DX220EX and Amp8EX based on HD800S usages and experiences with other headphones systems, but mainly my HD800S and Stax SR009-009S.

    See, 2700mA capable is not something you should look down on

    I don’t want to encourage you to get a modified unit, especially when EX modifications is very hard to come by, unless you are into DIY or able to find a technician. But I just want to let you know that DX220 and Amp8 totally has the capability to drive, and perform with fullsizes headphones. Because I was once there, so EX happened.

    The next commercially available and invasive modifications someone can have would have to be from Fidelizer . It is not my modifications of EX, but it should theoretically bring the potentials out of the DX220 and Amp8 as a platform.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  13. bsphong
    Agree with you. My 320ohms Ve Zen earbud is loud with amp8 and music quality is only moderate. But driven easily by the "swapping" amp9 and has very excellent music quality.
  14. Whitigir
    That is because the sound signature and synergies as a combination of both that makes it that way.

    See ? A neutral monitors or headphones with DX220 and even Amp8 would still be dead neutral. Most of the time Neutral is boring and not musical to many people, but it has nothing to do with drivability. It is the synergies. If you have Amp9 which is warm, musical and fluid, and totally is different than the rest of the dead neutral modules from Ibasso until now, then musicality + Neutral = something more enjoyable.

    I have always said that, and will say it again, the Dx220 and it other amp modules are focused on Neutral and flat signature with clarity, details and airy presentations. So if you want something more musical, pair it with something warmer.

    Even a Cables after careful consideration would does wonderful too!

    About modifications, it is to achieve better energy delivery, background, and hence improvements in other areas while taking tuning into account. Each and every modifications will carry it own signatures and will synergies with different things. It is important to know whose preferences, and which systems are paired to develop the modifications. Once the improvements are made, everything connecting to it would be improved. That is why Cables is the last thing, and always is the absolutely last piece in the chain to be taking into considerations.

    However, for people who want to drive full-size all the time like me, I have only found a few DAP/Systems that can do so. The new players such as SP1000/2000, Cubes, SR15, N8, DX200-220 and Amp8, the DMP-Z1. We are pretty much stuck, because this portion of the markets is very small in comparison to the in ear people. So form and portability is a huge factor. This is another reason why I modified my DX200 and also Dx220, Amp8. It makes the DX220+Amp8 as a combo being driven pretty well with my needs and gears, so I am very happy with it. Next up to it would be the DMP-Z1, but with that form factor and not to mention the opposite Signatures, I almost prefer to have DX228EX inside my pocket driving universally everything.....even when I use T2 + Stax SR009 as a whole system
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  15. icefalkon
    Absolutely not. The DX228 easily drives Diana's.

    Quality? Really? I used a burned-in DX220 with a burned-in AMP8 and the Diana's sounded so good, that the cable manufacturer who was using the Diana's next to our booth listened and was like, "I can't believe that". I mean each to their own, but the Hugo has absolutely no "music quality" over the DX228, but there a house sound to each unit. I'm thinking that the Hugo is just more to your liking.
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