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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. davidmolliere
    One thing I noticed is that AMP9 does benefit from burn in, it’s not night and day but things do get better around the 100 hours mark and still getting sweeter... the combo with Phantom is nothing short of spectacular... those babies get a lot of air time these days :beyersmile:
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  2. AndrewH13

    I bought some of the very early Katanas, brought to London Canjam before general sale in the country and before Encore was released. Way before Khan. The comparison then was with the slightly warmer Noble K10. Up till now I've loved it some days, some albums, but then not others. Think Amp9 is a great match.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  3. icefalkon
    No worries I'll be posting here. :)
  4. amahikas
    Hi All,
    My DX220 arrived last saturday and i'm very happy with this DAP.
    i have Cayin i5 DAP and OPUS #3 and i love them both, but i was finding a better sounding DAP with new Android version.
    i demoed Cayin N6ii and DX220 for 2 weeks. i wrote my impressions on the Cayin N6ii thread, but N6ii was too warm and full bodied for my taste. DX220 was more dry and airy but also smooth and warm. a very good balance that i prefer.
    i also tried AMP9 and it was very good especially the trebles. i also am impressed to AMP1 MKII which has deep, wide and detailed bass. so i will take time to decide if i'm getting AMP9.

    looking forward to enjoy DX220 with you all. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  5. singleended5863
    I was torn between DX220 and N6ii before too but after listening DX229 for awhile (I think they are breaking in) I have decided to keep them and no looking back. However, I am in the hunt of new CIEM even though I own the Phantom now.
  6. amahikas
    Yes. many of us is comparing N6ii with DX220 and it's a hard choice. N6ii wasn't my taste but i still think it's good as DX220. i'm looking forward for the next audio motherboard.
    Phantom is quite expensive but i can easily imagine it sounds good with DX220.
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  7. arijitroy2
    The never ending chase :D

    Even though i got my U12T two months back, i was also browsing for a new pair :D i think A18t would go well with Amp9 since they both are contrasting to each other.

    I was tilting towards Legend X or the Jomo Flamenco! So many options!
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  8. fokta
    Welcome... Another AMP1Mk2 user...
    Just a question, how N6ii handle floor noise / background noise compare... ??
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  9. cycheang
    I've almost the same setup like yours except the cable. I've change to pure silver cable. Hiss still there even though after 30 hours of burning. Tried low gain, the hiss is still there.

    Well, hiss still in my acceptable level. For me, the main different between AMP9 and Stock Amp is the high is much more forward and bass is a bit more punchier than stock AMP.
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  10. TP1410
    I'm using both. N6ii and Dx228 had same floor noise / background noise level. It perfect.
    N6ii still have verygood sound, but sound qualtity of DX228 have more and more "layer" and "detail".
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  11. amahikas
    N6ii is very close to DX221mk2, but DX221mk2 was a bit better.
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  12. fokta
    Now this is interesting, High Forward, while Bass still punchy... how is the Mid...? still detail and layered?

    So according to you, AMP 9 still warm sig?

    really need to try this
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  13. Decreate
    Might want to try the VE Elysium. Gave them a try when they had the demo here in Hong Kong. They sounded quite different from my Phantom...less thick, more clear but still real sounding. Would've got them if I hadn't used the money to get a new guitar... :grin:
  14. liquidrats
    btw. latest tidal update fixes the 48.0khz bit rate during off-line. It is now playing 192khz for offline files.
  15. bahamot
    Yep, and it now plays non-MQA 44.1KHz materials properly as 44.1KHz
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