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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. arijitroy2
    Lurker's mod doesn't alter the sound, it's an add-on. I would say then stick to the one you like, the rom is expensive anyway.
  2. fokta
    Just my 2 cent,
    If you use more on Mango OS, none of them will benefit you. (Fidelizer I tried other DX220 which have it).
    But if you more on Android Mode, Lurker add on give me UAPP (playstore) and yes, darker background (at UAPP)...
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  3. Hiltonk
  4. kalo86
    I have a good experience with Neutron on Android system but after some test of a couple of hours my DX220 became very very hot, the screen became black (like a screen off), after pressing the power on button nothing happened and I had to force shut down the device with a long press of the power button. At first I was very convinced that Neutron was the best. After that experience I want to give a try at the Mango player in Android and I don't hear appreciable differences between Neutron and Mango (both under Android OS). Then, after reading this thread I decided to give a try to the Mango OS and gentlemen.... Oh my God. Totally huge sounds, especially in the mid section, I hear a fuller and more enjoyable sound. I will never go back.
    My screen is mostly of the time off because I start my favorite playlist. This device cannot be a replacement of my Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone... But it is my audio beast!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  5. iMongui
    The benefits of Fidelizer are only applied to the Android mode? The Mango app on Android mode I know that its optimised as its announced on the release notes but im sad that the Mango OS is not optimised too
  6. MaxD
    @Paul - iBasso , Hey Paul, Quick dumb question (apologise up front if it has already been asked): Is there a difference between the Android app (Mango Player) and the Mango OS sound? I have tried to hear one as people keep mentioning the OS is better. it is difficult to compare as it takes time to switch between them. Or I could just be hearing impaired :).
  7. arijitroy2
    Yep only for the Android Mode.

    For me the mango on android and mango OS both sounded identical.
  8. Whitigir
    Lovely! I am glad you are enjoying it. Don’t forget to take dx220 out and put on a cooling surface
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  9. SteveOliver
    XiSRC by default, at least when I just tried it, seems to output DSF files that are a quite a bit "Louder" than the FLAC input files. If I attempt as best as possible to volume match the levels of the FLAC to DSF there appears, at least to my ears be little or no difference.

    Conclusions: We all know that louder sounds better but if you like the results then its all good.
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  10. arijitroy2

    That's quite interesting actually. But i do hear quite a bit of details that in the original files is not that clear even if I am bumping the volume level. I'll experiment more.
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  11. panasonicst60
    This has always been my question since a few members have stated it improves sq. I myself have always been a little doubtful it does anything but make the music files bigger.
  12. rr12267
    Only way to figure it out is to try it. Whether it improves SQ or not doesn’t really matter. Only thing that does matter is if you think it improves what you are listening too. We all hear things differently. Thus why I enjoy reading other folks impressions.
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  13. fokta
    DSD file vs Flac...
    IMHO, Separation... based on my exp, it can distinguish Bass from Drum and Guitar much better... due to exact decay...
    When the music genre is intrument, classic, or Orchestra, DSD will have benefit.
    Beside that, I found disco, pop beat will be sound the same as 24 bit flac. IMHO.
    just my 3 cent...
  14. fokta
    I never mention SQ improvements because DX220 alrd good SQ either in Mango OS or Mango Andro... even swapping AMP from AMp1Mk2 or AMp8... it is just matter of ur preferable Sound Sig.
    using Lurker add on, to get UAPP and make the apps make sure to bypass Android Driver in Android mode, so u can exp like Mango OS (at least that's what I felt).

    if I must choose one, I choose mango OS... I prefer the dynamic in low volume, since on Mango OS, I just need Volume 9 of 100, to get the dynamic. Again this is my preference... based on my current gear combo...

    Now, I stick with UAPP until iBasso can update the nightmare search UI better in Mango OS
  15. Whitigir
    Exactly! Always try them out and judge for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, good that you save some money. If it does then you get to enhance your listening experiences. We all heard things differently. As far as science goes, the improvement is definitely there

    Yes, another reason why we love Ibasso and Dx200/220/150 right? Amp modules are swappable
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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