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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. gto88
    I see, thanks.
  2. mattiav
    Yes. Different sound signature though.
  3. 7VIIlI777IIlIV7l
    Hi @Paul - iBasso , I sent you an urgent PM concerning my shipment.

    Thank you

    ( Can't wait to try my AMP9 ! )
  4. CobraMan
    @gto88 - and 4.4mm balanced vs 2.5mm balanced...

  5. cleg
    My take on AMP9

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  6. gto88
    Yeah, I am aware of that, and it is a pity that it doesn't have line out on it.
  7. edwardsean
    First thoughts on Whitigir's 220EX:

    For those of you who are interested in Whitigir's 220EX mod. I just finished the mod earlier in the week. Here are some preliminary impressions.

    Please bear in mind that these thoughts are running the DX220EX mod with amp8EX with DSD512 with custom processing/convolution using a Tralucent Uber v2 cable into LCDi4s.

    I have to confess I initially did not want to do the mod. I don't think the DX220 in stock form needs anything, and of a truth I was more apprehensive of doing anything to harm the sound I loved. Having added the EX mod, I find my appreciation of the DX220 only increased–all the more. It is simply an amazing design and astounding at the price!

    The EX is a beautiful refinement that plays in the lavish audio architecture that IBasso generously provided (Vince's joy).

    I was trying to let the 220EX burn in for a while before I listened again and wrote anything, you know, DAPs need "me time" too.

    But... I couldn't resist so I snuck in for a listen.

    Good night it's good.

    In my system, the sound is–lush, but with a clarity/fidelity that startled me at times.

    When you just let the music wash over you it is so soft and inviting that you would think it can't possibly be precise as well. But, when you get your head together and focus, it's all there: details, dynamics, deep lows and razor highs placing definite images accurately in space.... EX Ex ex space....

    It's these two element hitting you together, both musicality and referentiality, simultaneously, that just sweeps me away leaving behind the vague notion of "impossible." You scratch your head, "it can't be both musical and neutral, that's not possible." But, for me, when these two meet and don't contradict each other, I find audio bliss. The 220EX has a creamy clarity a realistic romanticism. The sound is clear and sharp stabbing me awake, but warm and emotional, piercing me between the lungs and not the ear drums.

    What is the rest of the burn in going to do to me?

    A huge thanks to @Whitigir, @EggofSound, @bden59, and @Paul - iBasso! There is no better audio community!
  8. Mahalarp
    Today received my Amp9. :):):)

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  9. icefalkon
    I couldn't agree more Sean. There are times I have to take the headphones off because it's just too much. I've been burning in the AMP8EX for over a week and the D220EX...well it's Vince's so it's been burned in and is full of his awesomeness.

    The sound from the DX228EX combo is, as I said in the DX220-EX Impressions Thread (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dx220-ex-impressions.910368/) is as if the DX220 has been taken to the level ABOVE the next level. I've heard systems that cost upwards of $10K that didn't sound this good. When I think about TOTL, this is it. For me, the pinnacle of the iBasso lineup is achieved with the EX modifications.
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  10. panasonicst60
    That sounds awesome! Time to open up my stock dx220.
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  11. RipVanWinkle1989
    Any idea how to get them in Europe? I tried Amazon.jp, but they are not delivering to my address.
  12. arijitroy2
    We need to get the DX220 modded :D

    @edwardsean @Whitigir any pointers to who can help do this in Europe? I did get my Amp8 modded by Keetakawee and he did a brilliant job, but I'll be hit with a nice VAT and customs duty plus ths shipping!!
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  13. Whitigir
    Try contact @Nayparm ?
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  14. Paulo Abreu
    Nice setup! How is DX229 with that beautiful 64Audio TIA Fourté?
  15. Paulo Abreu
    Nice one @cleg thanks for sharing. Only I don't know if I agree on the resolution appreciation on comparison to AMP1Mk2... I find AMP9 very resolving, my perception is that DX229 leaves nothing behind
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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