DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP2, AMP3, AMP4 and AMP5. FW 2.8.198

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. bluelavender
    i use one. it works perfectly with dx200
  2. Glasha
    Where can I find a good cable (3,5mm to RCA) of 2,5/3m to use it with the DX200's S/PDIF enter?
  3. Paul - iBasso
    We have tested the DX200 with the 400GB SandDisk card and there are no issues. Any micro card in the future that meets the standards set forth for them should be fine.
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  4. Sabre2
    Just join the club, as I am not sure if this has been asked before.
    I am using Pure Mango mode (not boot into Android).
    Is it possible to adjust the "volume" on the touchscreen, say maybe after turn the volume nob at the side for the volume screen to appear?
    Many thanks in advance.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    That’s on the wishlist :)
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  6. Sabre2
    Looking forward to it :)
  7. Tweety 99
    I heard new FW 2.8. 198 finally fixes skipping a beat at start. Is that true and when will it be released?
    Also, when does the new adapter CA02 get listed in their site for shopping ?
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  8. artpiggo
    Yes, Please see the link. It is number 2.
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  9. nazrin313
    Just ordered AMP5 to drive my LAB01s...will give some impressions once I get it, super excited!!
  10. nazrin313
    As for now, tested the lineout of AMP1 to the my Portatube + and the results were outstanding. 10x overall better sound!! It was godlike performance. Soundstage was huge, all frequencies were weighty and full! And all the details were there piercing my brain! I hope AMP5 can recreate this perfomance if it doesnt I have to take out the portatube from the sale section. I cant go back to stock AMP1 now to be honest. IMG_20180105_154109.jpg IMG_20180105_154204.jpg
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  11. Tweety 99
    Thank you for the confirmation. Hope the new FW and CA02 to be available soon in the official site.:darthsmile:
  12. vovanopulo
    It does not allow to download without a Baidu account. Does anyone have a link to this FW on google drive or dropbox, etc.? Much appreciated
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  13. bluelavender
    And I hope lurker comes out with an updated rom using newest firmware :) i love his rom
  14. ctaxxxx
    Yes please! Been putting off ordering AMP4 & 5 just because I figured I'd order it all at once, but didn't realize the wait would be this long. Lots of "will be released very soon". Should have placed an order last year... :weary:
  15. Drewligarchy
    This - would love to try the firmware if someone could pass it along. Thank you!
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