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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. Dobrescu George
    I had the least issues with 2-pin connectors, but it looks like MMCX is so widely implemented that many many producers just prefer to stick with those... Well... Dunu's are clearly very tight and high quality, but this makes them hard to remove, which makes them prone do damage when removing them

    Oriveti MMCX connectors are far more relaxed, and while they are not as tight as Dunu's, the mere fact that they are easier to take out and plug in makes them less prone to damage...
  2. PixelSquish
    I don't mind if they are tighter and harder to pull off but the fact that the buds spin around is annoying. One review said the dunu cables mmcx connector has a notch in it so they don't spin around. I'll have to try to put in the original dunu cable and see if that happens again.
  3. PixelSquish
    I'm looking for these notches but don't see any of them. Has anybody who has changed the cable on the 3001's ever gotten the original cable back on without spinning buds?
  4. subguy812
    Again, I think you should be careful make comments like "prone to damage". That would infer that they are damaged more often than not. MIne have been swapped, balanced to SE multiple times. Mine are snug at the connector, will turn, but not loose and sloppy or "damaged".
  5. Dobrescu George
    Well, one of mine rotates quite easily, while the other does not. Dunu is excellent in their warranty and will fix such issues, just good to keep in mind that this can happen, this my comment, the force needed to remove them is quite large in my experience, and this can make them prone to damage :triportsad:

    I don't think so. Haven't seen anything like notches that would stop them from spinning.

    I have one ear spinning freely, while the other ear is like most mmcx connectors. Both are very snug at the connector level, just the spinning effect is more proeminent on one now. Dunu offered to fix this, and it wouldn't cost anything, so they are good with their warranty, but when somebody asks if this can happen, the answer is yes, this can happen...
  6. subguy812
    LOL... as you wish. SKerry have you personally used the warranty from DUNU?
  7. Brooko Contributor
    MMCX connectors are designed to spin whilst maintaining contact - that way you can move the cable to suit your personal fitting. There is no lock mechanism on the DK-3001. The cables on mine snap in place reassuringly, and the connection is always good. i would rather have them tight than loose. As for as disconnecting them goes - thumb and forefinger at the join - press and lift. They do not require excessive force - you just need to know what you're doing. The only way you'll damage these - is if you don't know what you're doing. Its straightforward, and IMO good design. Press and lift. Simple.
  8. PixelSquish
    I don't mind the connection and removal part, but they spin a little too freely. I ordered the DUNU upgrade cable to see how that fits.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Well... I have over 10 IEMs that use the MMCX standard, but DK-3001 is probably the tightest of them all, for the better or for worse.

    still managed to get a different results between the two IEMs - my left ear rotates easier than my right one, basically, the right one has the typical rotation element of any MMCX connector, while the left one rotates freely.

    Dunu have been quite friendly and told me to send the borken IEM piece to them in a small envelope so it doesn't get lost, and so I have to pay the least shipping, and they will send a new unit back - I trust them with warranties and such, and they are one of the most open companies when it comes to this.

    I still advice some caution and care with the MMCX connectors.

    For the record, I had to apply a lot of force to disconnect them when I did, so it is my fault entirely, ultimately I did what Paul said with the thumb and the other finger, but somehow I think I didn't place the force centrally. Once again, my mistake, I just advice care so no one breaks them like I did! :darthsmile:
  10. PixelSquish
    Which Dunu office did you contact for a return? There are three located on their contact page. I think mine may be 'broken'. While they connect solidly and sound perfect, they spin around too easily now. They are still hard to disconnect if you press and pull without putting strain on the cable, so it's not like the connection is loose. It's weird.
  11. Dobrescu George
    That is more or less how my right ear feels like.

    You should try to contact the place you bought from, that place usually has the best warranty. You can also try to contact Vivian from Shenzen. She's lovely and helps customers quite a lot

  12. PixelSquish
    Well this is inconvenient lol I just find it strange that I took them off correctly but they are 'broken'. At least I have my 2000J's to listen to in the interim.

    If you look at the aftermarket Dunu cable online it has grooves to prevent rotation, but the IEM's must be compatible. It says it's not compatible with the Titan series but not the rest of their lineup. It seems only the 2002's may have the corresponding groove to prevent rotation. It's a pretty smart design actually - and acknowledges the MMCX cable has an issue with earbud spin. The 3001' definitely don't have that groove though.
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  13. Brooko Contributor
    Again because the message doesn’t seem to be getting through - it is normal for the connectors to rotate. That is the way it was designed. Also I note you talk about “pulling on the cable”. You don’t need to pull on the cable to remove them.
  14. PixelSquish
    On mine you can squeeze all you want but you gotta pull too. Maybe their tolerances are not consistent in manufacturing. Spinning a bit is fine but not when they spin quite freely. I fail to see why Dunu included a notch on some of their products/cables in order to prevent spin if they didn't think that was an issue with MMCX connectors. Check the listing on Amazon for their aftermarket cable and the second picture is that of the notch to prevent spinning. This isn't something we just made up: https://goo.gl/YZZjX5
  15. Brooko Contributor
    I have the 2002 so I know it’s there. I also have many, many IEMs with MMCX connectors. It is standard for them to freely rotate.
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