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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. PixelSquish
    I believe you and appreciate your experience with lots of IEM's - these are my first MMCX connected IEM's besides the 2002's which I returned without changing the cable. I appreciate that MMCX connectors freely rotate and that's part of the design but it's poor design. Makes it more annoying to put in your ear. Again if Dunu didn't think it a hindrance why include a non-rotating design in some of their IEM's? I think that was smart, except not including it on all of the models.

    And the 3001's I have at least, did not rotate at all out of the box. That was nice.
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  2. subguy812
    George please stop giving bad information causing people to think there is an issue. I prefer 2-pin connectors but what everyone is describing in MMCX is normal, it is NORMAL especially after you remove the cable once. You will find the first time you try to remove a lot of 2-pin connectors they are difficult to remove as well, but obviously a 2-pin doesn't rotate. Again, never tug them from the cable or you may cause yourself problems. If your MMCX aren't "cutting out" they are fine.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  3. Dobrescu George
    Welp, I did what I did to mine, it is friendly advice to tell people not to break theirs the same way.

    I applied a LOT of force to remove the cables, and one of them rotates easier now.

    Again, my mistake in what I did there, but it is good to recommend people to take care, isn't it? :smile_phones:
  4. subguy812
    Yes George it's good for people to take care.
  5. PixelSquish
    Got it. I'm all good then since I never pulled from the cable itself, just the connecting areas - that was common sense. The sound is perfect out of my beautiful little buds.

    I wonder what Dunu will say to my email then. I'm excited for the Dunu aftermarket cable though. At least there is a bright side to my MMCX connectors going normal. I'd advise those that like the stiff non-moving Dunu cable that comes stock to simply never remove the cable if you like it like that.

    I'm still flummoxed why Dunu invented a nifty proprietary little system notch to make sure that MMCX cables don't rotate if they didn't see it as a problem, and why it's not on some models but on others, especially there flagship 3001 (until the 4001 comes out)
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  6. crabdog
  7. PixelSquish
    I wonder if Dead Horse makes custom cables for the 3001's. Hmmmmm....
  8. TogawaShione
    I tried dk-x two weeks ago at Guangzhou Exhibition.Sounds like dk-3001 in many aspect,but much more detailed and focus.Price in China will be about $800.
  9. crabdog
    mmm DK-3001 with more detail and focus. Sounds like it will be v good.
  10. subguy812
    How was the shell design, comfort?
  11. TogawaShione
    The shell design looks like dk-3001 at the first sight,but a little bigger.
    The engineer said they gave special attention to comfort problem during the design of falcon and dk-x this time.
    It do feels more comfortable than dk-3001 for me.
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  12. subguy812
    You weren't able to take any photos?
  13. TogawaShione
    free to take any photo there,but i didn't.
    here's their official report of the exhibition.falcon is 隼 and dk-x is 极or極.
    falcon's pre-order have already started in China,while dk-x may still need some time,but won't be far.
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  14. Dobrescu George
  15. PinkyPowers
    Oh, those look great!

    If DUNU isn't too upset with me, I hope to be allowed to review a set soon! I have high hopes for these.
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