Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison! (Rectifer Tube Rolling thread)
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Roasty, was the tube itself to hum (vibrating) or did the hum come out of the speakers?

Heard it on my headphones. Quite apparent. Worse with sensitive cans like Utopia. I always use Utopia to gauge background "blackness". I think the tube just needs some time to settle.
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Thank you Roasty. That will save me a big expense to get the 422A...while the GZ34 Metal base is echoing in my head.

different amps,different headphones,different preferences,but the GEC U52 sounds much better than the GZ34.
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Hello, I need your help.

I do not have enough experience to judge if this pair of rare Philips MiniWatt GZ34 Metal Base I've been offered at ~$700 (total) is good to buy or not. I can't test them, it'd be a remote "as is" purchase. The seller says they're used and they measure fine on his AVO VCM 4. What I think is they do not look encouraging, they seem to be darkened internally and the glass is everything but transparent. I rely on you : would you buy them?

The pictures :






Thank you
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Wheres good to buy the eml 274b?

get it from authorized dealer for the warranty. Where you at? Remember you need to register the tube when you get it.
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Hey All :)

First of all - great thread, I spend so much time hunting through and tube rolling seems fun, but I am a bit of a novice.
Currently i'm running a WA22 with the following Tubes:

Rectifier: Brimar 5Z4GY
Power: Tung Sol 7236
Driver: RCA 6SN7 (Grey glass)

I've only got these and the stock tubes, so looking for some recommendations. I'm Generally listening to EDM / Pop / styles (90%) the time. Headphones i'm using is Hifiman Ayra's and some Audeze XC's. Dac is a gen 1 Gungir.

Could you guys throw out some recommendations for tube rolls (budget also pls hahah) that would be good evolutions from the setup I have already :)
This tube world can be a bit of a learning curve!
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I would replace the RCAs with KenRad 6SN7 and although the TS are nice I'd probably save up and get the Bendix 6080s. That will give you pretty huge bass and a wide staging. Nothing wrong w/ the Brimar.
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That sounds epic! Thank you kind sir!
Now... off to the ebays hahaha
Bendix 6080s arent cheap, and it might take awhile to find a good pair, but theyre excellent tubes and worth the wait and $
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I tried several 5AR4s, and the best one was actually the cheapest. I tried Mullard blackburn NOS, and it seem unnecessarily expensive for the sound. Shuguang red writing 5AR4 was the most accurate. Their 2a3 are good enough, but there are better sounding 2a3, like the EML. But, interestingly their red writing rectifier tubes are good sounding.

NOS doesn't guarantee quality sound. I hate tubes. Tubes are overpriced. NOS are a rip-off. Ebay sucks. Bla.
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Once I discovered tubes , I have slowly, step by step changed my audio chain to include tubes in each & every part (Dac, Pre-amp, Amp, Head-amp) :darthsmile: but I can understand the frustration of the trial & error process...

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