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Does Koss make a Classical-friendly headphone?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by eervig, Jan 6, 2011.
  1. eervig
    I've always liked their low-end stuff for what it is, but I happened on a bunch of Koss' lower-mid-range offerings yesterday (I don't believe they make headphones past that point) and I was wondering - does Koss actually make a pair of phones that's decent for, say, close (but not super-clinical) classical listening? By the looks, my gut told me they were mostly DJ-quality.
  2. burnliff
    The ESP950 possibly?
  3. tdockweiler
    The only one I can think of is the Pro4AAT, but it's closed. Sounded great with classical, but it's extremely power hungry and needs a ton of burn-in. I didn't like it because it was too heavy and uncomfortable. I remember seeing a review a long time ago from someone preferring it over the K701 for classical!
    Maybe the MV1 too. It's one of their more expensive headphones, but I've never heard it.
  4. tvrboy
    HD600, cross out Senneheiser and write Koss on the side with a marker.
  5. eervig


    That'd be where the "No Questions Asked" in the Lifetime Warranty comes in real handy.
  6. idletime1213
    The ESP950 is the closest (and also their most expensive headphone at $1000 MSRP). They should go for around $400 used with amp.
  7. Neighbour
    I think you are too young to know about Koss and the history.
    Koss made back in time classical friendly headphones, as well the Koss signature is still technical and highly PRAT oriented.
    Koss HV and the Auditor Series.
    They are one of the latest musical and soundstage oriented Koss headphones.
    One of the fastest dynamics, precise with good attack and decay. The Koss A/250 make in my eyes rounds on the HD600. Better transient and texture response. Far more airy, lively, spacius with better soundstage and open seperation. Very fluid Mids but a bit too treble agressive. In comparsion the HD600 has a lot of muddy mid bass, don't extends very deep, is slow, but with smooth and more natural mids and silk highs. Koss shines here trough the bandwidth with transient energy, is more warmth, but also put a bit mory weight on the body.
    Sennheiser are relaxed sounding headphones, but the KOSS takes you on the breathtaking waves of sound with a smile.
    The koss Auditor sounds best with electronic, Chamber music, Jazz, Rock/Pop, movies, woodwind instruments, trumpets, horns and fast Mahler oriented music. The sound signature of the Auditor is fully on the classical HV/1a (the Rock headphone) oriented, but also a mix of the HD6x0 and AKG 601.Some head-fier said, the Auditor sounds like the ESP/950, but the roots are still in the balanced HV Series. Maybe the HV Series is based on the first Koss ESP. If that is the truth, Koss made a good job.   
    The closed version of the Auditor line is the A/130. Up to date the best one closed Koss headphone for music. But needs a bit of modding.
    The Reference series still sounds good, but is to harsh and to treble oriented. For music still better, than the modern pro4, but i can't really recommend these headphones. The build quality is also flimsy.
    If you only heard Koss up to pro4 series, you missed really Koss. Only few pro4 revisions sounds really good, but these headphones are studio oriented.
    If you want really go into the sound of Koss, start with the HV/1a.Thät's open your mind.about hearing is believing. 
  8. smedley


      I would say check Koss MV1  or Pro4AAAT  , not the pro4AAT which are heavy and uncomfortable , I have a pair . Both are 250 ohms so it may take some juice to get good sound out of those.  The best way is just to look at them at their website . They are all there .
  9. Neighbour
    Not even worth the money in aspects of tonal good sounding headphones. Koss made in the 80-90's a big back step in every department of sound and build quality. The strategic direction on portapro line and mass marked low quality portable headphones was the beginning of the end for Koss hi-fi products. A lot of Koss customers looking trough the porta pro glasses and want portable budget phones. Do you really accept Koss for hi-fi products in the upper price range? Look at the price range of the KDE/250. Not even worth 250$ on head-fi.
    The current mid-line is a DJ oriented line and can't be compared with past products.
    The ESP/950 is a placeholder for better times.
  10. WhiteCrow
    IMO the pro DJ 100, they are bassy but with a bright amp,mids mids everywhere.

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