Do SENNHEISER HD25-1 II isolate and keep sound in well?
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Sep 10, 2011
I desperately wanna get rid of my Solo Beats, cause I look like a spoiled kid who knows nothing about quality..But the cans do isolate sound pretty well for me...and they don't leak sound. Which is what I'm mainly looking for in a headphone
I've been recommended the SENNHEISER HD25-1 II, but I haven't seen much reviews on how well it isolates and keeps sound in..
Someone help me out here?
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I'm a over-ear full size user, but how about leakage? Any reviews on how well it keeps sound in?

Not if you're referring to the Beats Solo.

This is known as an on-ear design. "Over ear" might sometimes be expressed as "around the ear"--which is literally what the proper term, "circumaural", means.
Solo is on-ear. HD 25-1 is on-ear too. 
Also: when you say you can't find reviews on the HD 25-1 isolating, you didn't search the forums, did you?
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look into the AIAIAI TMA-1's as well. they are another good looking can similar in size to the HD25's. The TMA's are said to have a bassier and darker sound than the HD25's. They'll probably sound a bit closer to the sound signature to the beats. The TMA's isolate well and leak very little.
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How bout some fanny wangs? That way you get both style and quality (sorta)
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I own HD 25 1-II I have noticed amazing sound isolation, seems to be close to par campaired to my W2's. I have been using the pleather pads how does the sound isolation to the other softer pads (my dog is not going to be able to tell me tonight).

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