Do Grados Look Ugly? Or Do They Look Cool?
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So yeah, I'm curious as what you people think about the styling of the Grado headphones nowadays. For instance, would you wear them in public going by looks/presentability?
Personally, I wouldn't have a issue with wearing them in public (ignoring the open back/isolation issue) only if it is of the older SR models that had lower profile/flush cups. For me at least, the whole retro-ish look kinda works.
I'd like to hear what y'all have to say. 

First I will say that I have never listened to music with Grado headphones. They are, I think, the only major headphone brand that I have not used, at least a bit, at some time or another. Although I have been listening to music through Hi Fi systems since the late 70's in all that time I haven't used any Grado headphones. Part of the reason for this is that I live in the UK and Grado have only really made inroads here in the last decade I think.
Anyway to address the key question here. "Would you wear them in public"?
My answer is, no. I would not wear Grado headphone in public because to me they are very very ugly.
I would very happily wear them at home although I would be tempted to draw the blinds.
These for example:

look to me like the kind of thing a (nutty) psychiatrist would have used in the 1970s to apply electro convulsive therapy to severely mentally disturbed patients. Think Jack Nicholson in One Few Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
I will add, however, thank goodness Grado don't worry about looks. I wish more Hi Fi companies were like them :)
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I do not know about ugly, retro for sure...I guess you could call them ugly......but the sound is so damn good, and that is my concern....yes I would wear them in public....but what do I know....I am just an old man with hobbitt ears, so they are not even uncomfortable for me  :)
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The design is almost exactly like first Baldwin's phones from 1910. Hey if people still buying them why change.

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I don't have any Grado headphones but their look is really good. It Is not a condition looking like this:

or this:

to be good looking I guess. I like much more atemporal and simple designs.
This is a good example!

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I'd like to see some sort of redesign style wise from Grado. Not a total overall, although I don't like the appearance of Grado's, they still have a unique look they should keep. They should change them slightly though to make them more comfortable, I think comfort is a main complaint from people.
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More interesting if you had asked if the guys here would wear Grado or Beats in public... I love the Grado retro look, btw. In fact they're second on my list and I only plan on buying three pair of cans.
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I like their retro styling, but I don't wear cans in public and I am not fashion-conscious (daughter laughing uncontrollably...)  The sound is my main priority. Grados are my favorite.
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imo they look a little bit plain. i was worried about the MS1i sticking out of the side of my head like a frankenstien experiment so i modded them to look more presentable in public. and now they actually look very nice! at the audio shop a little kid came over and told me that he liked the looks of the grados
 (the MS2i looks fantastic though)

side note i actually deliberately chose to get a grado for public use since i do not want the isolation blocking out my friend's voice when chatting, besides their sound is lively and energetic, suitable for outdoor walks (taking headphones off all the time is annoying)
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If you wear grados outdoors, would it annoy other people? I've seen a few people wear grados outdoors, but I've never heard anything coming from them. How far do you have to be to hear someone's music (if they are listening at an average volume)?

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