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DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. WallofHooligans
    I'm sure that's true. You could always have your design painted into an open grille, but I wouldn't worry about acoustic resonance yet. Speaking of which, what does the big "v" stand for? Upside down Audeze?
  2. Garuspik
    Big V stands for Verum :wink:
  3. Garuspik
    Finish line is close. I have all parts for first 5 pcs of headphones and today I've started assembling. Here is internal view of magnet system:
    wPd7WbJcUTc.jpg YyanqpzmpHQ.jpg

    And here is several photos of almost assebled unit. I haven't installed grilles, damping material and several decorative parts.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    Also I plan to make a logo via hot pressing on leather headband.
  4. Moochibond
    Great job Garuspik, Looks fantastic!
  5. mandrake50
    Yes it really does look quite nice. I like to wood work in particular. Love to understand how they sound once they are complete.
  6. chinsettawong
    Very nice and beautiful!
  7. Garuspik
    Thanks guys.
    I'm a DIY-er that want to become-a-brand (as most DIY-ers want :L3000:) but I don't have any idea how to make clear to many people how they sound?
    I don't want to describe sound of my own headphones.
    Any ideas how to solve that?
  8. Moochibond
    Hi Garuspik,

    I don't know what country you live in but you could contact Jude and ask him if he knows any Headfi'ers in your country, with golden ears, who have experince reviewing headphones and may be willing to test your invention. Contact those he recommends, asking them if they would be willing to report their findings back to you. May also be a good idea to have these members agree via PM or Email that their findings are not for a public review/release but for their interest and your research only, and perhaps ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
  9. Garuspik
    I live in Ukraine. In Ukraine already and soon in Russia people will listen to them. But I'm intrested in USA and EU market.
    About non-disclosure\ private review etc - nah, don't want to act like. People should write their impressions honest and clear.
    And yes, I'm absolutely confident that I've created really good headhpones =)
  10. leeperry
    How much does it weight? Couldn't you make the headband sides rounder instead of square-angled?
  11. Moochibond
    I wish you much success!
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
    Garuspik likes this.
  12. Garuspik
    550 grams.
    Sure I could, but from my point of view that's a more comfortable shape. It deliver equal pressure to the whole ear.
    leeperry likes this.
  13. Sonifonic
    Hi Garuspik,

    Congratulations, great Project, I am developing a DIY Planar to, and thanks to open your projects to community.

    I think its very smart idea to use a diamagnets bars, because it’s a simple way to guaranty a magnetic field without a metallic mask to provide a magnets short cut between different poles. If you want to improve your magnetic circuit my advise that you utilize FEMM software, it is simple and easy.

    Other aspect of your project is the size of your membrane, biggest is better, better sound pressure with low THD, but in commercial aspect I think it complete opposite.

    But I would like know, how efficient is your headphone, is it works in a mobile phone? Another thing is a bass response, because it is depends of flexibility of de membrane, a factor that is not easy to control, it is depends of de material that circuit is made, I think kapton in your case.

    One biggest challenge for the planar manufactures is turbulence that magnetic at de front causes in air flow, but you ever comment that when you remove it, the sound lose the power. In my opinion this is the interest point to innovate.

    Good luck.
    cskippy likes this.
  14. Garuspik
    Hello Sonifonic
    Construction of my headphones is absolute classic - double sided magnetic systemn and thin diaphragm with conductor traces between magnetic bars.
    But what differs my design from others is a approach to design. Main goals : big membrane + big excursion + decent sensitivity + moderate production costs.
    Just compare my magnetic system and membrane:
    BXYQVKizeBE.jpg wPd7WbJcUTc.jpg YyanqpzmpHQ.jpg
    And something like Fostex TH 500

    Sensitivity is 94 db and you can listen loud even with output of Iphone. But for sure such headphones need a dedicated amplifier.
    About bass - I made rather weak tension of membrane so it have big excursion. Big excursion + big area = capability of low frequency reproduction and big dynamic headroom.
    So distance between membrane and magnets is huge. It is 3mm per side. Thats why sensitivity is rather low even with such big magnets.
    leeperry likes this.
  15. mandrake50
    I am curious, how do you adjust the tension on the diaphragm? How to you measure it so that you can maintain unit to unit consistency. One thing that seems to be a problem with most planar headphones is unit to unit differences in sound. Two examples are Audeze and Hifiman. I have listened to models of both where differences between examples of the same model were quit audible. Not subtly so, but easily heard.

    BTW, I really like your design philosophy!
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