DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. GREQ
    I thought that's exactly what this headband is.
    Those two slits on the sides: I assume that's where the suspension headband part will sit and adjust.
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  2. Garuspik
    Exactly. There will be asjustable leather headband. I'll show it soon.
  3. Garuspik
    Finaly received titanium parts for my headbands. Realtively simple part, but it took a while to make everything neatly.
    cfnyWYbMFdc.jpg -czy-KRa9hs.jpg JSTvrNnj_WQ.jpg
    In the middle you can see a 0.5mm decrease in height. I'll install there aluminium 0,5mm circles with R and L. They'll be printed on the background of the same color as cups. If cup is orange for example, then background is orange.
    Side titanium sliders will be attached to adjusteble leather headband.
    Total weight is 114 gr.
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  4. WallofHooligans
    It doesn't look goofy with the little knob on top of your head? Reminds me of those headphones with the little box amp that sits right at the top.
  5. GREQ
    As if you'd wear these outdoors? XD
  6. Garuspik
    This knob adjust distance between cups and in such way you can adjust pressure applied to you ears.
    I also don't like this knob but that adjustment turned out to be very usefull. Have any ideas how to avoid knob but preserve that adjustment?
  7. WallofHooligans
    Well, I don't exactly understand how they move. From the pictures I can see that both sides can pivot, but do they turn independently? If it's as simple as it seems, a simple flat rivet would work fine. If the adjustment also lets you pull the two sides apart, then that's a little different, but you can probably do something similar with just as simple a solution. Mind showing me the headband without the titanium bit in the middle?
  8. Garuspik
    Here is photo of 2 parts without knob.
    I think now you understand how distance can be adjusted.
  9. WallofHooligans
    Sorry for not getting back to this sooner, and thanks for the pictures. To be honest, I'm not to fond of the way that both sides of the band are stacked. As is, one band will be slightly higher than the other one, and I can imagine that distance between the two growing with use and abuse of regular, normal sessions. The thing is though, that I don't exactly see the point of there being extension from the middle of the band. Most headphones have the same sort of extension, but instead of one focal point, they have two, on both sides of the band. I think that that's probably best, even if just because humans aren't exactly symmetrical. I can see however, that sort of bracket being an interesting way to increase or decrease clamping force on the user's ears, Though I sort of expect that to be just as easy to adjust my adjusting the point of tension of the leather band that goes over your head.

    Don't take what I say as good criticism though, you've got the designed and finished piece in your hands- you know better than I do. If you're dead set on that design with the knob on top, I could probably spitball some ideas.
  10. cskippy
    His design has normal sliders to adjust length. Clamping force is a combination of extension and head width, so having the middle knob adjustment allows users to adjust the clamping force to their preference. It's not a bad idea. My only concern is pad swivel might not be enough and users might have a hard time aligning the two sides when adjusting the center knob.
  11. Garuspik
    Nope. One part is shorter then another and they are aligned.

    It should be aligned one time per person and after that you don't need any adjustments. In fact it's much easier then it looks. Tooks maybe 10 seconds.
  12. Garuspik
    Finally got aluminium parts. A few fresh pics.
    iFjzwaWFQfI.jpg ^C49E79C704BD949FABC88A69244FBF71AEACE46782750BCD60^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg
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  13. rikk009
    Nice colour scheme. They look very pretty and hopefully even better sonically.
  14. Garuspik
    Thanks, i'll make several colour combinations and maybe same texture prints.
    Have done first prtion of cups. Need to paint them.

  15. buke9
    The headband looks kinda like the Abyss but they don't have the side adjustments just the width as the the height is a elastic self adjusting thing. The progress you've made looks really good. Have not read thru all of it but looks good. I definitely don't have the patience or aptitude for that matter to take on something like this so kudos to you . Just think the big V on the grill is going to cost you in some soundstage as a grill mod on the HE-400 from the small hole to what was actually grill material for someone's hot rod build was a big difference just saying.
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