DIY Custom IEMs : Part 2

  1. Tilpo

    30 is not bad.
    Officially you're not allowed to know your own predicted grade. It's meant for admissions of tertiary education only.

    Though I don't see the harm in letting the students know.

    Pretty annoying they did not tell students their IA and EE grades either.
  2. FullCircle
         One never knows, I essentially got started in the same manner, and the "art work" was such a challenge I focussed on the use of wood instead....   after about 5 years of making CIEMs as a hobby, Heir Audio was born.
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  3. bowei006 Contributor
    Now that Heir Audio has seen your page, you need to finish it quickly Borisu :)
  4. akiroz
    Haha, I probably won't go pro as I've been in the electronics field for over 8 years now and only just started this.
    I plan on studying EE after I graduate high school.
    What problems did you have with embedding an artwork?
    did the resin hardener react with stuff like mine?
    and could you give me some guidelines / advice in CIEM making? 
    I'm kinda new to all this stuff....
    You made a 20 Driver CIEM?? [​IMG]
    Give me a break!
    I still have 4 lab reports (2 chemistry, 2 physics),
    a geography field investegation writeup,
    math worksheets,
    and my university personal statement to write!!
  5. Trower
    Wow man impressive work!!! Good luck with school, I selfishly hope you finish all your work extremely fast so we can see more of your work:p
  6. FullCircle
    Back in the earlier days,  one of the big problems I had was that the printer ink over time smears due to UE exposure.
    So you may have something that looks great and then 20 days latter, the image starts to look like a mess.
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  7. akiroz
    hmm.... Interesting. 
    but is that ink or toner? 
    btw, What was building your first pair of CIEMs like?
    (i.e. how did you got the knowledge / resources needed?)
  8. Seemore
    Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been reading a lot and took a little from here and a little from there. The following is what I came up with.....


    Sorry, I forgot to take pics of my impressions untouched, but this is them after shaping. I also forgot to take pics of the next step which was to dip then in wax. Not just any wax, modeling wax, 100% bees modeling wax melted to a thin honey consistency. This helped to smooth everything out and also added a little fudge room for shaping post cast.

    I made the investment from two part silicon putty. No pic of that either.....


    This is my casting. Solid plug of acrylic. Back ground.... One of the ladies at work was talking about her acrylic nails so I started asking her questions about it, then started googling it. Acrylic powder mixed with a monomer creates a hard acrylic that can be milled, machined, filed and polished to a mirror shine. I found if you mix the powder and liquid monomer 1:1 by volume then pour it in a mold, 15 minutes later you have a great cast!


    This is my casting after it was filed to final shape and buffed and polished. I use a dremel tool with a mill bit to hog out the shell and a tiny ball head milling bit to clean out some of the more delicate areas. This set is for me, but I have already completed a set for my son.


    I used a piece of 1/4 in black acrylic cut to shape, rounded the edges and buffed and polished. I don't think they turned out to bad for my first attempt.

    They have powders for coloring the acrylic powder, but I have not tried it yet. I figure a solid color will hide all the tooling marks you can see in these ones from hogging the shells out cause I bought clear. What do you guys think?
  9. bowei006 Contributor
    Looks good :)

    Borisu decided not to use cheap "unclear" looking material base anymore as it doesn't look as good. And the ones available to him could be hazardous
  10. MuZo2
    There is this big thread you can also post your final pics and info there
  11. piotrus-g
    @ b1o2r3i4s5 I don't know if you've noticed but your driver - GQ - is vented. Amount of air behind the driver will affect the sound. I assume that without faceplate they sound quite bassy. Just remember that bass will most probably decrease once you close back of your IEMs.
    Anyways great project. Keep going!
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  12. akiroz

    Thanks! I've made plans to continue this project but school work takes priority right now.
    I'd be using UV curing resins in my next attempt because it seems to be the only way to make a shell.
  13. ism1360
    sorry ...i Think i got the wrong topic..too old?
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