DIY Custom IEMs : Part 2

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  1. Tilpo
    Heh, that's a really good idea.
    Name your stuff after mad scientists.

    I think the name 'Tesla' and all it's epicness goes to Corona-fi though.
    DIY CIEM's is more Thomas Edison material. Tesla's rival in the current war.

    There was one occasion where Edison tried to show that Tesla's AC was dangerous by publicly killing an elephant with it. :evil:
  2. akiroz
    Haha it does!
    but beyer already got tesla.... (for their multi-tesla B-field)
    OMG HE DID???
    And somehow Edison's DC is not dangerous? LOL
  3. Tilpo

    Yeah, but DC is you know...
    Well, in any case AC is dangerous! Don't put two wires of live mains across your heart! You'll die!

    There's even a video of it:

  4. akiroz
    I don't ........ know =.=
    With enough current, you'd die regardless....
    As for as I know, the only difference is that AC will make your muscles contract and relax rapidly depending on the frequency....  
  5. Tilpo

    Of course both are pretty much equally deadly.

    That's what makes Edison so ridiculous.
  6. jdkJake

    Which was Edison's point in the first place. AC was being advertised as "safe" electricity with DC being the "deadly" version. His goal was to dismiss that misinformation in a rather dramatic fashion.

    Edison was a lot of things, but ridiculous is not a word I would normally associate with him. :wink:
  7. William007
    they look soo good 
  8. akiroz
    @Jake Now that makes sense if they're trying to say AC is safe!

  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Doesn't AC kill with lower voltage because it causes the heart to fibrillate?
  10. wakibaki
  11. akiroz
    Wow... so it was actually Edison who was spreading disinformation.....
    what a duche bag.....
  12. akiroz
    UPDATE 6/9/2012:
    It's been a while since I posted here... 
    My last attempt at making the Faceplate was a failure, the resin didn't cure properly, 
    I suspect the hardener may have reacted with the toner.
    After that I tried a few methods of stopping this, including putting clear tape and plastic foil in between.
    but both of those methods failed as well, there was a reaction with the clear tape and I couldn't get a flat surface with plastic foil.
    So this time I decided to wax the surface of my paper faceplate.
    Results are not in yet, but I have confidence in this one.
    (because the paper cups I used to mix the resin is wax coated and the resin DID cure properly in those.) 
  13. bowei006 Contributor
    Gambatee! Show me them Custom Signature Boris'S!!!
  14. Tilpo
    How is it going with the project?
    On hold because of school work, or something?
  15. akiroz
    Yeah... I really want to finish it up but....
    IA and EE deadlines coming up along with all the assessments.
    (predicted grades will be given soon, I'll probably get something like 30.... Sigh~)
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