DIY Custom IEMs : Part 2

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  1. Tilpo

    I might just do that. (I know this wasn't directed at me, but I don't care)
    If needed I could get various types of resin too. Perhaps not as cheaply as the Chinese chemical companies, but at least it's WYSIWYG :wink:
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    I......won't......too expensive here in Murica
  3. akiroz
    Haha, Why not?

    Chinese company? Nah, I got them from Taobao (which is like a chinese version of ebay.)
    As far as I know, UE uses an acrylic based thermal-setting resin for their CIEMs
    Their shells are made by pouring the mold with resin then putting it in an oven so that it would cure from the outside-in.
    After the outer most layer cured they pour the liquid resin inside back out to make a shell. 
  4. Tilpo

    Sounds like genius.

    But tough to do for a DIY'er.
  5. akiroz
    Yep, it certainly is...
    for part one, instead of doing that I made a solid cast from epoxy then emptied the insides using a drill.
    (Stupid, I know) 

    UPDATE 27/08/2012:
    Just printed out the faceplate artwork and cut it out.
    I won't have time to work on this project for sometime because of school work. 
    (EE and IAs if you know what I'm talking about.)
    Life as a highschool student sucks [​IMG]
  6. Tilpo
    Nah, you're only doing IB.

    Trust me, I know it ain't that bad. ;p
    Which does remind me, didn't you have to pretty much finish the first draft of the Extended Essay by now? How did that go?

    I fear that my life as a student may be much much more hectic.
  7. akiroz
    Yeah, like what? only the hardest curriculum in the world!
    My Geog IA 1st draft is 3 days over due and I haven't even started.
    Then my EE intro to data collection parts are due in 3 days, I haven't started that either.
    I just handed in one of my english written tasks today.....
  8. Tilpo

    I had most of my EE finished during the summer break, luckily.
    English IA's were easy in my opinion.

    The most overwhelming thing for me where the huge amount of physics and chemistry labs. At a certain time I had to do 5 in a period of three weeks.
    And that was only a couple weeks in advance of my exams, so most people already started studying too (I didn't, being the lazy bum that I am)

    By the way, if you ever need help with your Math IA's, just ask.
    I got 19/20 on the first one, and 20/20 on the second one. Hehe.

    Or did they already do away with the IA's in the new curriculum?
  9. akiroz
    LOL.... I really need to start my EE....
    English was ok
    and I like the physics and chem labs too.
    My maths teacher haven't assigned any IAs yet.
    Just finished stats went on the teaching proof by induction today.
  10. akiroz
    UPDATE 31/08/2012 Pt.1:
    Just finished assembling all the components together.
    (Drivers, Soundtubes, Dampers, Shells, Connectors.)
    Finally get to listen to these CIEMs [​IMG]
    Initial impressions:
    - Lacks sub-bass 
    - Bit too much mids for my liking
    - Good treble extension (but covered up by the mids)
    - Big sound stage
    They actually sound really good after some tuning.....
    Because I'm using 1 dual driver unit, I can't physically tune it.
    (I can see why manufacturers'd want multiple drivers now....)
    I'll compare them with my UE11Pros when they come back from repairs..... [​IMG]
    (No idea how they broke.... )
    Well, that's all for now.
    I'll add the faceplates and post some pics later today.
    (It's 3AM here in HK, getting some sleep for now.)
  11. Tilpo
    They live!
  12. bowei006 Contributor
    We need a whole slew of pics now!
  13. akiroz
    UPDATE 31/08/2012 Pt.2:
    Alright, Here's some pics of the CIEM w/o Faceplate:
    3ByO6.jpg   z87Me.jpg   AqPcK.jpg
    Add Fix Faceplate on shell using general purpose glue. 
    (Faceplate is made of Glossy Heavyweight paper.)
    Then incase the faceplate in epoxy resin, apply using syringe.
  14. bowei006 Contributor
    Now give it a suave first name. Something technical wont do. Like how the Heir Audi 4ai sounds suave.

    Signature Boris Customs Model 02 IA
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    "Mad scientist audio" was suggested but that's too direct I think. How about the first name of someone people know or think of as a mad scientist? Like Szalinski or Tesla. Or just Boris :D
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