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iM716 with the Panasonic ERA 0.1% metal film, 47ohm and MEElec M2 cable. For unknown reason there is an 1 ohm difference between left and right on the mini plug and measurement seems to indicate it is caused by the cable. I can't hear any imbalance anyway so all is okay.


Recabled iiM716 and RE0, I am falling back in love with these IEM again.

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well I needed some old post with comparation of several plugs, never seen post from a banned member deleted before though.
Thanks for the explanation Elliot.
so, Anyone knows what diameter of cable does the small viablue plugs take?
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Hi ClieOS, are those cables good then? How many wires inside?
Just got a PB2 and thinking of balancing my W4's

The cable is good but not for balancing (3 wires).
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In case you don't know, Parrots has been banned. He's one of the good guys!! Hope we'll see him back soon!!

This "KICKBAN EVERYONE" policy is really getting ridiculous and is the reason for my current signature... I only come here for the F/S section and this thread...
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anybody knows where to get angled usb plug? i saw in one of parrots's post *if i'm not mistaken* he's using angled usb plug to make LOD-usb cable

He made me a realy nice one (didn't charge me for it by the way!!) I think he cuts down normal ones with a dremil then side wires them details them with epoxy, real pretty. The only other way is to buy a left/right handed USB extension as I did and wire the ipod dock connector.


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