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Divine Moments in Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by musikaladin, Jun 18, 2014.
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  1. musikaladin
    ...I recently stumbled over this one while digitizing some of my LPs:
    SAGA "In Transit"... the first 4 songs / 1st side of the LP is a glorious firework of 1980s rock:
    1. Careful where you step
    2. Don't be late
    3. Humble Stance
    4. How Long
    Here the first one:

    Surely, this doesn't qualify by musical complexity or whatsoever, this qualifies by atmosphere and intensity. Listen to those 4 songs in one go and you know what I mean...
  2. Rearwing

    Sail on, Sailor - by The Beach Boys, late at night in a Volvo estate, eating up big miles, as the moon is reflected off the ocean, on the east coast of Scotland.
  3. Sattelight
    Brian Eno - Another Green World: Simply an amazing album. One of those albums that can make you question whether you are still in the same dimension when listening to it.
    Talking Heads - Remain In Light: Not even gonna bother trying to convey this album's greatness through mere words
  4. musikaladin
    Gare Du Nord, Pablo's Blues... brilliant...

  5. Spyro
    Pat Metheny Group,  "The Way Up"
    Part 4:  First 6-7 minutes of the 15 minute track.
    I have heard it 100 time or more and still get goosebumps.  The most chilling, uplifting, sensational piece of music I have ever heard.  One of the few pieces I have never tired of (and that's my criteria).
  6. playmeoasis

    My all time favorite Elton song. 
    This song makes me nostalgic, reminisce innocent days of childhood.
    Nigel Olsson's drumming in the outro is just phenomenal. If you have a good pair of headphones or speakers with good bass, this song really comes to life.
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  7. musikaladin
    ...ex Wall Of Voodoo frontman Stan Ridgway: ...Can't Complain...

    ...I actually recommend the whole record Mosquitos....
  8. musikaladin
  9. musikaladin
    Tool from the CD 10,000 Days "Right in Two":

  10. musikaladin
    ...who has ears to listen...

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  11. jegnyc
    Joan Morris and Max Morath duetting on "Till the Clouds Roll By."  The harmonized voices choke me up.  I don't even know why.  To my knowledge, the album, "These Charming People," has never been released in a digital format.
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  12. Blueshound24

    Not the best quality but I found this song by David Phelps very emotional.

  13. tnelmo
    My favorite version of the Flower Duet from Lakme

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