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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. jkwanness
    Thanks for the information... I'm pretty sure it'll be of use to potential buyers around here... The Answer is definitely up in my wish list! just that now is not the time yet... $$! 
  2. lookingforIEMs
    Went to E1 personal audio just now to demo it again hoping the spokesperson was stilll there. I saw her and was *in love* ( not sexually. She was pretty tho but her customer service was what impressed me ) she provided really really really friendly service and even helped the shop owner to provide me with demoes that weren't even from Dita. Was really impressed by her customer service and it was perhaps the best I've ever had. Makes me think that their customer service does justice to their asking prices. Brought a friend there too and he was poisoned by the truth. Currently deciding my next iem/CIEM purchase........ The truth..........NT6............Jh13PRO. ....... ..... or um merlin/miracle. Being in Singapore really doesn't make it easier to make a choice!
  3. audionewbi
    It is a hard question. I prefer dynamic driver far more for musicality of things but there are certain things BA are better.  As far as I am concerned Dita dynamic IEM is the best dynamic I have in my collection.
    I prefer its tuning over few of my other BA IEM and honestly when I go back to BA the sounds come across as abnormal. But there are a lot of gears out there that I have not yet tried so I cannot say dita is the best outthere but it is among the best I can on my collection.
  4. jkwanness
    Get all of the IEMs!!! hahaha good service is important, I make it a point to affirm the salesperson who sold me whatever product or service upon paying at the counter.. sometimes commission goes to the wrong person who processes your purchase but you have already been sold by another promoter before deciding.. give credit where credit's due... 
    BA drivers are technically superior... but the magic is with single dynamic drivers... kinda like tube amps and vinyl vs SS and digital lol..... Personally I am already loyal to dynamic drivers lol.. TOTL off course.. Dita is a good option and i'm happy there' such available... just a few more months of starvinggggggg.........[​IMG]
    ps:// still waiting on your 10 page essay man!
  5. audionewbi
    I had written a 1800 review but after reading it I was not happy. it was too emotional, I like to find the balance in this and I need to set down and think of the ways I like to see dita improved. 
    I have to set down again and figure out whether I like to write the review based on a single set reference setup common for all the IEM I am going to compare the truth with or do I want to compare each iem based on the setup that makes them sound their best?
  6. jkwanness
    I think best to stick to one reference setup and compare the iems.. Least you have one controlled variable... But maybe you could also briefly state the best setup for the respective iems too.. Maybe other readers have the same setup.. Lol maybe I'm asking too much lol
  7. audionewbi
    I know the best setup for each of my IEM but not sure if that would help others or not. But if I could use a base unit that everyone has that perhaps might help them as well?

  8. james444 Contributor

    Not necessarily. Depends on your criteria for technical superiority. DDs have usually less distortion, higher bandwidth and more linear impedance.
  9. Ditti
    This is also the results of our findings and one of the key reasons why we insist on using a dynamic driver at this time.  Certainly, there are many fine products that use BA's and we are most definitely not refuting them.  We just feel that we can implement the dynamic driver best.
  10. lookingforIEMs
    Perhaps a hybrid/ full BA in the future? Hehe
  11. audionewbi
    Nope, cant say i like hybrid, well to be fair i only tried three of them and only one of them was decent but that iem costs and arm and a leg!

    i am looking forward to currwangs video review. He has the gears and the gears and the experience to make a fair review of dita truth.
  12. Idsynchrono_24

    Great review from Nate. I take it that this is shigzeo? If not, the guy has really done his proverbial homework haha

    In regards to DITA, consider me sufficiently (and perhaps woefully) intrigued
  13. audionewbi
    In my view dita is not a B grade product but how so we decide?

    if ie800 was to be what we compare the dita truth with i can hear how dita can easily at most cases best the ie800.

    paired with something like c4 it gives a desktop setup a good run for their money.
  14. audionewbi
    The Monolith sound potion arrived, plugged the dita right into it, result, natural bass decay, crisp treble and thick mid-range. The pairing is far better than what I had with Quickstep. To my ear this amp is more cleaner than O2 and quickstep. Very silent background the remains quiet at all volume. The background is not bitch black but it is loudness is only noticeable only when the amp gets turned off.
    this proves that Dita truth is an IEM that will scale up depending on the gear used with it. 
  15. soundblast75
    I got back last night and unpacked the Dita.. WOW,,what presentation!!!
    Plus i am the first online customer and Danny has included a note saying thank you plus a fantastic 3.5 to 3.5 short audio cable of very high quality, i was very impressed and pleasantly surprised.
    Spent most of the night listening to some 2 albums and i have to say i was flying the highest i've been in a long time..many smiles and wows!!
    Getting inspired to write my first review possibly, itll be short , but the Dita is a stunning piece of art and it prob beats anything in my expansive (expensive ) collection:)))
    Clarity is on the highest high, not to mention this is a dynamic driver.
    Anyways, stay tuned guys:)
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