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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. fnkcow
    Very interested to hear your comparison with the FA-4E XB [​IMG]
  2. soundblast75
    i am listening right now, i can already say the FA's sound muddy in comparison, been using it exclusively the last 2 months or so and like them a lot, but hearing the Dita is a revelation, so much clarity and detail on another league. Thats a dynamic driver against 4 or more BA's.
    Thumbs up to the Dita team!
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  3. soundblast75
    listening to classical is not quite the same, the FA's hold their own here, a bit cleaner, the treble of a dynamic driver's always a bit more sibilant:frowning2:
    i have to spend more time, but def not the best for classical, tho nothing negative, just BA's are better for violins, orchestra etc.
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  4. soundblast75
    i think im better holding on giving opinions, need to spend more time,just a few more words:)
    the Dita treble sounds harsher than that of the FA's now..
    its the typical dynamic treble, but very controlled and def better than that of Senns IE800, tho i think i prefer that of a BA driver, less tiring.
    I think when i said the Dita sounds cleaner i meant that it is more open and trebly than the fuller, slower FA.
    The FA is smoother and more laid back, concentrating  on the mids and lows, yet it sounds less detailed and slow than Dita's lows.
    The Dita is very fast and super detailed top to bottom, thinner presentation due to the mids i think with musical detail jumping at you at any opportunity:)
    A rare gem might i say:)))
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  5. fnkcow
    Sounds like a great find indeed!
    Cheers [​IMG]
  6. svyr
    did you have a good play with the included tips? (I know they recommend it in the manual for a different sound, but for me the results were a bit different due to the fit specifics)

    I found 1-2 where I don't quite get a good seal (although at first it seemed ok) and the Answer sounded a odd - there was not too much sub bass, and it was a bit sibilant and treble happy (e.g 7 and 10 k . with black tips for me, I suspect the seal wasn't quite there).

    however with the largest tips (grey silicone ones) I find the fit is good, mids are forward enough/full and highs are very rarely hot or sibilant in the same 7/10k range (and I'm fairly sensitive to it from Dunu DN1000, and TPEOS H2/300, Mentor and DBA-02/mk1/2). In comparison H300 have less prominent mids and much hotter treble
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Tonight I remembered I had the Monster Supertips pack and have been trying both the gels and foamies. I had to use a size smaller than normal due to the larger nozzle of the DITAs expanding them a fair bit, but the change in presentation was interesting. There was distinctly more bass (or maybe just mid-bass -- I haven't put on anything with deep bass yet as I need to search for a suitable track) but the treble was reduced a little. 
  8. Overkill Red
    Hi guys, has anyone had any trouble communicating with DITA over email/on the website enquiry form?
    I sent out one a few days ago, accompanied by an email, and have yet to get any sign of a response.
  9. audiofrk
    Can anyone confirm what audionewbi said about guitars sounding to wide? 
    I am mesmerized by these earphones and want to purchase them but I listen to a lot of rock and thus the problem with reproducing guitars would make this a no sale for me.
    Also YAY FIRST POST!!!!
  10. audionewbi
    It is either my brain getting used to the sound or burn in actually works but i no longer hear it that way. My guess is the former and probably with more side to side comparison i might probably notice those things again but it is not too worrying as the sound is still good.
  11. Ditti

    Hi There,
    Do try contacting us again at danny@DitaAudio.com .  I will be sure to look out for your email and be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  12. audiofrk
    oh thats good I was really disappointed by your usage report as these seemed like such great iems. I guess know the question is should I get the the answer or the true answer?
  13. Overkill Red
    Thanks for checking in Danny!
    I managed to get a reply from Desmond.
  14. audionewbi
    It is pretty amazing how much Dita can scale up. On a certain level Dita come across as a camaleon that is has its own nature but than again it can take shape to the gear that it is connected too.
    HUGO seem to pair great with dita truth edition. 
  15. productred
    I jumped onto the DITA bandwagon after quite an extensive demo. I ended up purchasing the Truth Edition, partly for a few rather minor audible differences which may or may not be psycological, partly for the apparent better durability (and looks) of the cable, but (I guess) mostly for the peace of mind factor.
    Some audio bliss it is~
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