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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. audionewbi
    I love it too can't justify getting when I got three other daps. My issue with rocoo is the faulty socket which seems to cause the unit to turn off when the jack is moving side way.

    I think headphonic is selling them for 170, I might get it but than again zx1 is just few months away.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Maybe you can solder it, I just checked, Billy only has 1 left, an ex display unit for $179

    And yes, you're correct $170 at headphonics. Just remember they've been discontinued. What ever stocks floating around is all to my understanding, as the NOVA series were meant to replace them. Anyway glad it works out with your Dita! 
  3. audionewbi
    Another quick update on EX-1000 vs Dita:
    First of all EX-1000 wins hands down on how open they sound but sadly the old king wins only on this ground. While listening to EX-1000 out of C4 and quickstep I had to keep adjusting the volume as there was no perfect volume where I could just leave the music play where the entire sound spectrum is maintained its balance. This is something I never had to do with Dita unless I was listening at an incredibly high volume. 
    EX-1000 is the only IEM that does not feel like an IEM, they are incredibly open and it is the only IEM that I could never successfully use outside as they do not isolate and they pick up wind noise. On the other hand I have successfully used dita ever since I have got them out and about. 
    Dita does not sound as open as EX-1000 but they managed to find an easy to ears balance on across all spectrum where no matter at what volume level we are listening the sound never is lacking in a manner that you would want to increase the volume in order to get more bass or dynamic out of them.
    I hope the next challenge for Dita is to find a flagship to sound as open as EX-1000 and also maintain what dita truth has to offer.
  4. jkwanness
    thanks... I think I'll keep on to my beloved EX-1000 for a while.... interested in this and the FX850... but 850 is much more easier to manage in terms of pricing... haha well glad that my world won't end when my EX-1000 dies.. :) 
  5. audionewbi
    cant lie FX850 has also got my attention. But honestly since purchasing the dita I also have purchased the TH900, while Th900 is truly one amazing headphone that probably the head-fier of the future will look upon as a great master-piece of our time dita has gotten much more headtime than TH900.
    Perhaps if one day I can get a setup worthy of TH900 I might use it more but when I have the dita connected with C4 nothing is lacking and nothing is offensive, it just plays music well.
    But yes the price is high and the risk of not liking it at such a price is not easy to bare (trust me I know that feeling! )
  6. jkwanness
    I think practicality and ease of use just won here. I mean for me personally, after going through stuff from portapro to HD800 from cheapo china iems to CIEM, Sony DAP to 3 stack CLAS rig, practicality is very very important. Now i'm just contented with EX-1000 and my PHA-1 rig, (ZX-1 if i could!)... I sold off my hd800 rig cause its just too troublesome to enjoy music. Had to set up everything, get myself a very quiet fan (climate here is crazy hot) and only listen at night just to enjoy... I thought my woes will go with the T5p... but the sound just wasn't as good and its like in a odd between of a open headphone and iem lol.. not to mention the weight too!
    Anyways, personally after so many years i came to prefer universal IEMS, TOTL Single Dynamics that is[​IMG] . Though performance is still high up the list, practicality cannot be overlooked. Fit, isolation, and that in your head sound... IEM works best when your on your bed with your eyes closed lol....
    Anyway's I haven't heard TH900 nor the Dita... Would you see yourself using the TH900 even if your rig is gonna be a 3 layer stack going out? Also remember the cases for both the TH900 and the stack, you don't want to be carrying them around bare!
  7. audionewbi
    I see you too carry the scares of T5p, yes T5p was a great disappointment for me too. Another one is Ak120. I do not mind stack for home use or on the days where I plan to go out and set somewhere for long but for an everyday transit purposes my go to dap is nano 7G. For day to day transit use I do not want high fidelity I want a light weight DAP that sounds good and easy to use and an IEM that isolates well.
    I managed to get a good sound out of dita with ipod nano 7G but the cable is a little stiff. For me this is not an issue as I always have a shirt pocket which I use. I simply run the cable across my neck and keep the nano in my pocket but I can see how the cable can cause issue for some if they are not willing to do that with it.
  8. jkwanness
    Btw, speaking of cables, how's the connection between the cables and the driver housing? will it be able to stand up to the test of time? the lack of removable cable is a major turn off for me... cause nowadays i'm looking to get a IEM that will last... not that I am careless or anything, i'm just thinking in terms of 10 years or so now lol..... end-game iems... 
  9. audionewbi
    Come back in 10 years and if I am alive I will tell you :p

    Jokes aside I have been using it everyday ever since I have got them and nothing feels cheap on their built. Compared to F111 which I always feel I have to baby sit them due to the fragile shell nothing on Dita truth worries me.
    But I am also quiet careful with my gears too. So my honest answer is nothing on the IEM feels that is prone to break, the housing is cast aluminium so that is probably the last think that will fail on it.
    I am still writing my review. I will give it another 300 hour burn in (sound seems to have settle and cannot report any more changes passed the 50 hours mark) and hopefully a more headtime and I can be confident on the sound of dita.
    I will compare it with EX-1000 and IE800 and perhaps my CK100PRO (which is my most respect UIEM).
    I will do synergy pairing with it and will rate the amp I have. I have an amp coming from Japan (Sound potion Monolith) which i am excited about. Once that is in the house I will pair that and I think I am going to be ready to give my final review on it. 
    Meanwhile I am more than happy to answer any question anyone might have. 
  10. jkwanness
    I'm pretty sure the housing will not be a problem.. its probably stronger than CIEMs acrylic or silicone.... but the cablesssss..... usually thats the first part to go... anyway's I'll wait for your review, hopefully a lengthy one i expect at least 10 page.. LOLOL..... anyway's continue to enjoy it!
  11. audionewbi
    I hope to keep it less than 1500 words, I like to keep it as to the point as possible. 
  12. Ditti

    Just a few things to note;
    1. The housings on both the Answer and Answer (Truth Edition) are CNC milled and turned from 6061 T6 aluminium.  They are not cast as cast aluminium is prone to bubbles and other internal imperfections that cannot be seen unless x-rayed.  The process of casting aluminium often involves a pour into a mould.  This is the part that makes a huge difference in the structural integrity of the aluminium.  The nozzle on the earphones are exceedingly difficult to machine and replicate because of the acute angle at which it joins the base. 
    2. We understand the need and demand for a removable cable and this was considered during the design and inception stage.  However, due to the close collaboration with Van Den Hul and the fact that the Truth cable was developed for the Answer, we wanted to prevent any chance of mis-matches should the cable be used for other earphones.  As such, we beefed up the Strain Relief substantially and stress tested both cables to over 50,000 cycles.  In our simulation tests, we have not come across any failure that is caused by cable breakage or failure yet.  Remember that the Truth cable is not a silver cable as commonly misunderstood.
    Best to all. 
    Danny @ Dita Audio
    zniper2984 likes this.
  13. audionewbi
    Thanks for the correction for something that is milled the finish is incredibly smooth.

    if you have the chance try the audio technica silicon tips. I find the improvement noticeable enough to give them my recommendations.
  14. jkwanness

    Thanks for the clarification... Just want to ask, what about the Answer, without Vdh cable, how does that fair in terms of sonic and durability? Any comparisons between the two?
  15. Ditti
    In terms of sonics, the Truth cable equipped version takes everything that the Answer does to a more finite level.  Customers and beta testers have indicated that they hear airier highs and tighter bass.
    Regarding cable durability, we used the Fat Cable in the Answer primarily for its durability in everyday use.  You may note that the diameter of the cable is substantially bigger than most of what's available on mass market products.  This is intentionally so to beef up cable durability.  Of course, no amount of lab testing and simulation can replace real world situations because they are too varied and unpredictable.  
    We realized that the Truth cable has some limitations due to its extreme core configuration and the properties of the conductors.  As such, we recommend the Answer for day to day use and the Truth for the most discerning listeners. 
    Danny @ Dita Audio
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