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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Audionewbie: I hadn't noticed the divider had a slider either! 
    Seeing this thread active again has made me get them out again. I was waiting for international sales to be set up on their web site before I made a video. 
    One thing that I agree with that has been said by a number of people is that the bass is spot-on excellent with them. My only quibble has been the treble, but maybe because of what I'm used to with TOTL headphones. I have found a nice combination in the FiiO X5, which, being on the smoother-side of things, mates nicely.
  2. audionewbi
    @Currawang I did saw dita make an informal appearance in your last video. I can never produce a review as well thought out and structured as yours but I will do my best to be as honest and clear on my finding on the dita. With that said looking forward to your video.
    Some point which has crossed my mind lately and things I need to say: 
    Point 1: A note about Danny one of the designer and co-founder of dita audio ,he has been nothing but helpful to me . He has been as clear and transparent as one could be in  his position in this industry. He has been extremly helpful and responsive which I hope they can manage to keep when they grow bigger than what they are now. 
    Point 2: As a consumer and someone who loves to see prices which encourages other people try good gears and not to pass over them simply because of their price I was fairly unhappy about the recent price increase of dita gear. Naturally this price increase will push dita-truth IEM to compete against some bigger boys in that price range and that something which I believe make things much harder for them.
    Point 3: How do designers in general put a price on Sound(ignoring labour and material cost)? Without getting too philosophical can we put a price on sound? Well certainly audio companies do think so. How do we form a price/performance ratio subjectively? To me it seems like in order for one to write a fair subjective review we have to first ignore the price and describe the sound as fairly as possible. We are to than compare it with other gears of different price point and at the end we are to put all the different factors together (somehow) and see if whether that gear truly worth what they are asking for. I am still trying to figure out this part and I am not comfortable on following the statement "if it sounds good to you it is worth it" as they are lot of much cheaper items that sound good to me and somehow I still end up buying other stuff to satisfy my taste.
  3. soundblast75
    I placed my order with the new increased prices 2 days ago but still haven't heard from them:frowning2:
  4. fzman Contributor
    Pricing is tricky.  In Economics, your set price so MC=MR. That maximizes profit.  To figure al of this out, you have to be able to accurately forecast how much you will sell.
    You can also price according to the pricing of the products you think you compete with, price based on labor plus materials times X,  etc....   there is also the Veblen effect, and sometimes raising your price increases demand.  
    Go figure,,,,,,,
  5. audionewbi
    Its one topic that if I have a better understanding I can perhaps appreciate things better. Thanks for that explaination, I understand supply and demand based pricing and I am quiet aware of how it helped fitear to get the cult status they have now but what interests me on how the designers decide to tackle their competition. Rarely we find reviewers to compare product of different price with each other, we normally only see certain bracket get compared with each other.
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  6. fzman Contributor
    my degree is in philosophy, not economics, but I do work in the high end audio industry.   There really are instances where people do take the attitude "it only costs $X, so it can't be any good".  Raising the price, in such cases, does increase the perceived quality of the product.  I am not saying that is what Dita is doing - it seems more like they underestimated the cost of making and bringing to market iems of this quality.
    Reviews and reviewers can also be affected by price as well, it seems.  Lower-priced items are frequently over-rated, while more expensive items get nit-picked to death. It would be interesting to compare across price in specific instances, allowing people to get a truer sense of what you get when you spend up (or down).
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  7. oMalakai
    Exactly! And, an obvious example of this, is Beats. Asides from the "cool" design and Dr.Dre stuff, and advertisement, and all that, people seems to think that they are so good because they are expensive. It´s like "Wow, this headphones are SO expensive, they MUST sound good, because expensive things are always good!" . I´m studying Advertisement and the explained us how price can make a product be "HIgh end" just with the price tag, and dunno, a nice packaging.
    But...OT, I really like how cool are this IEM´s! New companies always seems to have fresh and nice ideas about design, and also have the freedom to desing whatever they want and show the world how good they are. Looking forward to see a full review
  8. audionewbi
    I am going to say it dita is the best dynamic IEM I have in my position right now. Its only weakness against IE800 is sub-bass and ex-1000 sounds more open but the rest dita just wins!
    My current setup which i have not yet heard better is meir audio quickstep and ddsocket1 muses01 edition followed by C4. 
  9. jkwanness
    As a lover of the legendary ex1000, i swore off any multi/hybrid driver iems.... This has caught my eye as I'm wondering what to do if and when my ex1000 dies... Review and comparisons please!!!
  10. audionewbi
    Just got the th900 and call me crazy but compared it i like my dita. Maybe i don't have an amp good enough for the th900 but so far my dita setup is the best i have to this date.
  11. audionewbi
    Now that i've found my ampp/dac combi dita truth is the best IEM I have in my position.
  12. ExpatinJapan
    I am enjoying your updates and enthusiasm.
  13. audionewbi
    I am glad to say my iem search is over and now i am going to search for a setup for th900.

    best setup i have for dita now is meir audio quickstep and ddsocket1. Far better than colorfly c4 and ak120. Out of my other warmer amp i like to pair the dita with more neutral amp.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

  15. audionewbi
    I am certain, my next upgrade will be ciem and that is a long way away. I am quiet happy with dita for the music i listen to. They scale and shape to the devices it is connected to. It sounds like er4s with a much more impactful bass.
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