digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread
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You might find it more likely to sell in classifieds here maybe. 1/2 original purchase price is pretty standard for second hand I believe.
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Just for the hell of it, iPod Classic >> LOD >> either Fiio e12 or Arrow 4G >> ZO 2.3 >> headphones.
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Anyone know if Digizoid has anything going on these days? I've sent two emails and haven't heard back, whereas before they were pretty responsive. Hoping to hear more about some of the product ideas that they had planned. 
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I promise... more details will be coming VERY VERY soon. Although I can't reveal too much right now, I can say it...
• Will have an anodized aluminum enclosure (not much bigger or heavier than ZO2)
• Have an OLED screen
• Over 1,000 different contours to choose from --> 32 levels for low frequencies (like ZO2) + 32 levels for high frequencies
• No high/low gain modes -- volume can be adjusted continuously from mute to max (even with a line-level input!)
• Headroom & output power will be MUCH higher
• NOISE-FREE! :wink:

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