1. Grandorn

    Portable Amp suggestions for Hifiman Re-262's?

    Hey guys, So, I purchased the Hifiman Re-262's a few months ago, and I absolutely love them. I had read that a portable amplifier was suggested to really have the 262s shine, so I added the FiiO e6 to the order. However, when I got the e6 it did not at all live up to my expectation, and made...
  2. RPGWiZaRD

    digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread

    The digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread     Since the version has been updated I thought it would be great with a fresh start as those early impressions in ZO2 Impression Thread doesn't reflect the current product anymore. This thread is to discuss and write about your ZO2...
  3. SkinnyPuppy

    ZO2 Impression Thread

    Hey, we had to do it, didn't we?     I'll update the OP with Impressions as they come.   http://www.digizoid.com/returns/index.php                    
  4. kenman345

    Picking between NuForce NE-700X or HiFiMan RE-0

    I am a basshead and looking in the sub-$100 range for a nice pair of earbuds. I want something that can handle decent bass and generally play all different types of music as well. Anyone own any of these earbuds and can give me some advice?
  5. XxAlterWavexX

    ATH-M50 paired with Digizoid ZO2?

    Hi everyone, I just made this thread cause I am extremely curious to know if these make a good pair. I know, I know, the m50 don't need an amp, but them being driven out of my iPhone 4, I miss that bass thump I get when I plug them into a good source like my Asus g73jw. Plus, I found the...
  6. MizMoxie

    Taking pre-orders for ZO2 now!

        We are now accepting pre-orders for ZO.2!  Please visit http://www.digizoid.com/zo to place your pre-order!  There is a very limited quantity available for first run, so act quickly or they will be all gone.   A big thanks to everyone for being so patient!
  7. SoulSyde

    The ZO2 Has Landed.

    The ZO2 has landed!  All rejoice!  
  8. RPGWiZaRD

    digiZoid ZO1 / ZO2.3 Portable Headphone Amp Review

    For my detailed review of ZO1 plus interesting SmartVektor technology info click on the spoiler tag below, otherwise continue to read about the ZO2.3         digiZoid ZO2.3           First I'd like to take the time to thank digiZoid properly for listening to users...
  9. MizMoxie

    digiZoid ZO 2 contest! "Show me the ZOvatar!"

    It's official! The second contest for a ZO is underway! But this time, you will be competing for one of the first ZO version 2's!!   The rules are simple, put together your best (funniest) avatar, and incorporate the ZO into it. Use the letters ZO in the picture, can be part of a word...
  10. MizMoxie

    digiZoid ZO Contest: "What does music mean to you?"

    UPDATE:  Thanks to all who entered!  This contest is officially OVER.   Congratulations to our two winners, Cliffroyroycole and Ishcabible!       Please see our new contest for an opportunity to win one of the first ZO version 2's...
  11. redwarrior191

    IEMs for low volume listening with great subbass presence under $150??

    hey all, i am looking for a pair of iem wich has great subbass presence. I currently have a pair of hd598 and i find that the bass is lacking for certain songs. So I would like to buy IEM which could give me a different presentation and has great low end extension. I've done my research and...