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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. toranku
    Unbelievable. I messaged Anson about this. His response in 30 mins was a firmware fixing the volume issue. I now run my IEM at vol 9-16, depending on track. on high gain though, the volume is significantly increased. My functions seems to be the same as 1.44. Seriously impressed with the customer service here.

    Sound wise, it's warm but well extended at the treble. It sounds impressively clean for the lack of a better descriptor. Warm and clean doesnt usually work together - but it does in this instance.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  2. jemuelvellejo
    I am happy to hear that. With my current set up i also believe i am not getting the sound i should get for the price i paid. Just an additional question, what's your take on the pentacles? Are they good for you?
  3. terry1109
    Pentacle is design for player with low output, it was never intended for high output player, thats why i never like it, as i use both alien+ and dtr1.
    If you want a nice iem on the budget to pair with dtr1, i would always recommend a pair of second hand dita audio the answer truth edition. I works great for dtr1 and the price is amazing when compare whats available in the current market.
    Hope this would help and good hunting.
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  4. kenz
    EB196D82-187C-4357-B36E-D54CD5D1D512.jpeg The Prelude is being put through its paces with the different monitors I have currently.
    While my technical reference combination with the Empire Zeus R customs are my daily go-to, this match-up with the Moondrop Kanas Pro (on NiceHCK 7N crystal copper cables) is becoming a guilty pleasure all on its own.

    Just over 60 hrs on the Prelude (other half time is with FiiO M11) but its sound characteristics seem to be “opening” up more, more air between notes and less “heavy” in pacing. Could be going mental but loving it.
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  5. jemuelvellejo
    Thanks mate. My pairing seems good already but i'm not getting the "lifelike" sound from soundtrack "Lea" by toto and other albums i liked. Hopefuly prelude+tanchjim oxygen or kanas pro can deliver it
  6. toranku
    To follow up on Mimoulle's comparison, I actually compared the DTR1 to the WM1Z today. The DTR is slightly warmer and less airy compared to the 1Z. The 1Z seems to handle spatial cues better, with greater depth and width in the mix, thus having a better soundstage.

    Where the DTR1 beats the 1Z (in my opinion, of course) is at the transients. Next to the DTR, 1Z's transients can sound a little more bloated whereas DTR handles everything cleaner and clearer. The DTR also has better texture - 1Z sounds smoothed out in texture compared to the DTR. The 1Z also seems to have a thinner, slightly more shrill treble compared to DTR. DTR is much more natural in its presentation with greater definition to transients.

    Definitely an interesting DAP. Will compare against the LPG (gen 1 and 2) when I have the chance.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  7. bden59
    Can you compare sound of fw 1.10 and 1.44?
  8. F700
    No change
  9. immortalsoul
    What headphone did you used to compare the daps?
  10. toranku
    Sony IER-M9
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  11. terry1109
    I just got a tip from anson
    The dtr1 will be available for demo in canjam socal 2019
    The booth would be c5 helm audio
    If there is any question, contact anson from dethonray Or helm audio.
    All the best
  12. F700
    The DTR1 / Sony N3 (w/ Final E tips) is a fantastic combo. For USD 800.- you get a ridiculously good portable setup. The N3 has its fanbase, but remains quite overlooked in my opinion. The energy and the details from the DTR1 is a perfect match for the N3, the latter having a superb tonality and a great bass, but a slightly rolled-off treble. With the DTR1, the treble is well extended and airy enough, not fatiguing at all. The stock cable of the N3 needs to be replaced with an aftermarket cable and the Sony tips have to be rolled in favor of the Final E ones, IMO. About the cable, the quite affordable Sony MUC-M12SM2 is a perfect solution, solid MMCX connectors, good plug, flexible.

    Hope to see the case for the DTR1 released soon...
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
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  13. cleg
    My video about DTR1

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  14. F700
    I am a bit surprised that you took the LPG as a comparison in your review. The sound signature is not the same, at least in my opinion. I spent some weeks with the LPG and although I couldn't compare these DAPs side by side, I would have chosen a "warmer" DAP for the comparison, like WM1Z or SP1K. No offense intended, just my 2 cents. For the rest, I agree with your statement, for USD 530.-, you get sound quality at its best, without any fancy features. That's why I like and own that little mean thing.

    PS: your reviews are informative and we feel the passion you have for music. This is the common vector that brought us here I think. Keep up the good work. But please, try to avoid putting the price of items into play. I am sure you exactly know what I am talking about
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  15. cuemastermind
    I tried to play dsd 128 and the sound really not right but when i play dsd64 its fine. Hope future upgrade firmware can fix it also the SACD file:frowning2:
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