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Denon AH-C710

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  1. lucozade
    I have always fancied trying a set of denon's ,so when i saw the now aging AH-C710 in a local store i decided to pick up a set and put them through there paces and see how denon's top in ear phone stacks up to the other phones i own .
    At less than half the price of phones like the w4 or Sm3 so far i am very impressed with the sound coming out of the C710 , thunderous bass ,that does not distort even when eqed up a bit,and it is a well defined bass, not as warm as the bass on my monster pro golds but better quality .Treble is nicely extended and is delivering lots of detail and so far i have heard no hint of sibilance coming from these iem's in the couple of hours i have had these in my ears so far. The midrange is very much present and in no way compromised by the bass ,in fact the upper midrange/mid treble is very bright ,one of the brightest i have heard on an iem ,therefore electric guitars etc are often very dominant , i am hoping this will tone down a bit with burn in ,otherwise i will just eq that frequency .
    These come with a neat little leather case although it looks a bit fiddly to use , three different sizes of firm plastic/silicon tips and a single set of medium comply t400 tips as well as a shirt clip.
    The driver housing is a hybrid metal type material ,cable noise when rubbing the cable is minimal ,most likely due to the radial cascade damper built into there design ,build quality over all feels pretty good but i would have preferred a more substantial cable as it is on the thin side and i would have preferred a one piece cord of decent lenght rather than the two part cord supplied ,which is just a bit to short without the extension and way to long with it,but not a Major problem.
    These are most likely the most efficient phones i own ,easily on a par with my w3 and se530 ,so very easy to drive and like the w3 these are silent in-between songs,no hiss .
    Will add comparisons with some of my other phones in time if anyone is interested , and a picture of two when i get a new battery for my camera. [​IMG]
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    you tried them with hybrids and got a good seal?
    still its nice to see some comments from something that isnt flavour of the week.
    speaking of old where you been hiding?
  3. lucozade
    HI , MARK , i have been around ,from time to time just not posting much,been busy with other stuff and raising my kittens etc. 
    As to the c710 ,yes definitely very bright on the mid highs ,and no i not got any Sony hybrid tips at the moment and have a good seal,so far been using the stock tips ,complys and monster foam hybrid tips ,not really any difference in the sound between those on these ,these are brighter than than the hje900 on electric guitars and such ,that's not a complaint ,just an observation ,love the bass on these denons by the way, i will try a different source with them tomorrow ,ipod classic or cowon x7, been using them with my archos 48 tonight.
    By the way just finished reading your review on the gro4 ,i enjoyed it very much ,it was very you lol.,i have the gro7 on the way so am expecting great things from them after the praise you and others have gave them .[​IMG]


  4. david1978jp
    Agree, definitely very bright.
  5. mark2410 Contributor
    lol glad you liked the 04 review and im sure youll like the 07, it pretty all round great.
  6. awberke
    I have had two sets of Denons, the 710 and the ones a price step below them, i can't remember the name. What i love about denon is the quality of the ear-buds themselves. They use quality materials like aluminum and they just feel so sturdy. I also find the sound too be perfect to my type of listening (hip hop). The one thing that irked me to no end with both sets is the short original cable and the overly long extension, WHY DENON WHY!?!?!?!?
  7. phntmsmshr
    Agree that C-710 has nice deep bass, but I've found the treble to be exaggerated, artificial sounding and fatiguing, if not outright sibilant at times. 
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    oh btw i always found that if you add impedance ala ety 75ohm adapter then that does a lot to taime their over exuberance and splashyness up top
  9. lucozade
    Well i have now got around 25 hrs of listening time on these ,and it is clear to me that the focus of this iem is most definitely the upper mids and lower treble , these really are super bright and very energetic in those frequency's ,the instrumentation occupying those frequency's in more lively and busy tracks really jump out at you ,grab you by the ears and throttle them to within an inch of your life lol, you have to remember i am used to 6 months of listening to the sm3 and 3 months with the w4 as my main every day iems , both of which have a very lite ,soft tingly treble and are much more gentle and polite in those frequency's  [​IMG] Seriously now that i gotten used to the denons presentation i actually am enjoying these ,they certainly bring new life to albums put out on cd in the late 80s and 90s which sound tired and in desperate need of remastering on all my other phones .For example my old cds of the electric light orchestra albums sound fantastic on these[​IMG],but i can see these are not going to be to everyones tastes.
    Its funny but i have heard next to no sibilance on these at all which surprises me considering how bright these are ,i think denon have done a good job in avoiding it as it is obvious to me that the upper mids and lower treble are enhanced and the brightness and liveliness up there has not really changed over the 25hrs that i have been listening although the bass has .Out of the box these had thunderous bass ,this has tamed down significantly and is now tight and punchy ,very well controlled and well defined ,very good quality bass which complements the mids very well, these have the best quality bass out of my dymanic driver iem 's although personally i like more quantity but that is easily fixed with these by eq'ing up the bass frequency's, the bass responds very well to eq and does not change its texture or quality in any way ,these seem to be able to handle as much bass as you can throw at them without distorting and it does not colour the vocals or mids in any way ,shape or form which is good news, of course the down side to that is it also does nothing to dampen the brightness if that bothers you.
    The upper treble is present and very nicely extended for a dymanic however it does takes a back seat to the upper mids/lower treble and bass ,having said that it has a remarkable amount of micro detail if you can navigate your ears through the mail-storm of the upper mids /low treble to concentrate on it ,infact detail across the board is very engaging for a phone that costs around a third of the price of such fancy phones as the w4 ,sm3 etc i really don't feel as thought i am missing out on any of the details across the entire sound spectrum ,those other phones may have 10% more details up in the very top end but there is so much going on in the rest of the spectrum that i really don't have time to notice it.
    Vocal are really clear and clean on these and uncolored ,female vocals are nice and sweet, electric guitars are really raunchy and on rock music they really jump out at you as do brass instruments ,and keyboards and electronic stuff ,tuba's, cellos ,piano all sound particularly good  .
    Sound stage is very wide on these and stretches beyond my ears and instruments have there own defined space .
    As i said before build quality seems good apart from the very thin wires which really worry me ,not sure these would survive if they got caught on an object as you pass by and the strain relief at the ear shells ,i am not convinced that these have any under the rubber sleeve but time will tell.[​IMG]
  10. lucozade
    I have found using my monster triple flange tips with these darkens the sound quite a bit ,taming the upper mids and lower treble very effectively at the expense of narrowing the sound stage and taking away some of the bass quality and making them less airy in general ,Umm not sure if i prefer them like this or as they was before,will have to listen some more but i think i liked them better with there original tips [​IMG]
  11. mark2410 Contributor
    sorry did i see you say you want more bass out of them?  MORE!?!?!?!?!?!?  are you sure your getting a seal on them?
  12. lucozade


    Lol ,yes please ,give me more bass,Yes mark i have a very tight seal ,the bass is excellent quality ,and the amount of bass is decent , but i could easily take a fair bit more , these have a similar bass quantity as the hje 900 i would say . Even so , i actually do like these a lot now i am accustomed to there sound signature ,they are  fun for sure and technically great way above there price tag.
  13. lucozade
    @mark how does the denon ah-751 differ in sound to these ? 
  14. mark2410 Contributor
    the 751 is a better (IMO) more refined product.  its harder to drive, tighter darker bass but less abundant.  the mids are lovely and rather dry but pretty far back recessed.  highs are pretty crispy and cold.
    its a weird one as it has this big dark bass but cold highs and dry mids.  its dark bassy and cold.  soozieq disagreed with me an it being cold but then she always uses the really warm sony daps.
    i think youd probaly like it but its not going ot give you more bass that the 710 is
  15. lucozade
    What about the details on the 751 ,are they as detailed as the 710 across the board ?
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