1. V

    Which IEM is best for Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ?

    Bohren & Der Club Of Gore   Dark Jazz Saxphone   I'm looking for a pair of IEM around the price of Denon C710,  ...
  2. timaishu

    how to clean wax out of my denon C710 :(

    I have had my C710's for quite awhile now. Around 3 years. The right side mess is completed covered in a small layer of wax, the left side is still mostly clear aside from a few small patches. The mesh isn't the hard metal kind like on my cheapies. Its more of a fabric type something that is...
  3. xCheckmate

    Pricing for Audio Technica AT HA-21 and Denon AH-C710

    Hey! I've been lurking around for a while but this is my first post on Head-Fi. (whoops, realized it wasn't. lol)   Anyways, I've been looking around for IEMs for portable use, as well as an amp (or amp/dac combo) for desktop use. I plan on using the amp primarily with my pair of HD558 but I...
  4. lavantgarde

    $400 for edm/classical iems

    I mainly listen to edm and classical music. Under the edm scope there's an emphasis on chillout downtempo: trip hop, nujazz, acid jazz, illbient, downbeat, etc.- minimal/progressive house, trance (vocal, progressive, goa), ambient, dnb. The main subgenre is downtempo, by far... this is what I'd...
  5. Enanthate

    Denon AH-C710 FS

    Selling my Denon AH-C710's in perfect condition.  About 150hrs of burn in.  Asking $80 obo Shipped CONUS only.   Only selling earphones and case.  Will include Monster Gel Tips Variety Pak.
  6. Woody469

    Denon AH-C710 (SOLD)

    For Sale:  Nice pair mint Denon AH-C710. I do not use so these should go to a good home.   $60.00 shipped   USA only   Will supply pictures if interested
  7. Discobiscuits

    Denon AH-C710 - Same product as pictured.   Comes with ALL accessories except the medium tips.  My friend needed...
  8. Totally Dubbed

    SOLD: Denon AH-C710's

    Item sold     Hey guys!   I'm selling my Denon's - they have served me well!   Price: Looking for around £60 (£65 incl resistor adaptor) shipped within EU (70€), & worldwide (94$) PM about postage costs - (Paypal fees paid by you, the buyer) (I originally bought them in Jan 2011...
  9. Plusbits

    Denon AH-C710 or Atrio M5 MG7 Pro

    Hey all,   I'm currently looking to buy some new IEM's and I'm a bit torn between the Denon AH-C710's and the Atrio M5's. Obviously I'm after something that's bass-heavy, being a serious bass-head, with a bit of a V-Curve to it, but I've read so many positive reviews of each that I don't...
  10. Red Jacket Mike

    Denon AH-C710 Earphones -- MINT!

    For sale here are a mint condition pair of Denon AH-C710 IEMS.  These are being sold because they just don't keep a seal for me, when wearing a winter cap over my ears.  The sound is amazing, though; these earphones are a bit colored with a V-curve EQ; brilliant treble, and the best bass impact...
  11. iano

    Denon AH-C710 IEM - New, sealed, in original box

    Title says it all really.....I could do pics, but they would just be of the box with the phones inside :)   If anyone weants those I am happy to do them...they are the black color BTW   Price includes shipping within CONUS and paypal fees.   Thanks.   Ian
  12. Perfect-tone

    Denon AH-C710 issue

    I just got a pair of the AH-C710's and love the quality of sound I am getting from them so far.  The one issue I am noticing is that when I am getting the in ear headphones situated in my ear I sometimes hear a click in my ear almost like one of those safety tops.  I know it is definitely coming...
  13. mps83

    Comply Tips question for Denon AH-C710

    Hi, just a quick one, which Comply tips do you need for the C710's i think it's the TX-400s but will the standard T-400s fit too?   Thanks in advance.   Matt
  14. Akash

    WTB DENON AH-C710 headphones / earphones

    Hi, I'm looking for any used / new Denon AH C710 earphones?   Not bothered about the box or accessories.   Please PM me with an offer.   I am in U.K London.   Thanks
  15. fjeena

    Best IEMs/canalphones for under £50 for Trance? MEEI M6 or M6 or AH-C710

    Hi As the title suggests I'm looking for a decent pair of IEMs for under £50. I know there are many other posts similar, but a lot of them are so old the IEMs suggested are no longer in production such as the Nuforce NE-700m , victor 700x or the UE 3 i cant seem to find in the uk. I...
  16. Bassheadspl

    Please help a basshead out?

    Hi, because i am a basshead, i went for the jvc fx1x and hate the bass on them its bloated, muddy, not much sub bass, more mid bass. I am after low sub bass that moves your eardrums, so what do you recommend?   Also the JVC fx1x don't vibrate your eardrums, which i though it would, so i am...
  17. jasonb

    Do you own various sound signatures or stick to one?

    It's a pretty simple question, no need to argue, or say which IEM's are the best, or get into any burn-in debates. I was just wondering if most people picked different sounding IEM's for different genres or different moods, or if most people picked a certain sound signature and stuck with it for...
  18. Poetic

    Hello, Does any1 know a good pair of IEM's for my Hisound Player.

    I like neutral sound signature something nice and smooth and beautiful clarity. Price range from 100$-200$. I was wondering if the hifiman he-262 wouid be my choice or maybe the audio technica?
  19. prm4

    what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?

    Hi Guys,   Question: what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?   I’d like to get your help with choosing some earphones for my everyday use. I’ve been looking through this site and following up on YouTube and I realised I needed to come back and seek the help of...
  20. MrMooshroom

    Please help me choose an amazing pair of headphones!

    Hello, I am sort of new to the high end in ear headphone category,  recently I have gotten an iPhone so I want to buy the best pair of headphones for my music, phone calls, ect.    I mainly listen to rap music and rock (mainly Eminem and bands like guns n' roses).  Although I have found...
  21. imadroppa

    On the search for Quality IEM's

    Looking for some good IEM's at around 80-140 dollars. I listen to predominantly rap and hip-hop so I'm looking for something with good sub bass, and balanced highs & lows, with clear vocals. And also have good isolation too. I enjoyed the Xears TD4 until they screwed me over, so if anybody can...
  22. sofastreamer

    Search goes on: Today, the smoothest, non fatiguing in ear, little sub bass rumble, under 150 $

    my mood changes fast, so right now i am searching for an iem that i can listen to for hours, without getting tired.   the best, smoothest and fatigue free i have listened to, is the westone 4, but there are 2 issues i have with it: first it is the price. second, it lacks a little in the sub...
  23. tim34

    Purchased AKG K550

    Hi - Just purchased the AKG K550, my first pair of full size headphones.  I mainly listen to music on my desktop/laptop/android phone.  I have HT system w/Yamaha receiver.  First, I listened to the headphones via the headphone jack on my Altec Lansing speaker system on my desktop and iTunes...
  24. quangvutn

    help me : sennheiser ie7 vs Denon C710 ( Punchy Bass )

    .   Dịch văn bản hoặc trang web         Nhập văn bản hoặc địa chỉ trang web hoặc dịch tài liệu. Hủy Bản dịch từ Tiếng Việt sang Tiếng Anh sorry for bad english. Who can help me choose the denon c710 bass or ie7 .      
  25. Totally Dubbed

    TFTA-2100-2V1S (1V) & TFTA-2100-3V2B (1XB) - Review - Pictures & Videos

    Hey guys, TotallydubbedHD here!   I'm an avid listener and I enjoy listening to R'n'B, dance & trance   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks   I...