Denon AH-7200

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by obsidyen, Jun 10, 2016.
  1. Mark R-S
    You can see impedance measurements of the D7200. It's nominally 20ohms, and peaks 5ohms higher than that, which is pretty flat. With a 10ohm amp there will be a 0.1dB variation across the frequency range, and with a 30ohm amp the variation will be 1.2dB - In other words, inaudible. Of course the amplifiers most likely don't all sound the same. Tomorrow I'll listen to the Denons and switch between 3 and 120 ohms on the same amp and report back.
  2. Jimster480
    Yes please check it out, because if I test with some high impedance headphones (like HD800) this doesn't occur between the 3 amps imagining that the volume is set to the same level.
  3. ruhenheiM
    OBJECTION! some people possessed a super hearing sense. like hearing ringing and stuff

    i haven't heard d7200 but if it's sensitive enough. my guess chord mojo and this amp would be a safe bet
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  4. sebna
    Thanks for an advice. I have opted for Gustard H10 as it supposedly excels with low impedance headphones. My DAC, source and cables are a bit from different league but they will for sure not limit the HP amp and HPs themselves.

    Looking forward to burning-in all the new gear when it arrives.
  5. ruhenheiM
    sure, keep us posted
  6. jmills8
    Measurements are not real world experience.
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  7. Jimster480
    yes because some people like to believe they hear differently because audio is subjective.
    But in reality its not always representative since everyone has different head sizes and different ear designs.
  8. wadec22
    first night with my 7200 cans. bought used. i'm using a different cable. REALLY like them. i messaged jimster, he seems to have a feel for the output impedence and i think i may be feeling that on my x7.

    i notice a VERY slight hiss on black background on my creative x7 when no sound or music is playing that i do not hear on my other sets. is this likely due to the fact i am using a different cable or is it because my x7 headphone amp outputs 2.2ohm impedance? the limited edition outputs 1ohm - so i could move to one of those. are there cheaper solutions? something i could attach to the line out of my x7? thanks for any insight.
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  9. ruhenheiM
    its probably the denon have high sensitivity and your amplifier have decent power and probably not have a good power supply. have you tried iem on your amplifier?
  10. wadec22
    i had not, but i just did based on your comment. same issue shows up on the iems.

    is there a cheap amp i should hook up to the line out of my x7 or should i upgrade it's power supply to the limited edition ps?
  11. ruhenheiM
    i'm not savvy on electrical components, i just knew better power supply could reduce the noise on amplifier. also i'm not familiar with your amplifier so i can't really give solution to your issue, maybe other members could chime in for this
  12. GU1DO
    i use Fostex HP-A8 with gain 4 and its working perfect ,,
    btw they need very good amp/dac to chine ,, (i didnt like them on my Mojo or iFi micro idsd )
  13. Mark R-S
    I spent some time testing this. Of course, I tried to equalise the volume while doing the comparison as the volume is lower with the higher output impedance. There isn't an easily noticeable difference between 3 and 130ohms. As I calculated, the difference would only be a dB or so in the frequency response. After longer listening, perhaps the bass is very slightly softer with the higher output impedance, but again nothing dramatic. Perhaps this is due to the lower electrical damping factor. The significance of electrical damping is debated, and it may be more significant with some headphones than others. It doesn't seem to be an issue for the D7200, and I was using a pretty high output impedance, so I would expect even less of an impact with 10 or 30ohm output impedance.

    I also tested with a couple of amps which have zero ohm output impedance, and the only differences I could notice were the sonic traits which I know those devices have. Nothing which I would attribute to the output impedance. In the end though I would always choose a solid state amp with a low output impedance as I think it is just indicative of better design.

    BTW, I saw that you sold your D7200s for about 100 dollars more than you paid for them, so you didn't do too badly.

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  14. wadec22
    Anyone want to sell their stock cable?
  15. sebna
    I was wondering what other D7200 users have chosen in terms OPAmp rolling? Burson V6 classic or V6 vivid (or maybe something else)? If you had a chance to try both which suited better D7200 in your system.

    I know there is plenty of variables as OPamps rolling has indirect influence on HP sound but still I am curious what were your endings as I am having hard time deciding which to choose and I cannot be bothered with getting both sets to test it myself.


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