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  1. dbatti
    I should have written: splitline around the connector housing. What I'm talking about is between the wooden cup and the connector housing, and I think it's quite obvious. The curvatures continuity breaks in a terraced geometry both in the front and back (in direction of wearing).

    I've got a brand new replacement can
    , and now both of the cups are crackling not just the left one. Somewhere I read before (other brand headphone), that the wooden cups do this in case they are too dry. Has anyone had this issue with any brand and how could I help it without anything drastic/ losing the warranty?
    Does anyone have this issue with the D7200s?

    BTW, there is a sale on D7200s, so I might buy one, do a comparision myself.
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  2. Maxx134

    As for the crackling,
    If you mean the wood creak, it could be that the tiny screws holding the cup to the metal frame is not tight.
    Pop off the pads and check the tiny screws.
    Carefull do not overtighten or they will strip.
  3. dbatti
    By the official hungarian dealer. Now they dropped it to 190.000HUF, which is approximately 715 USD or 607 EUR. For most of the readers I think it's not a valuable information, anyways:

    Is there a video about this out there, I don't want to screw things up... or in this particular case.. :)
  4. cpgl007
    considering getting a pair of this for travelling to replace my 5 year old AH D600 (which is my favorite closed headphone w easy drive)..will be paird with iphone7. are these easy to drive like the AH d600?
  5. wadec22
    Very easy. My s7 edge powers them great
  6. cpgl007
    thanks. now i am really tempted.. Looks like they only came with 1/4 cables.. where can you get a replacement cable? is it possible to get a cable with mic?
  7. wadec22
    Since it uses 3.5mm at the cup, lots of options with or without mic
  8. cpgl007
    not really familiar with headphone cable replacement vendors.. any suggestions / links?
  9. Jimster480
    Yes I did, I actually maybe made $1-2.
    Since eBay has a 10% fee and shipping these giant headphones isn't cheap at all + insurance on the package (especially after the postal service lost my M8A).
    It did take a while though.... I offered them to a few people at a slight loss but nobody was interested.

    In terms of the amp output impedance I also noticed some high frequency "walls" or tonal mismatch when using my A30.

    @sebna op amp rolling is hit and miss.. Without an incredible power supply, no amp can actually use any Burson op amp without internal oscillation occurring.

    In my experience with op amp rolling.... There is no positive change past an op amp which is fully capable of audibly perfect 16 bit performance.
  10. Jimster480
    Check eBay, they have alot of options from Chinese and even some USA small time cable vendors.
    I bought a cool ofc cable for my AH-MM400s for $17 and a custom length and color ofc silver plate cable for my PM-2 for $35.
    In terms of cable costs these are reasonable just based on the time required to create such cables and the Raw materials.
    Please don't pay hundreds of dollars because there won't be any magical properties of such cables.
  11. gb21011971
    As far as pads and wood cups are concerned, are these compatible with the old Denon AH-D 5k and 7k and Fostex TH-X00?
  12. zolkis
    The TH-X00 pads do fit the D7200, but not vice versa. The wooden cups are totally incompatible.
  13. gb21011971
    Great, thanks for your reply. :beerchug:
  14. wadec22
    been using sheepskin ZMF Ori pads and they really make the bass a visceral experience. Only thing I didn't care for was the 100% seal around my ear. Had ZMF Universe, fenestrated show up yesterday and really digging that pairing - but I do prefer a more analytical headphone.
  15. SAndreev
    ZMF Ori pads on 7200 work for some genres of music, but they change the sound signature too much. In my trio of headphones i prefer Ori pads on HE-560, its a match made in heaven. I'm still waiting for Zach to release a thinner version of Ori pads (he promised in August to release by end of year). Thinner pads might work really well on 7200s.

    P. S. The 7200s do get better after 100-150 hours of burn in, especially in high-mids and low-highs. I'm switching headphones rather often, but I do notice a difference, albeit very slight.
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