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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. BerserkZz
    When I tried to use 6922 to 6sn7 adapter, there was constant 'beep' noise fron the amp. Anyone had similar issues? I also have a 6cg7 adapter on the way, will this solve the issue?
  2. dobigstuff
    Try to get a NOS Tung-Sol USA 6SN7. You may never go back to that 6922.
    Here is my setup:
    Western Electric 421 A.jpg
  3. mindhead1
    This is a good combo. I have these in my DV. It’s a marked improvement over the stock tubes.
  4. Gallic Dweller
    Nearly all commercial gear can benefit from modding, the D/V is no exception. There are many mods you can do with the D/V but one that will really transform the this h/amp is to change the resistors, pins 1&4. They are metal film 1K. Chnage themm for 1K Z foil and be amazed.

    The Chinese have used an out of date method with the resistors (not PSU ones) in this h/amp - they have used the old mechanical connection reinforced by solder method. If you want to do this mod just snip the legs as close to the solder point as possible and resolder to this. This will do more than any other mod.

    Previously I have never preferred the sound of a h/amp over speakers - Z foils aren't cheap but they do transform a lot of gear.

    Do this and then tube roll
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  5. aisalen
    Deleted, double post.
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  6. aisalen
    Currently, can't ask for more. Having the DV with 650/600, will let go of my Jot for sure in the near future.
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  7. mikewr
    Anyone have a recommendation for a good tube(s) to match with a sabre dac? I don't have a whole lot of experience with tubes under my belt but am excited to try and roll a couple of tubes; just got a darkvoice via trade with a russian tung sol 6SN7 GTB and a Raytheon 6AS7G.
  8. HOWIE13
    Just thought I would post that I'm hearing some sublime music using a Tung-Sol 6080 power tube and dual RCA 7193 drivers. This combo has very open soundstaging, with very natural and well focused mids, sweet but not overly bright treble and deep, solid bass. Piano and female vocals are particularly finely reproduced. I tried K-R and Hytron equivalents but they hum. RCA is silent. Hard to source both tube types at present. Adapter is available on eBAY.

    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  9. mmf1
    Humming is typically resolved by burning in the drivers for 72 hours. You can leave it running without the power tube and the amp won't run hot too.
  10. HOWIE13
    These K-R and Hytron were humming/buzzing real loud so I wouldn't recommend even purchasing them for DV, unless you are prepared to take the risk. Interestingly they worked fine in other amps I've used, The RCA's for some reason are very quiet in DV., Maybe better grounded. I have never understood the mysteries of tube hums.
  11. FreddyFunfi
    What is the name of the adapter you have in that pic. Also what are those things on top of your two tubes connecting them? What purpose do they serve and what is the model for them?
  12. HOWIE13
    Here's the adapter:

    The type of tube is 7193, which is a single triode. That's why you need two to be the equivalent of a dual triode tube like 6SN7 tubes. Also, different manufacturers use different nomenclatures for the identical 7193 tube, which you can discover on the Web. The connectors on the top are for the anode and the grid. More than that you will have to do your own research or seek help from others on this forum as I'm no electronics expert. Good luck!
  13. FreddyFunfi
    I'm going to look into it some more, thank you for the response and info
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  14. Necron99
    Using the iFi Nano Black as a source to the Dark Voice. Using a RCA 6080 for power and a Silvertone 6SN7GTB to drive. Wow, compared to the included tubes is night and day!

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  15. ohsigmachi
    Is there a How To for this somewhere? In a perfect world I might send my DV somewhere to have this kind of work done, but I'm on a rock in the middle of the pacific and shipping is ridiculous.

    Is this something a moderately mechanically inclined person with a hobbyist soldering iron could perform?
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