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DAP for Tidal Offline

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  1. KevDzn
    Which model are you referring to to?
    Dp x1/A has 64gb internal memory, 2 SD card slots and you can offline tracks to internal/SD. In tidal app you can choose where to save offline. And no it won't revert back to internal memory upon reboot or restart.
  2. Apatride
    I have the issue on a Fiio X7 but it appears to be a rather widespread issue, especially with DAPs using older Android versions. If the DP is not affected by this issue, than it is good, but I think there was ground for concern. BTW, can you confirm you are talking based on experience of using that specific device? If yes, it could definitely be an option I would consider.
  3. Apatride
  4. KevDzn
    I'm using tidal and it has no issues with the offline memory destination on the onkyo. I don't use Spotify, so no comments on that. Hope the info helps.
  5. Womaz
    I use the DX200 for offline tidal and it works great. However the Tidal app is slow and vert poor to use on the DX200 in my opinion.
    I am also keen to have a DAP where I dont have to slide load Tidal or anything else so I may change the DX200 soon. The Fiio DAP looks interesting and is very reasonably priced.
  6. robm321
    Good point.
  7. Taz777
    After several weeks of research and communications with DAP manufacturers, I've thrown in the towel and purchased an LG V30 phone with a large micro-SD card. By all accounts the sound quality of it challenges the lower to midrange end of the DAP market. I can use the latest version of Tidal and the quad-DAC chip already supports MQA. Via the Tidal app I can listen to Tidal in offline mode. For the price of a midrange DAC I get a great DAP, a decent camera, other Android apps, etc., for 'free'. And a free phone too, in which I can install my emergency pay-as-you-go SIM card.

    I looked carefully at the FiiO M9 but the hardware looks to be quite weak in terms of compute power.
    Womaz likes this.
  8. Womaz
    An interesting choice. I have read good things about the V30. I already have an I phone and I do prefer a dedicated DAP for my music though, but I would love to compare the V30 to my DX200.
    I know the DX200 blows the Iphone out of the water for sound qulaity, but the Tidal app on the Iphone is so quick and responsive.
  9. Taz777
    I'll report back later next week when I've had several hours of use of the V30. I also have an iPhone and am sorely disappointed with the audio (it's an iPhone 7). Hence, I can compare between the two. During my research on DAPs, one thing I noticed was that they lacked raw computer power in most cases. The V30 has a very decent CPU and there'll be no messing about with side-loading apps and working with a heavily customised version of Android.
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  10. Taz777
    Something to bear in mind with regards to the LG V30 phone: it looks like playing 44.1kHz/16-bit music (as in Tidal HiFi quality) offline may impact the sound quality slightly due to upsampling. Tidal HiFi (non-MQA) can only be played offline using the Tidal app and it appears that the DAC has to upsample this to 48kHz as 44.1/16-bit isn't a supported stream by the V30 DAC.

    I'll know soon enough whether this is an issue for me or not.

    It's discussed in the V30 specific threads, for example here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mus...s-for-the-lg-v30.868978/page-30#post-14725004
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  11. Taz777
    Not directly related to a DAP, but related to Tidal: I've been in touch with Tidal asking them if it's possible for the Tidal app to notify users if any 44.1kHz/16-bit song in any of their playlists is now available in MQA format. Currently, there's no automated way of knowing this and you'd have to search again for every song in your playlists and check to see whether there's an MQA version of it. Tidal told me that they'd suggest an automated way of notifying users of MQA versions of their songs to their Product department.

    As more and more tracks are available in MQA format, many users may not be aware of this and are still playing the songs in their playlists in CD-quality. Hopefully, the Tidal app(s) will one day notify us of MQA versions of the songs that we listen to.
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  12. rishan
    I'm using an X7 Mk2 with Tidal offline daily with only two real complaints:
    1. No eq when offline (can use UAPP when online);
    2. Every now and then a track starts skipping and doing weird stuff, just scroll past it and come back and everything is fine.

    I like having a dedicated DAP outside of my iPhone etc, just feels more convenient and preserves phone battery.
  13. Womaz
    I think the next 6 months or so will bring a lot more DAPs into the reckoning here. IBasso DX220 , Fiio M6 and the Hiby R6 Pro are just a few I have read a little bit about. A&K also have some options here too.
    Fiio and Hiby do seem to have a few user issues though from what I can make out. I would stick with IBasso as long as price is not prohibitive and the battery life is improved.
    I wish I could have a listen to the LG V30 to compare it to my DX200 as I would imagine it has a better user experience
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  14. Taz777
    If you're ever in the London area then ping me and you'd be welcome to have a listen to my V30+.
  15. Womaz
    I only go to London for cup finals and with my teams current state that will be a long time off thanks for the offer though
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