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DAP for Tidal Offline

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  1. Womaz
    I agree , I guess I am in no hurry as my next holiday will probably be around May next year
    Thanks for your input
  2. riccyn
    Pardon me for resurrecting this old thread, but as the OP found a solution to his offline Tidal playback? I am using the FiiO X7 and it plays this very well in a lossless format quality of a CD. I have also just order the iBasso XD200 to accompany my FiiO X7 with this.

    I have thought about ripping all my countless CD into a AK70MkII, but I don't see the point if I can get all my tittles and more from Tidal, unless I have some 24 bit/96 or 192 in my library of CDs. Of course, it also depends if the Astel & Kern has a better SQ than the above, but I don't have the ability to audition them without my playlist. The iBasso has a lot going for it with Dual DAC and is Android driven with the ability to play Tidal offline. So far in my research, these are the only 2 players than can support offline Tidal, unless someone can steer me to others which can.

    Look forward to some new information in 2018. Happy New Year to you all!
  3. Womaz
    I love the DX200 but I have still not used it enough offline to know if it stable or not. I am still getting drop outs whilst using Tidal online. This is a problem they are working on apparently :gs1000smile:
  4. riccyn
    That's a shame though. Its not a cheap player by any count, so it would be nice to see it working as intended.
  5. howdy
    Onkyo DP-X1 and Fiio X7ii are great choices, I have both and they work great. The DX200 is side loaded instead of through play store like it was intended. The Fiio sounds better but the UI is better on the Onkyo.
  6. ceeloChamp
    Is the jury still out on this, or is it kind of decided that the Ibasso and the Fiio x7ii are the best options? I currently have a Dragonfly Red as my portable option, but that still adds quite a bit of length to my cable and is a pain.
  7. howdy
    What happened to the Onkyo, that's a great choice. The ibasso you need to side load, where the X7ii and Onkyo are downloaded per play store likes its supposed to be.
  8. ceeloChamp
    the Onkyo works too, also the pioneer xdp-30r...but it seems to have a really small screen, cheap though.
  9. howdy
    I'm talking about the Onkyo DP-X1. The DP-X1 has a bigger screen than the X7ii.
  10. ceeloChamp
    Oh sorry I meant that the xdp-30r have a small screen. The Onkyo DP-X1 have a nice, big screen. I'm not sure I could handle having a screen the size of the xdp-30r.
  11. Womaz
    Just an update I have now used the DX200 in offline mode for a recent trip away and it worked flawlwesssly
  12. originalsnuffy
    Why is tidal going to add so many users?
  13. ceeloChamp
    I just got my DX200 and I also just used it in offline mode, great little DAP, that. Did you get another AMP module yet?
  14. Womaz
    I am quite happy with Amp 1 so I wont be getting another amp. I have this obsessive nature you see so once I commit to buy something I have to promise myself that I wont obsessively try to upgrade it or improve it. :ksc75smile:
  15. ceeloChamp
    Haha you sound like me. It's so easy to justify any headphone related purchase. After about a month of hardcore research I can talk myself into just about anything.
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