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DAP for Tidal Offline

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  1. BunnyNamedCraig
    Man you and I share similar “problems” ha.

    Confucius once said- “Justification in audio leads to a thin wallet”
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  2. bzxfire40
    Add the Sony ZX2 to your list. This is my current DAP for tidal offline use. I initially had the first version of Fiio X7, but software was too buggy for me. Although keep in mind the android OS (4.2) is dated, not sure how much longer tidal will support this. The day that happens I will be a sad man.
  3. sofastreamer
    I own a dx200 for quite some time now, for the exact same use the to wants it for: tidal offline.

    i did not have to do any apk downloads whatsoever.
    just turned it on. Installed tidal from the play store and thats about it.

    Zero and i mean zero problems, just working flawless. Its my home station with my oppo pm2 in high gain and my on the go solution also, connected to my u8 iems.

    I could not do that with any a&k dap, because of their high output impedances,they kill soundsignature of impedance critical iems with passiv crossovers.

    i am using the amp it comes with all the time. Zero noisefloor, outstanding resolution sweet and musical take on neutral and perfekt soundstage and imaging. I could not ask for more.

    my 2 cents
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  4. BunnyNamedCraig
    thanks for breathing some life back into this thread. I want there to be about a million more daps out there that have Tidal offline... Maybe I am the only one but I like not having to use data if I don't have to. Call me cheap!!
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  5. ceeloChamp
    I agree! Also with the DX200 there is a TON of audible noise when the WiFi is enabled even if you are listening to offline content, but the noise is completely gone when the WiFi is off.
  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    thats sad. Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too... Guess just buy enough storage and download what you want to listen to later?
  7. ceeloChamp
    It’s an easy fix, you download it for offline mode then turn the WIFI off.
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  8. Taz777
    Resurrecting this thread - I'm looking at buying a DAP specifically for TIDAL Offline use. Sound quality is paramount as is a decent output. Budget would be around 500 USD. Anything new in addition to the DAPs mentioned in this thread?
  9. Womaz
    Yes I am interested in this again. I have the DX200 and whilst I love it the battery life is poor. I get about 7 hours when playing offline content from tidal. Not a problem whilst at home , but on holiday or my travels it is rather annoying . Did A&K release some DAPs recently which you could use for offline tidal?

    It is over a year since I started this thread so I am hoping there is a lot more choice
  10. Apatride
    I am going to add more questions than answers here but I wouldn't recommend Fiio here because of what appeared to be a software base planned obsolescence. As soon as they release a new generation, they stop fixing the current one and I can't use my Fiio X7 1st gen for offline Spotify/Tidal because it keeps on switching my offline folder to the internal 32GB memory. This is as much of a Spotify/Tidal issue as it is a Fiio issue but my HTC 10 (a potential alternative BTW) works flawlessly so Fiio should be able to make it work as well. I find having to login regularly quite annoying as well, especially since the security features of most Android DAPs are rather bad (I wish there was a fingerprint scanner) so I don't want to have my password manager on my Fiio X7.

    I haven't tried the HiBy R6 but on paper, it seems to be a viable option.

    I am still looking for options here as I do not like to drain my phone battery by listening to music on it but I am starting to consider a Sony or LG phone as a viable option here, especially since I could put a prepaid SIM in it and use it online when I want to (20 euros per month for all you can eat data with three.ie), maybe with a Dragonfly Red taped to the back of it.
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  11. Womaz
    Thanks for your input . Yes the reason I discounted Fiio when I git my DX200 was I had read about the buggy software .
    I am loathe to change my dx200 as I do love the sound quality from it
  12. Apatride
    Have you considered getting a powerbank to get a few extra hours out of your battery? If this is truly the only issue you have with your current gear, it could be an option worth considering.
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  13. Womaz
    I may look at this , but I am just wondering what is out there now for tidal offline as the dx200 has to be side loaded. For a non technical person the whole thing scares me
  14. Womaz
    A little bump......can anyone add anything to this thread ?
  15. Taz777
    I've emailed HiBy regarding their HiBy R3 network music player that seems to be specifically for TIDAL online mode. I've asked whether offline mode will be supported in the future. Given that this player is almost dedicated for use with TIDAL, and has the ability to use memory cards up to 2TB in size, I'm hoping that TIDAL offline mode is imminent. HiBy has recently announced MQA support for the R3 so the integration with TIDAL is even deeper now.

    It's also a LOT more affordable than the HiBy R6.

    Please keep updating this thread as I feel it's only a matter of time before we see a hardware music player that will support TIDAL offline mode.
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