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DAP for Tidal Offline

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  1. Tsukuyomi
    The new FiiO M11 is good for that, i use an AKSR15 but dont really use tidal offline that often. Im a fan of AK over FiiO but i can't deny another good bit of hardware when ive seen it.
  2. kayLF
    Thanks! This is helpful. I've been strongly considering the M11 as I consistently hear it's one of the best DAP's on the market for it's price bracket....however, I can't help but wonder if any of it's predecessors - the M9, or even M6 (do you happen to know offhand if either these would drive 300ohms?) - would be sufficient for my needs, most especially considering that I'm on a budget (otherwise my first choice would definitely be an AK and I'm really glad that you're enjoying yours!!)
  3. stenog
    As you write the M11 is one of the best if not the best dap on the market in it's price and gets almost universal praise. It's very good. M9 is a small portable dap primarily for iems. I don't think anyone will recommend it for 300 ohm headphones.

    In my opinion wait a bit, save some money and buy the M11 I don't think you will be disappointed.
  4. Tsukuyomi
    Honestly if you're on a budget the M11 is the best on the market right now for price/performance. nothing can beat it at that brachet. as for 300ohms.. the M11 does have the power. the M9 not really and i doubt the M6 anywhere even close.

    I have a pair of DT1990 pros and they're 250ohms, my AK SR15 can barely barely push them, but then again... its made for more "normal headphones and iems"
  5. Vampa
    I had the M9 and returned. It had Tidal offline capabilities, but the hardware was not powerful enough and crashed a lot. But I like Fiio and felt that the M9 was an almost-so-good attempt. The M11 is an improved more powerful version. Should fill your needs.
  6. Colors
    I've also been constantly on a hunt for a DAP that does TIDAL offline well. Here are my impressions of the SR15, XPD300R and M11:

    - SR15 > XDP300R > M11 (SR15 has the best dynamics, imaging and overall details)
    - M11 > SR15 > XDP300R (M11 has a blazing fast UI, tons of functionality and very nice screen)
    - XDP300R = SR15 > M11 (the pocketable form of SR15 is amazing, but the XDP300R in a black leather case + the gold rose knob is so premium feeling. All three have good builds)
    - XDR300R >= M11 > SR15 (with the stock configuration, I believe M11 has the best battery. However, XPD300R with everything removed except TIDAL is a monster on battery. I can go two weeks easily on just idle, occasionally picking it up to listen for an hour or so).
    - XDP300R > M11 = SR15 (XDP300R is better than the other two with ACG mode, M11 is about the same as the SR15 in 2.5mm balanced mode)
    - M11 > SR15 > XDP300R (M11 is the best value by far, XDP300R comes in second if you can find second-hand, otherwise, last, SR15 is pricy, but worth it).

    - Casual listener who uses WiFi to stream a lot = M11
    - Commuter = SR15
    - Hardcore Enthusiast = SR15 & XDP-300R
    - Collector = XDR-300R

    If given any of the three above for free, I'd choose SR15 over the rest because of the overall SQ in 3.5mm mode and small, nice pocketable form. It also feels super premium in your hand. If I had to spend my own money, I'd choose the XDP300R (used) first, because you can find a used one for like USD300. Brand new with my own money, M11 takes the cake by far.

    Hope this helps!
  7. kayLF
    Wow, this is extremely helpful & thorough. Thank you so very much for the informative comparisons. I wish I could carry you around and consult you on all my purchases :).

    Amazingly, these have been the very exact three DAP’s that have been my latest top contenders. Seems like I can’t really go wrong. I’m leaning towards either the M11 (though SQ is my number one consideration so hmmm) new or SR15 used at the moment.. unless fate steps in and shows me a used XDP-300R for a decent price on Head-fi’s for sale forum.

    Thanks again - so much - and please feel free to update me on any further opinions you have about these as I am notoriously dreadful at making decisions (in this context especially since I’m a newbie, this is my first DAP & I’m “broke” so I’d like for it to keep me happy for a while).
  8. Colors
    As a newbie, I’d recommend the M11 (new) just for no fuss.
  9. mgc468
    Just to chime in, I just bought the m11 to replace a hiby r6 which was becoming glitchy. So far the m11 has exceeded my expectations. The UI is great even though it doesn’t have the google play store. Tidal even tidal offline is flawless. SQ is better than expected.
    I had considered the sr15 but I really don’t have a way to sideload tidal and other apps. At least it’s my understanding that is how it has to be done.
    The m11 really is quite nice.
  10. Tsukuyomi
    Ive been using my SR15 as a daily commuter dap with my B&O H6(gen2) for roughly 6 months and its so amazing. Way better than my previous FiiOx5III and better than my friends Sonyzx300. The only downside with the SR15 and there are two... 1) can get a bit warm in the pocket after 45min of music use. 2) battery life could be a tiny bit bigger, on a normal commute day i go from 100% leaving my condo, to 85% when i get back home after work in the mid afternoon. Roughly 2-3hrs of commuting costs me 15% battery charge. Which isnt bad. And i listen to 16bit 44.1 and 24bit 96 files.
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  11. Colors
    It has the best pocketable form :)
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  12. Tsukuyomi
    Absolutely, im a young lad, so i wear black skinny jeans with adidas sneakers and a sporty tshirt. The SR fits in my pocket no problem. The only annoyance i have is trying to stuff the 4 foot headphone cable into that pocket along with the DAP lol.
  13. kayLF
    Loving hearing all your experiences!! Though I am admittedly still very torn between SR15 and M11.
  14. Tsukuyomi
    If you ask me, the final factor between thoes two should be price.
    This hobby is great in that you can always upgrade later, you dont need to jump into the most expensive right away or higher end.

    If you ask me, do what i did, buy an entry level DAP like the M11, then after about a year or so, sell it and get the next DAP you want. By then im sure A&K will have another new DAP or something new from a different company will pop up. :)
  15. robert766
    It depends whether you would still think about upgrading to a A&K SR15 if you would buy an M11 all the time. If you think that's the case and you have the money just buy the object you really want if you can afford to.
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