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DACMagic Plus Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by estreeter, Nov 22, 2011.
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  1. estreeter
    Just delete this if we already have one - search never seems to give me what I'm looking for. Personally, I like the looks - just need to hear the thing ...
    * A reworked USB input that now supports 24-bit transfer for "better than CD quality" playback of digital music files up to 24/192kH
    * Dedicated headphone amplifier and volume control
    • Enhanced performance from a new ATF2 upsampling algorithm
    * A new digital preamp function so that it can be connected directly to and control power amplifiers and active speakers
    Other key features include twin Wolfson WM8740 DACs implemented in dual differential mode, a new 32-bit Analog Devices digital signal processor, two digital inputs with both coaxial and optical connections and balanced XLR as well as standard RCA phono outputs.
    Three selectable filters (linear/minimum/steep) allow the listener to select the one that sounds best to their ears for each content source, a full metal chassis and new wraparound casework with aluminium front panel.
    The DacMagic Plus will be available in silver or black from early December, and the BT100 wireless audio receiver will follow a few weeks later.
  2. olor1n
    This thing has all the features I'm looking for in a dac. I wonder why CA have elected to go with the "lesser" wm8740 chip. I'm sure implementation will determine its output so I'm eager for the reviews to pop up. Just need to know if the headphone amp is adequate for the HD650, then I'll dive in.
    edit: It's in stock and good to go according to a Melbourne based retailer's site. Very tempted to take one for the team.
  3. thinker
    listening right now to this unit Mac/Usb/HD-800 its mind -blowing[​IMG]Headphone output is........ EXCELLENT!!!
  4. estreeter
    OK, thinker, we are going to need a little more than 'mind-blowing' and 'excellent' - the original DACMagic had something of reputation for being a tad lively in the  treble, and unforgiving with lower bitrate music, for example - are you able to comment on either of those areas ?
  5. thinker

    I have the original Dacmagic and Ayre 9qb to compare with this unit.First of all this unit is very balanced from top to bottom, no hot treble at all its rather liquid combined with smoothness.This is the most musical and emotionally evolving digital product to my ears.This unit is much better than the original Dacmagic wich appeared to my ears as not very balanced(maybe hot treble and somehow cheap sound ! when compared to 10K units). Dacmagic plus has the best PRAT wich i have heard from any digital product (head shaking) and it has also wide and deep soundstage.After two days it gets even better and instruments get their very own signature .It has plenty of details wich are well integrated to the whole performance.I was stunned that i didnt find any issues wich could be better ! .I would say its very neutral unit on the warm side, liquid and transparent and musical with great PRAT.The headphone output has also enough power that you can use both T-1 and HD-800  headphones .All connections USB TOSLINK RCA work perfectly.I dont find any issues to complain about and the asking price for this level of sound is a bargain.
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  6. redwarrior191
    may i know what's the price of this unit?
  7. thinker
    i paid 549 euros
  8. koc

    Linky [​IMG]

  9. thrak
    curious as to how it compares with the bifrost...
  10. koc
    Any info. about the dacmagic plus pre/amp ?
  11. jamesnz
    Will the volume knob control the volume of the xlr and RCA outputs? My about to be exdacmagic  has to have a tc electronics knob to control my monitors through xlr. It would just be awesome if this controlled volume output.
  12. jamesnz
    Think I answered my own question, read on another forum that yes the volume does the headphone out, RCA and xlr outputs.
  13. aural bliss


    Also interested in the USD MSRP for this unit.  I assume it is in the $500 price point.  This is one of my options for my next DAC upgrade:
    DAC Magic Plus
    Schiit Bitfrost
    Yulong D100
  14. thrak


    actually, if you look around it seems to be available at some stores in the UK and the price seems to be 500 pounds.  when it gets to us it will probably be in the ~$750 range.
  15. francisdemarte
    The DacMagic Plus has a headphone amp and preamp outs, so it's closer to the Yulong than the Bifrost.
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