1. Chimmy9278

    Portable Digital Transport That is Not a Phone?

    Hello yall! If I were to have a set up, in which let's say I use an iFi DAC and iems on the road, but don't have a digital source. I do not want to use my phone cuz: 1. Not as much storage 2. Might have noisy digital signal 3. Drains my battery which I need for work What would be something I...
  2. Jlazer

    DAP to stream Tidal that doesn't downsample on output

    Hi! I am looking for a DAP for the sole purpose of streaming or playing Tidal offline. I want this DAP to have an USB-C or USB 2.0 output into my Woo Audio WA11 Dac/Amp so the DAP doesn't need to have a spectacular DAC. I'm currently using my iPhone to output to my Dac/Amp, but the output is...
  3. Groovetreatment

    Best audio interface for me??

    Hi everyone,im building up my home studio.Im on the way to purchase my new pc(in 2 weeks) and monitors(dont have decide which one yet i think yamaha hs50m is on my budget) i have ordered headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO) will arrive at monday.And now the difficult part to choose the right...
  4. roadrat

    Is a DAP's headphone jack the best output or is there something better?

    I want to connect a Flac player to my AVR, but not sure the headphone jack with RCA cables are the best way to connect it.   I realize that in most instances, this is the only option.
  5. Fusco

    $1000 for a Turntable and Phono Pre - what would you do?

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in a while but figured I could get some direction on this as I've been going in circles lately. I’m looking to spend around $1000 to get back into vinyl (turntable and phono pre). What do you like from the products listed below? Or is there anything else I...
  6. MorbidToaster

    Internet Streamer w/ Best iDevice App?

    So I'm looking for a device that will allow me to stream internet radio and control it with an iDevice (iPhone 5 and later an iPad).    There are tons of devices that do a lot of stuff I don't need, but I'm only considering internet radio (mainly to listen to BBC Radio at home). My main...
  7. bufo333

    Best way to switch between dedicated source components

    I have a quick question. I have the following components:   Sources 1. A 5 disc cd changer 2. Sony home component minidisc player 3. A DAC 3. Music hall mmf 2.2 connected to a phone preamp.   All of the above sources have rca outputs, which I then manually plug into my Schiit...
  8. esn89

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 vs Violectric v800

    I'm in the market for a dedicated DAC and I've had the v800 in my mind (to complement my v200).  However, I have been reading rave reviews about the Audio-gd's Reference 7.1 as being the new flagship DAC.  I was wondering how it compares to the v800 in all aspects.  (I've searched high and low...
  9. TooPoor

    Asgard + Which DAC? Need advice on decent pairing

     Hey guys, although this has probably been discussed before I was just curious if anyone had any good DAC recommendations that pair well with the Asgard. Presently I'd like to keep it somewhat cheap such as the HRT II+, ODAC, Audioengine D1, etc. I have a E17 but have not heard great things...
  10. Xtaze

    Help!! Budget rig!!

    Not sure if its the right section sorry in advance if not :) Hi all, All this adventure started with buying headphone for my iPhone and Will finally cost me an arm and a leg. My girlfriend dont like that i burn So much money For my sole person.... So my portable/desktop hybrid rig Need to...
  11. No Disc

    Metrum NOS Hex Flagship DAC

    There is a brief mention on Darko's website.  and the specs can be found here. Who's planning on upgrading? No Disc
  12. sburgoon

    Bare Bones Dac Suggestions

    Hi guys, I know there are a ton of threads like this, but none of them seemed to quite address this particular use-case, so if I just missed one, I apologize. I'm looking for a super simple dac recommendation. I don't mean simple as in crappy, but simple as in, I don't need or want USB or...
  13. wgwolanski

    Help finding DAC for Stax Lambda Pro

    Hello, Soon I am going to acquire a pair of Stax lambda pros and the Stax srm-1/mk2 amplifier. I have only recently begun to be interested in to the headphone game with some ath-m50's (big jump to stax I know xD). Im planning on mainly running my new earspeakers through my pc. Currently, I just...
  14. Tuberoller1

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    I currently have an eastern electric minimax dace with a mullard tube in it as well has a musical fidelity v-link asynchronous usb->spdif feeding it.  From what I've read the EE seems like a giant killer (especially with the MF v-link feeding it).  My question is, how much would I have to spend...
  15. headfirocks

    Computer/DAC vs. DAP as source component

    I've spent a lot of time tuning a desktop and laptop for hifi audio.  They run Gentoo Linux, mpd direct to hw(0,0), real-time tweaks, a Wavelength Proton USB DAC, and Wireworld Starlight USB cable.  I've been at it for years.  I'm on the road so I'm using the laptop (Dell XPS 13) and a powered...
  16. beaver316

    SPDIF connection between PC and DAC...

    Hi everyone,   I consider myself a noob still in the audiophile world despite gathering a ton of knowledge on this forum. However, one topic i havent quite researched much on is what the title states: connecting a DAC to a pc using SPDIF, either optical or coax.   I plan on buying the...
  17. headfirocks

    Best-sounding source for amp/speakers?

    What have you guys found to be the best-sounding source under $2K for a non-headphones amp/speakers setup?  I always thought it would be a dialed-in computer and a nice USB DAC but my eyes have been opened to the excellent sound produced by some portables and I wonder if something like the...
  18. antonyfirst

    ART Legato and BNC to RCA: impedance matching-related question

    I have just purchased an ART Legato, to go with my newly purchased Museatex dac (DA44). The DA44 only takes RCA input. The ART comes from the manufacturer's bnc cable, and a bnc to rca adapter. Regardless, I would want the chance to use a Moray James digital between the two devices (Legato...
  19. Jan Roman

    Entry level CD/DVD players

    Hello,   I am getting into the audio world fairly quickly and I fell in love with sound. Currently, i own DT880s/250 and CA 540A-B apmlifier. The only weak link (at my level) in my chain is the CD player. I use a cheap DVD player made by LG and that's clearly not enough. For over a week, I...
  20. danik97

    Best Sounding DAC for HD800

    Good day. I'm serching for a new DAC to replace my Schiit Bifrost.   I can spend for new gear 1500-1700$. A character of sounding wants a slightly warm without shiny highs. But also detailed with good dynamics.     What can you me advice? 
  21. steveoboy

    MHDT Lab Stockholm Balanced DAC

    This is not an review. It is just my first impression of this DAC. Take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt because my ears are different than yours as are my components. My system: McIntosh C2300 preamp(I also have an YS Audio Balanced A2SE which is currently not in my system,although it...
  22. koc

    Yulong D100 MKII or your suggestion for D-7100 ?

    Hi guys,   I recently sold my HR Desktop dac/amp, and i want to buy a new dac/amp for my new D7100.   I read a lot about Yulong D100 MKII, and seems like a great dac, but before i pull the trigger,   i just want make sure that the Yulong D100 MKII, is the best choice for the D7100 ...
  23. jazzmonk

    Where to buy Metrum Octave?

    So I was denied a Metrum Octave by Hifi Heaven because I couldn't return their call the same day to make the purchase.  This after waiting patiently for 6 weeks for something that they supposedly had 3 of in stock at time I made my order.  I waited patiently as they explained that it was in...
  24. lXxCannibalxXl

    DAC under 500$

    Hi . I'm thinking about buying a new PC and i also have a new HP pavilion dv6 . And i have a JDSLabs C421 and a Sennheiser HD25-1 II and i may add some speakers and stuff to them (i might even buy another headphone for indoors) and i'm buying a new external sound card for both my laptop and...
  25. lXxCannibalxXl

    DAC under 500$

    Oops double thread . please response here :