1. amigomatt

    Disappointed with my Sennheiser HD598s. Thoughts about this..

    Hi guys,   It's not without disappointment that I'm writing this post.  I've given these HD598s a good few months now and I'm on the verge of selling them and wondering if anyone here has ideas about which alternative cans might be the next right choice for me.   I'd like to state that...
  2. olegausany

    Cambrdge Audio DacMagic Plus Silver LIKE NEW [SHIPPING INCLUDED][PRICE DROP3]

    For sale is Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Silver in original box. I bought brand new in November 2013 from Audio Advisor and it's working perfectly. I used for less than 4 month and cause I upgraded to higher end DAC I no longer need it. It also has headphones amp with 1/4' jack but I was using...
  3. NickMDal

    Beginner DAC questions

    Hi.  My wife and I love classical.  We have ripped our CD collection losslessly (by WMP) saved to PC and listen mostly through computer, frequently by a pair of Grados.   Will a DAC improve our sound if I listen to the lossless copies as they are?   We bought a DacMagic Plus (using 2.0...
  4. lJustinl

    Using an USB DAC or USB AUDIO INTERFACE to listen music.

    Hi,   I intend to upgrade my sound system. I am considering that using and USB DAC or USB AUDIO INTERFACE to listen music. I read some reviews which indicate that using an USB AUDIO INTERFACE will release a very beautiful sound. However, some other reviews show that USB DAC sound is excellent...
  5. Earthlight

    Looking to upgrade my beloved HD 580s

    Hello everyone! My first post here. I have just begun the search for a new combination of headphones and a headphone amplifier. Thanks for letting me tap into the collective Head-fi intelligence. Some history I bought my HD 580s 17 or so years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed them. At the time...
  6. tlarwa

    Beresford TC-7520 24Bit/96kHz Audio Digital-to-Analogue Converter

    Versatile DAC with great reviews. No issues. I just bought this with plans to put a digital source into my system, but I've decided to stay totally analog instead.  More info here: http://www.*************/mainsite/downloads/TC-7520_Instructions.pdf And a good write-up/review here...
  7. volly

    Jaycar - High Definition Audio Digital-to-Analogue Converter (First Impressions)

    Happy New Year to you all!!   I just want to get straight to the point if that is okay with everyone:   I've been a fond owner of my Fiio E9/E17 setup for my desktop for a good two years now. I was so delight 2 years ago when I bought this setup and was my gateway drug into this awesome...
  8. LizardKing01

    Are the Sennheiser HD800 headphones a good match for the Aune t1?

    I am loving my Sennheiser HD598 phones with the Aune T1. A buddy of mine has the might HD800 phones and i want to convey to him before he orders one (as per my recommendation) that his vaunted headphones are a good match for this amp.     Ne1?
  9. reverbs

    Amp for HD650 with Dacmagic

    I just recently bought HD650 and I was thinking to upgrade my amp, my usual set-up is the following: Imac -> Dacmagic (through optical out) -> Creek OBH 11 with OBH 2 PSU -> HD650.   I am wondering which amp should I use to replace my Creek OBH 11 with OBH 2 PSU. I listen to pretty much...
  10. HiFiRobot

    Cambridge Audio Azur 851D Digital Preamplifier/DAC/Headphone Amp

    So Cambridge has a new device coming out. A Digital Preamplifier, DAC, Headphone Amp and Bluetooth streaming device called Cambridge Audio Azur 851D. Lots of digital inputs + USB and Bluetooth.   • 2x Analog Devices AD1955 DAC • 24/192 USB input • Upsampling to 24-bit/384kHz resolution •...
  11. Mauricio

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus: possibly the best value DAC today

    This thread is dedicated to the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus which may very well be the best value DAC on the market today.   I'll get the ball rolling with Ken Rockwell's review which, unlike most qualitative, take-it-from-us reviews of the DacMagic + so far, is based primarily on...
  12. Altair49

    Upgrading myheadphones and amp, need help getting the cleanest sound to them.

    HI,   I am new to hi fi and posted in the other summit-fi forum but was told my question would be better answered here. I would really apreciate any help please.   My current set up is a pair of Shure earphones and a Fiio E17 and E9k, I just bought a pair oh Sennheiser HD700s and about...

    Best DAC/AMP Combo on the market?

    USB as the source from my computer. Needs to be able to power HE-400 Cans and have an RCA/XLR out so I can run some powered monitors.   Can spend up to $500.
  14. cyyoung749

    Which preamp/dac and speaker should i go for?

    Im really a newbie to pcfi and i actually did alot of research but its really hard to find the right pcfi for the buck with little knowledge. My budget is about $2000 dollars and some one suggest me this devices. kef x10 speakers with onkyo a-9070 Is this a good combination? Before...
  15. Solrighal

    New Mac Mini as Source?

    Hi all. I'm currently using an old laptop running Linux as my source, connected via USB to an external DAC and then on to my stereo amp. The laptop is getting old though and I just can't seem to get on with the Ubuntu interface. What I'd really like is a new laptop running Windows 7 and...
  16. Ruron

    Using an all-in-one mini Stereo sytem instead of dac

    hi everyone, A have a pair of grado sr80i headphones. I have been using it with my pc internal sound card..a while ago it occurred to me that I have a perfectly fine functioning mini stereo system (ten years old compact all in one cd, tuner cassette tape made by Sony- nothing fancy probably...
  17. hallonpaj

    Cambridge Dacmagic plus compared to "real" amps.

    Hi.   How does my Cambridge Dacmagic plus compare to "real" amps? And if I wanna upgrade later on, can I keep it as a dac but upgrade to another amp? or do I need a better dac to?
  18. JeromeMF

    Which DAC to buy?

    I want to buy a DAC for my system.      I'm interested in the Arcam rDAC or the CA DacMagic plus.   I like the fact the DacMagic plus up samples and all the connections it has. On the other hand it seems the rDAC has a better sound according to some people. Did anyone compared these...
  19. headshot

    Sennheiser HD 598 and what sound card?

    Hey folks. Im hoping someone can advice me on this matter. I got these great headphones thanks to mad lust envy brilliant thread but now I need a PCIE sound card to go along with these great headphones    Ill be using the headphones mostly for gaming and music    Im not sure on budget, I...
  20. grokit

    Balanced DACs $600 - $1600, the segment explodes

    Along with seemingly everything else, there's an abundance of new mid-fi DACs coming out of the woodwork lately trying to challenge the next tier up.   Some of the models that have been catching our eyes lately:   Yulong D-18, D-8 (1) Shiit Gungnir (5) Woo WDS-1 (1) Wyred4Sound...
  21. wgwolanski

    Help finding DAC for Stax Lambda Pro

    Hello, Soon I am going to acquire a pair of Stax lambda pros and the Stax srm-1/mk2 amplifier. I have only recently begun to be interested in to the headphone game with some ath-m50's (big jump to stax I know xD). Im planning on mainly running my new earspeakers through my pc. Currently, I just...
  22. derbigpr

    Onkyo A-5VL - A game changer

    I want to spend a few words about the device I bought today after thorough testing (3 hours in a silent room in the shop) against three obvious DAC/headamp combos between 500 and 700$. First let me say that before I entered the store, I didn't even know this device existed.  I went in to return...
  23. jamiehooker

    Issue - Very Tinny Sound - Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus to Fostex PM 2 MK II's

    Hello, I have a brand new Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus connected to a pair of existing Fostex PM 2 MK II's. As the Fostex speaker inputs are 1/4" TRS, I am using a pair of unbalanced RCA to 1/4" TRS cables to connect them to the DAC. When I play anything through the DAC however, the audio...
  24. jacobgolden

    $350 for Portable DAC/AMP Nirvana...Is it Possible?

    I'm a musician and I'm on the hunt for a beautiful DAC/headphone amp that work equally well in the office and can be used in my home recording studio as well to feed my power amp/speakers. I need something that has the following features -   1. Both USB and SPIDIF inputs (so i can get a...
  25. niranhopper

    Deal Alert: Teac UD-H01 for 149.95 GBP in RicherSounds, UK

    I got a mail from richer sounds two days back which said that the Teach UD-H01 are available for 149.95 GBP even though their website indicated a price of 199 GBP. So i reserved with them over phone and was able to get one for 149.95. I think it is a very good price for a decent balanced DAC...