1. Tassie Devil

    How much to spend to get really good headphone reproduction - my take

    First up, no headphone setup will sound any good with poor source input.  GIGO applies with a vengeance.  The setup here is balanced digital feed out of an Meridian MS600 as part of a Meridian MDMS (used to be more sensibly called "Sooloos") system.  It is apodised and upsampled to 88.2 kHz...
  2. APoL0

    Little Dot MKIII weird interference noise

    Hello everyone. A few days ago I bought a new computer. To this new computer I plugged in an Asus Xonar D2 by PCI from my old computer. To this card I have connected the amplifier LD MKIII to which I have connected a Sennheiser HD 595. It turns out that something strange happens now that did not...
  3. JustinBieber

    Yulong D100 DAC vs Schiit Bitfrost

    I currently have $300 saved up to upgrade my Modi DAC I just sold. I'm mainly interested in the Schiit Bitfrost, but happened to stumble upon a used Yulong D100 for a good deal (original, not mark II) for about $150 cheaper than Bitfrost. I'm curious to see if anyone owns both and can compare...
  4. tuamtuem

    Which one is the best partner for Yulong D100 mk ii?

    Hi,   I had used the Ultrasone pro 750 with NFB12. I really like this combination, the NFB12 help to reduce the high treble sound from my Ultrasone headphone.   However, I had given NFB12 one to my best friend, and I got the Yulong D100 mk ii for the replacement of Audio-GD NFB12. The...
  5. dadab12

    Dacmagic, yulong D100, or something else?

    Hey guys, what would you recommend as a dedicated dac? The yulong D100 or the dacmagic or even Audio GD NFB2 ? I'm really contemplating, I've seen technical issues with the D100 by certian members here. so i'm kinda scared and I don't have time or will to deal with warranty issues. the...
  6. MorbidToaster

    DAC Comparable to D100? (Considering D100, looking for other options)

    So. I'm desperately trying to find a DAC replacement because right now I've still got an E7. My D7000s will be here Thursday (if all goes well) and I want to have them on a new DAC (and possibly replace the E9 in the process) as fast as possible. I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile, and...
  7. diegoeffio

    Matrix m-stage+HRT Music Streamer II or Yulong D100?

    Hi, I've been reading a lot trying to decide on a desktop system to use with my laptop in the 450-500USD range and finally came up with these two options: a separate DAC + amp system, the matrix m-stage + HRT music streamer II, both very well regarded, seeming good options for the price. Would...
  8. GamerStudent

    DAC upgrade to the Yulong D100 for around the same price?

    My D100 died the other day :( so I'm looking for a replacement. I don't need a headphone amp portion just a dac. So if I can get better quality by not having a headphone amp I'm all game. Budget is around the same ~$400. Looking for better quality, and I'd like a something that sounds like the...
  9. samd1978

    Yulong D100 in the UK or Europe?

    Hello I'm new to this forum. Does anyone know if I can purchase a Yulong D100 from Europe pref UK at a reasonable cost? Mainly due to avoiding returning to china if I have a problem (overheating?) I would also take a second hand unit but it seams these sell very quickly! Many thanks Sam
  10. me2621a

    Yulong D100 vs Matrix Cube/Mini i

    Hello All, First I want to say I have read all project 86's reviews. They have been extremely helpful on my hifi journey as have all other forum posts. I recently took the plunge and picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 600's and they are the best things I have ever bought. Now I need a good way...
  11. MattTCG

    **Audio-nfb5 or Yulong d100**

    Just can't make up my mind here. I like both of these. Want to spend b/w $400-450. I have HFM he400 and d2k.    Any suggestions are appreciated.   thanks...
  12. sstan

    Yulong d100 II vs GF Tube DAC-11 vs Audio-GD NFB 10.2 vs Schiit bifrost

    Hello everyone, please help to chose. I need DAC+amp\combine with asynchronous USB and cant make a decision between several DAC’s: New yulong d100 II combine, with USB, but  only 24\96  450$ http://shop.grantfidelity.com/Yulong-D100-MKII-ASRC-D-A-Converter.html  GF Tube DAС-11 also all in...
  13. Nookt14

    Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus vs Yulong D100

    Does any one know how these two dac/amps compare? Both dacs are suppose to be excellent, but im also curious about the amp section.
  14. billerb1

    Yulong D100 MKII with Denon headphones ?

    Looking to upgrade from my Total Bithead to the Yulong D100 MKII with my Denon D5000's.  I've read that it's a good/great match but the info has been pretty general.  Would love to hear some specific feedback on how the Yulong is with the D5000's...or with the D7000's or D2000's.  I have been...
  15. tateburns

    Questions about the Yulong D100 MKII

    Greetings,   I'm interested in purchasing a Yulong D100 MKII, but have a few questions I'm wondering if someone can help answer.    1) Does it support ASIO or any other flavor of kernel streaming on it's USB input from a PC or MAC?   2) Does it support all bit rates up to 24/96? I...
  16. GuOD

    Yulong D100 Mk2 Question! USB vs Toslink

    Hi all,   Just got my Yulong D100 Mk2 from Tam Audio... they ship fast! :)   I read that it only does 96khz on USB or 192khz on toslink - does that mean I'm better off to use toslink between the two?   Thanks.
  17. Biscuitz

    NuForce Icon HD or the Yulong D100 MKII?

    I'm relatively new to amps and DACs. But I've done some research, and I can't seem to get a consensus on which unit is the better unit for my setup.   I listen to music exclusively on my computer. I'm just looking for a USB amp/DAC that is fairly compact, so I'd prefer a single unit. I've...
  18. Staal

    Volume way too high (foobar, wasapi, Yulong d100)

    Hey guys!   As I'm trying to get more into computer audio I'm quickly running into problems. I managed to feed my Yulong D100 dac/amp with 24/96 properly with Foobar --> WASAPI --> Yulong D100 (hooked up via coax).   I do have some issues with volume control though. I've got my "Realtek...
  19. Alitaher2009

    Audeze LCD2 and yulong D100 MK11

    Hello,  i am upgrading from my current setup sennheiser 595 to the Audeze lcd2 and yulong D100 Dac plus amp. its considered a very DAC and amp combo for under 500$. Will this will a good match. any suggestions  will be welcomed.         thanks.
  20. PedroH

    Any opinions / reviews on the new McIntosh D100?

    32-bit, 192kHz D/A converter + headphone amp + pre-amp.  
  21. Biscuitz

    NuForce Icon HD or the Yulong D100 MKII?

    I need a bit of help picking out a reasonably priced headphone amp & DAC, seeing as I listen to my music solely on my computer. I'm sporting Grado SR325i's, and I've done a bit of research on the NuForce Icon HDP and the Yulong D100 MKII, both of which are in my price range. However, since I'm...
  22. Monir

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-gd NFB-3 for HD650 and PRO900

    I've been considering this for a while now and can't seem to reach a conclusion. It's fairly difficult if the product is not near at hand to demo. The Cambridge DacMagic Plus is quite popular and even exists in my local hi-fi store from where I demoed it and found it to be overly bright, just a...
  23. DrSeven

    Nuforce Icon HDP vs Yulong D100 vs Cambridge Dacmagic Plus

    Nuforce Icon HDP vs Yulong D100 vs Cambridge Dacmagic Plus Which's the best for cans like the Sennheiser HD 700 or the Beyerdynamic T1? Thanks your help is very much appreciated!
  24. billerb1

    Power cord upgrade and Yulong D100 MK2 dac/amp

    Just got the Yulong for Christmas to pair up with Denon 5000's and have been real pleased with the beefier and more detailed sound.  In trying to get the most out of it I've been reading up on power cord upgrades, which I've never done.  Couple questions: Is there a power cable that you would...
  25. shinex64

    New headphone amplifier from McIntosh Labs, the D100.

    Hi!!    I'm really curious about this new preamp from McIntosh Labs, it is built-in Headphone amp!!   It has a USB DAC 32bit/192kHz, and coaxial 24/192.   I want it!    Price: 2.500$             Specs from the web:     The D100 is a remote controlled...