DAC/AMP for Beyer DT990 (watching movies and TV)
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New Head-Fier
Sep 16, 2012
Actually I need some help..I'm totally new to audiophile sound but I now own a couple of "fairly" High-end headphone.
Here is my setup:
Shure 535 IEM
Sennheiser IE8
Beyerdynamics DT900 edition (600Ohms)
NuForce uDac2
I want to be able to power the Beyer dt990's from my desktop computer but I only have a integrated soundcard...that's why I've been using the Nuforce DAC for my iem's... and it's been working OK (better chanel balance on the shure 535's but still a bit of "hissing" on the sennheiser's) Now,  I recently got the dt990 because I want something for watching movies with for a larger soundstage and atmosphere. Clarity is important as well as bass for those action movies; ) but I don't want the bass to be overpowering. Because the dt990 leak quite a bit of sound I want to be able to drive them without sound getting distorted.
So mainly for movies with a bit of music listening as well with a neutral an still slightly warm soundimage. Also I would like the option of upgrading in the future..as you can read I really don't know that much about sound at this level but what I have read on the internet makes me think that either a yulong d100 or a u100 would be a good fit. Then again mabe a surround reciver would do the job better ?(enough power for the headphones with the added benefits of surrond sound through Yamaha's silent cinema mode for example).
I would really appreciate some advice as I don't have that much knowledge yet in this area.

How does the Asus Xonar Essence One compare to the Yulong D100II? 
Thanks in advance!


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