Cyrus SoundKey portable DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mccol, Jul 1, 2016.
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  1. Lifted Andreas
    I'm under similar predicament atm.

    I'm looking at either the SoundKey, Meridian Explorer 2 or the DF Black.

    One thing that puts me off the SoundKey is no MQA support (not even promised?)
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  2. duracek
    I own all 3 of these and I would happily say the Meridian is the best, followed by the Cyrus and lastly the DF. One point to mention though is that my iPhone doesn't have enough power to drive the Meridian so this is only for laptop use. MQA is definitely nice but for me there is not enough content yet. I still listen mostly to standard definition files.
  3. Lifted Andreas
    Hey there, I actually ended up buying the new FiiO Q1ii and I love it. Some people say it's better than even the DF Red, not sure how true that is. I guess I'm just a fan of the amazing musical FiiO sound.

    I was also interested by the Cyrus Soundkey but the constant build quality complains put me off big time.
  4. alwinvrm
    Might be able to bid on one and great SQ it seems but ... :

    Is there any way to differentiate the faulty 'falling part' Soundkeys from the good ones?

    Were all Soundkeys delivered through the kickstarter campaign defective?
  5. duracek
    I think so yes. Mine completely fell apart with a few hours use. Fairly easy to put back together with a dollop of superglue though.
  6. alwinvrm
    Thanx, so that doesn't inspire confidence when buying those on an auction :triportsad:

    Any way to tell the good ones from the bad ones, serial numbers, another screw here or there?
  7. alwinvrm
    Missed the auction, so never mind.
  8. SexAndManCity
  9. archy121
    Presently I’m really enjoying listening to music just using my iPad Air and easy to drive Fidelio X2.
    I’m surprised how well these giant cans work straight with an iPad and no additional amp/DAC.

    Even Spotify sounds fantastic and I don’t feel I’m missing too much from not listening to my 24/96+ hi res music stored on the NAS.

    Now that I’m having such a good time I have started to wonder what more I can achieve using a soundkey.
    I have a decent mini audio m-dac headphone amp that gently improves sounds by tightening bass, bigger soundstage and clarity but it’s not exactly portable.

    Anyone have experience to describe the audio improvemnts I can expect from using the soundkey with an iPad ?
    I imagine it will certainly help with Iphone as that is volume restricted in EU.

    I have collected too many gadgets in the past that end up collecting dust and trying to avoid this.
    Can I expect to get discernible audio improvements in the area of bass or soundstage ? I prefer slightly warmer sounds than to over analytical and cold. Should I be looking at dragonfly instead ?
  10. Lifted Andreas
    I'd you want warmer sound you're better off looking at something like a FiiO Q1ii or Q5, depending on your budget.
  11. archy121
    Those things are too big for my liking otherwise I would go for mojo. I’m looking for ultimate portable flash drive size.

    I will equ if I have to warm the sound.
  12. Lifted Andreas
    FiiO K1 in that case??
  13. LucQc
    The experience with SoundKey and K1 are not the same. I gave my K1 as a gift to one of my siblings. Guess, why? :)
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  14. dcfac73
    Have a look at the Dragonfly Black. It's supposed to be a bit warmer and musical than the Red and it should drive the X2 well.
  15. FunkeXMix
    Has anyone had the chance to compare Soundkey to Hifime Sabre 9018?
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