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Cyrus SoundKey portable DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mccol, Jul 1, 2016.
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  1. McCol
    Couldn't see athread for this so thought I'd start one.



    Claims to have low drain on phone battery, but no mention of DAC being used.

    I've ordered through the kickstarter for 40% discount, worth a punt at that price.
  2. Parabola
    I've ordered too, at the same price.
    I like the idea that it's super lightweight. Hate my Fiio E5 scratching around in my pocket next to my iPhone.
    Hoping the Cyrus Soundkey will sit neatly more on the cable.
    Hope it works seamlessly with an Apple Lightning connector too. 
    Really like that it has no battery to charge up.
    Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  3. god-bluff
    I've ordered this too, missed out on the 50% off, but should be great for £59. The low power usage, lightweight and the Cyrus name which should ensure great sound convinced me. 
    Roll on November 
  4. richie60

    Me too. I managed to snag one for £59. For the price, it had to be done. Think i'm going to purchase a pair of RHA T20 for this as i've wanted to listen to them for a while.
  5. Makka
    I understand that the Soundkey will NOT connect directly to the iphone but requires the camera adaptor cable. As this is a female USB it looks like we may also need yet another adapor to connect this finally to the Soundkey USB OTG or MICRO USB. Rather a lot of links to degrade the signal quality and additional expense.
    If we are lucky we can just use the lightning to mico USB connector.
    As the iPhone is by far the most popular phone out there I find this rather surprising and dissapointing.
    I am hoping this issue will be resolved by the release and will be lobbying CYRUS to that effect. I suggest anyone that has an Apple device do the same. Maybe if you live in the UK you can even phone or drop in!

    I was number 14 backer and got it for £49. Yahoo. From a hotel in Bali no less :)
    I'm a long term Cyrus owner and have two systems of Cyrus gear from basic to higher end.
  6. McCol
    Will be using with Android so hopefully a more straight forward OTG cable.
  7. Parabola

    All sound pretty poor for us iPhone users. Last thing I want is a load of different connectors and cables in my pocket.
    Is it this connector we need...
    That's another £25!  Also, the USB end of that cable is nearly the size of the SoundKey itself?!
    Deal breaker for me really. Am considering canceling.
  8. Makka
    Cyrus seem to be evading this question at the moment.
  9. god-bluff
    They have provided some answers

    Comes with two cables one for Android another for Computer/ iphone with camera cable

    'The Cyrus soundKey will ship with two cables to enable it to connect with widest possible range of devices.

    The first will be a short (6cm) black micro USB to micro UBS OTG cable. This will enable the Cyrus soundKey to work with any android device. The OTG versions of these cables allow the Cyrus soundKey to access the digital music files on your phone, normal micro USB to micro UBS cables will not.

    The second will be a short (6cm) white micro USB to full size USB cable. This will enable you to connect the Cyrus soundKey to a computer (or any other device) with traditional USB sockets.

    This second cable will also allow you to connect to the Apple camera kit cable which will enable the Cyrus soundKey to work with any iOS device. (see How does soundKey access the digital files on your phone?)yum'
  10. Makka
    I saw that, eventually :wink:
    It seems that the camera cable is the only way to get the iDevice into passive mode and as usual Apple are restricting who can make them. Apple would probably charge Cyrus a tonne of money to get a license.
    So thanks Apple for the usual closed box and thanks Cyrus/Simon for explaining it to us.
    I still hope for a more elegant solution but I think we are blaming (and I have to put my hand up here too.... Sorry Simon) the wrong guys.
    It's a long way to November so who knows if there may end up being a more direct route.
    I hope so.
  11. pkcpga
    I preordered it also since Cyrus makes some great home products but I'm a bit disappointed it's not like the dragonfly with the usb built in so iPhone users only need one cable and same with android users and no cable will be needed for a computer. This way seems most logical not sure why they making extra steps for a big group of users whether iPhone or computer.
  12. pkcpga
    Cyrus sent a disappointing email today stating they are looking for more funding but not for better sound or convenience features but for garbage color choices. What a waste of money would be happy to fund more if it was for an attached usb so less cabling was needed or something sound related but really color choice, who cares.
  13. god-bluff
    This should start shipping in a week or so. Not sure whether i actually need it when it does finally arrive though.!!
  14. pkcpga
    I cancelled mine a long while ago, too bad it's a bit outdated now not even MQA compatible while the DF's are going to be shortly.
  15. duracek
    Got mine this morning! [​IMG]
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