Cyrus SoundKey portable DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mccol, Jul 1, 2016.
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  1. zappaphone
    I have tried to find information about the plans they have for this product outside UK, but I am unable to find anything. It seems nothing is going on. Anyone have more details?
  2. BenKatz
    I tried to get any kind of info on this DAC but there's too little. I did found some for sale on Ebay (probably pre-owned). However after all this research, I think it's safe to say Dragonfly RED or even BLACK is a better deal in the end. The BLACK has a lower volume power output as the SoundKey (1.2v vs 1.7v) and the RED more power, at 2.1. Soundkey also stands in the middle as far as price. However, if you check out pictures, you'll see that the SoundKey is bigger than the Dragonflies, which makes it less portable.

    Just go to a store, test out which of the Dragonflies is powerful enough for your headphones, and get that instead. It's the same thing (Dragonfly RED is considered one of the best portable AMP/DACs on the market), but smaller and with wide availability.
  3. god-bluff
    Looks familiar??
    naos-dac-amp (1).jpg the Ultrasone NAOS
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  4. kamuffo
    Can I use the Soundkey as a preamp? I need more power for my K702....
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  5. god-bluff
    While since I've visited this thread but it seems the soundkey has finally made it! :wink:!!

    5 star review by WhatHiFi beating the rather more popular Dragonfly black (no surprise there). Glowing praise culminating in being a winner in their annual awards. Widely available from various outlets including Richer Sounds

    No doubt it still won't get the recognition it deserves on here. No American led hype train

    almost wish I hasn't sold mine :frowning2: but sadly I had little use for it in the end. My portable phones are so efficient and my Walkman and phone sound good enough.
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  6. Lead Belly
    So I just ordered the Ultrsone Naos (which I assume is a rebranded Soundkey for the US market). Will be interested to test this against DFR that I recently bought - as with the DFR, it looks like the Soundkey may be a real winner.

    One question: Has anyone tried using headphone controls with the Soundkey? As a train commuter, I find the ability to hit the volume or pause buttons on my headphone cable to be incredibly useful. I can confirm that they do NOT work with the DFR (via Apple camera adapter).
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  7. god-bluff
    The headphone controls don't work with the Cyrus
  8. Lead Belly
    Rats. That would have been too good to be true, I suppose :)
  9. DeadeyeM
    Would this improve the DAC inside S8 Exynos?
  10. god-bluff
    Oh it will easily blow away any mobile phone and most dedicated DAPs for that matter. Whether its worth the inconvenience of adding another device,with the inevitable connection issues, is another matter.

    For fairly casual mobile use with efficient headphones very good is usually good enough
  11. DeadeyeM
    But how will it blow them away whats so special?
  12. DeadeyeM
    Could any one recommend cable to S8+ USB-C?
  13. hornytoad
    I just received the Cyrus Soundkey and I'm very impressed. i feel there is more clarity than the Dragonfly red and easier to listen to .
    The Red sometimes a little too forward, aggressive
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  14. george29

    Just been though his thread and sounds like the Cyrus Soundkey has overcome its initial problems.

    Will be mainly using such a DAC from the PC rather than the phone, wondered other than the Soundkey and Dragonfly if there was anything else I should be looking at in this price bracket, size not really important.
  15. hornytoad
    Not really . Maybe a Schiit Modi
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