Cyrus SoundKey portable DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mccol, Jul 1, 2016.
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  1. McCol
    I've been using my Cyrus for my laptop and it really is a wonderful little DAC for the kickstarter price I paid, even at full price it will put others to shame.

    Probably won't get the coverage it deserves until Cyrus give some freebies to certain reviewers who will then decide its fate!!!
  2. god-bluff
    It's Cryrusiously good!
  3. LucQc
    I'd rather use the word Cyrusiously, unless you meant it makes you cry of joy. 8:wink: 
  4. god-bluff

    Yes sorry you're correct. I got a bit carried away there:grin:
  5. JackRM
    I backed this project too but still waiting for my dac. In comments on Kickstarter I read about dissastified backers because of crumbling case. Did you have a similar experience?
  6. duracek

    No it seems solidly made to me. The only issue you might have is with some popping and clicks when listening on a mobile device. Might be a power issue as there are no issues on the laptop.
  7. JackRM
    Hmm..its a pity as i would use it with my mobile primary.
  8. god-bluff
    I only get it occasionally between tracks and very occasionally when I'm performing another task on my phone.

    Honestly not too bothersome and any drawbacks are far out weighed by the frankly superb sound offered by this tiny device. Currently using my HD25s
    They've only sounded better through a Mojo and then not by much. It really opens up headphones nicely and sounds so pure and crystal clear yet refined.

    Everyone really should have received theirs by now though but it'll be worth the wait
  9. Jimster480
    I'll skip it.
    With things like the K1 and the Fulla 2 and the Centrance Dacport slim
  10. god-bluff

    Good for you

    Be aware those devices weigh 2or 3 times as much. An important consideration for a truly mobile device. I also fail to believe any of those can sound better than the Cyrus

    Each to their own....
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  11. LucQc
    As I also own a K1, I can tell you the SoundKey listening experience is better than K1. 
  12. god-bluff

    Thanks that's no surprise.

    It's Fiio this and Schiit that on here. The forums often seems like a huge marketing tool for those brands. I tire of the automatic endorsements in answer to every recommendation. They are worshipped whilst others are ignored.
  13. lxlx
    They're sponsors... what you'd expect? :wink:
    Each to their own!
  14. zappaphone
  15. god-bluff

    I'm sure it will be in the future. Only just coming onto the market
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