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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. davidcotton
    Nice, have fun with them. Sitting here mulling whether to get my universal f2's reshelled into customs again due to 3-d fit sorting out my fit issues more or less. No matter how I try my right ear just doesn't like universals at all really, which is a shame.
  2. Matthew420
    With me, it's the left ear. If I really take my time, I can get a good fit that will stay put if I use Spinfit's double flange large size. But then the second flange, further up in the canal, starts to tickle.
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  3. davidcotton
    I feel the pain. Mines the right. Seems it takes a turn just as the iem goes in and then gets narrower and turns again making a good fit almost impossible. Twin flanges help a little, but don't help on the left.
  4. audio123
  5. Matthew420
    Got my FIBAE 2 in yesterday. The cosmic swirl and the black lacewood faceplates give them a sort of meteorite look, I think. FIBAE2 - 1.jpg

    I knew I was going to love leaving universal IEMs behind, but I didn't think it would be so drastic. Everything sounds smooth, and fun, and clear—even though I've only listened through my iphone so far.
  6. davidcotton
    Very nice! Looking at one of your monitors you seem to have fairly straight canals. Did you have much issues with universals. Have fun with them. I think the 2's are getting rather overshadowed with the recent releases of the blacks, 4 and 7 models but still a decent proposition at the price range for those that don't want to spend too much.
  7. Matthew420
    Yeah, they go pretty straight into the skull. But the ear canal's cone is really wide at the outside. It was impossible to find ear tips that would keep universals from sliding around in there, such that even if a seal was maintained, the changes in sound were noticeable, and it always felt like they were about to fall out, even if they weren't.

    The F2 stay put. Sometimes it feels like they've shifted in there a tad, but if I go to push them back into place, like I was doing every few minutes with universals, they don't move even a mm, so I think I'm pretty much imagining things.
  8. davidcotton
    Yep, give it a few days to get used to it. Seriously thinking about sending my universal 2's in for a reshell. It's either that or a set of tips for them, but having lost one of them already not really ready to go down that path again :frowning2:
  9. piotrus-g
    Awesome! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying them and I'm kind of relieved about the fitting. Your ear canals are very straight and thick and I was afraid that they won't stay in your ears and would slide out with any jaw movement.
    Happy listening!
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  10. Matthew420
    I know, right? When I first took an impression, and looked to see if it complied with the instructions, I wondered, "what is this 'second bend' they all talk about?"

    But yeah, they stay in. I've eaten with them on, and yawned, and they haven't slipped.
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  11. piotrus-g
    Haha yeah i can see that :D
    I'm really glad!
  12. subguy812
    Sunday Morning....

  13. davidcotton
    Might have found a way to keep custom art tips on smooth nozzles without a lip on. Those adapters that come with the likes of the mandarin es tips if you choose them? Slip that on the nozzle first, and then the tip over that. Tried it today with a westone um1 (something even that small gave my ear problems :frowning2: ) and it seems to hold very very well. Even stops the annoying spinning. Not saying it won't come off and you try it at your own risk, but trying to pull the tip off the nozzle does take more than it used to. Now I'm more annoyed that I lost the left piece.
  14. subguy812
    20190817_140450.jpg Spending the afternoon with the ME...I just completed a check of my back molars, because I swear they were rattling loose. One of the BA IEMs I feel compares to a DD.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019 at 9:46 PM
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  15. davidcotton
    Nice :) :) Shame no plans for a current drop just as I get my issues (hopefully) sorted :) What cable is that?
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