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Custom Cans Impressions Thread.

  1. Paul Graham

    Will compose this properly and more in depth later on.
    I thought it was about time Custom Cans had its own thread.
    I can only write so much as I am a writer exclusively for a magazine so I have to be mindful of my boundaries.
    However I don't see anything wrong in kick starting this thread off.

    A UK based cable and headphone customiser.
    I came across Custom Cans a little while ago.
    After a few issues with a different cable maker I needed to look for a trustworthy alternative.
    Jason has not failed to deliver!
    He is now among my top 5.

    Please share your photos and so on of these awesome cans and cables.

    Paul. :)
  2. jfunk
    Thanks paul. I have subscribed to this thread and happy to help answer any nerdy questions or give any help I can
    Paul Graham likes this.
  3. Paul Graham

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