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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. ticoss
    A little question: I read the part one the first post indicating "the correct texture to cymbals".
    After reading the different descriptions in this topic and on the C.A website, the Fibae Black could be recommended for a jazz lover like me ? The description seems ideal.
    (I may have the same musical taste as Luca.s :beyersmile:)
  2. Deezel177
    I'm back! :D

    vs. Campfire Audio Comet

    The Comet - compared to the Black - is a lot cleaner-sounding; almost Andromeda-esque in nature. It has a crisper, airier treble, with a prominent 7kHz peak. The Black has a calmer, softer treble, as well as a fuller, weightier sound. This is also true because of the bass. The Comet has very little mid-bass. It’s not clinical, but its punches are meagre jabs at best. The Black has it beat in sub- and mid-bass content. Notes on the Custom Art IEM are warmer, softer and less defined, while the Comet is more open-sounding but un-dynamic down low. Its lower- and centre-mids are allowed to be more laid-back because of this - there’s no way the bass could overpower it - which gives it a sense of depth. Yet, the Comet has just as lively an upper-midrange because of a rise at 3-4kHz. In stage construction, the Comet wins out - in terms of depth and left-right separation especially. Its speedier transient response and low bass content give the impression of a more free and pristine stage. Again, the tradeoff is in bass content and note resolution. Notes on the Black sound more complete and structurally-sound, while the Comet has a lot of face on okay body.
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  3. KaizerBeelzebub
    By the way could you play shooter games with the fibae blacks ?
  4. Apputty
    Thanks @Deezel177 .
    I believe I made the right choice of getting Fibae BLACK.
    Deezel177 likes this.
  5. shirt
    i have taken a flyer on the FIBAE blacks as my first pair of CIEMs. I like what i read about the company and their product. So far so good on comms as well, very quick responses to my queries. Havign moulds taken tomorrow and I guess delivery will be sometime in Feb.
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  6. crabdog
    You're in good hands and I think you will love the Black!
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  7. shirt
    i think i read one of your reviews of CA products [recognise the logo] so you are culpable in this endeavour! thanks.
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  8. davidcotton
    Gah I've done to myself what I always do. Paralyze myself with indecision over buying something. Trying to decide between universal and custom fit. On the one hand with the new 3-d printing technique I'm more than tempted to give it a go and say wth if it doesn't work out and send back for converting in to universals, on the other hand I never have a good track record with customs so figure that I may as well go universal in the first place and save time and money, but then I never really get a good fit with universals either which is what led me to customs in the first place! Rinse and repeat and you can see why I'm driving myself nuts with the decision.

    Anyway happy christmas to all at Custom Art and all CA users.
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  9. rawrster
    You could do what I'm doing. I will be getting universal's and if the fit isn't good I will go with custom tips.
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  10. davidcotton
    Already got the custom tips :p
  11. SHFT
    Bit the bullet! I have pre-ordered the Fibae Blacks (universal)! Kept them black and just added a left/right logo on them.
    I hope they'll arrive as soon possible but I presume a lot of people have pre-ordered these.

    Do you guys use any specific amp or amp/dac combo with the Fibae series?
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  12. dhruvmeena96
    sir, well a good way of hiding the tech by making it black, but i think i know what are you trying to do in this tech

    shaping the sound in the tube with a tube without a damper in phase inverted peak damping scheme which acts sorta Helmholtz on paper but doesn't look like one

    you can answer me in wrong and right(no need to explaining)

    i made a research paper recently on two Knowles RAB driver where second driver assist in increase in dB but cancelling all high frequency peaks

    well i like your design way more than 64audio and other because i was able to see the work done your iem and warbler prelude compared to those normal tubed iem(no offense)
    by the way, if what i am thinking is right, the parameters would have been very very tough, like length, diameter and point of connection and angle of supporting connection tube to cancel the peaks

    i am trying with dual drivers and if you can share how guys did it on such a small tubing

    no need for the technology info

    just asking for measuring and making precise connection
  13. davidcotton
    Sometime in January was quoted, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it slip into the first week of february.

    Still trying to make my mind up :frowning2: :)

    I just use the hiby r6 with my fibae 2's. One of the reasons I went fibae in the first place :)
  14. davidmolliere
    Yep they told me february a week and a half ago, I took a bit too much time to send the prints and now I have to wait a bit more...
  15. davidcotton
    Looking at your signature I'm sure you'll survive :p
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