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crinacle's IEM Ranking List

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  1. dSmurf
    Thanks for giving out your opinion :)

    Hmm that's what they said to me, friends and Pinkypowers of THL.

    First I would really like to love the andromeda but hearing them for 3-4 hours, it is just 10-15% better than my new primacy, they sounded somehow distant to me like im sitting at the front seat of a concert but, I am would like just to be me and them, performing for me personally.

    Spartan is somehow mid forward, or slightly forward I guess but never auditioned it really.

    Or wait until Feb to buy the EE Hermes. But I would really consider spartan for this. :)

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  2. Joe Caldino

    Fortunate for us in the Philippines, we have a lot of stores offering a lot of choices. You just have to be cautious in buying because having a lot of stores doesn't mean that they offer the same quality of items. There are stores here especially in "Divisoria" where you can find most of the counterfeit items sold, most of them from China.
  3. headwhacker
    Which stores are you talking about? Divisoria, please don't start there. Nobody cares about counterfeits.

    Japan still has the best headphone/audio store I have seen. It's like all items/all brand are there in one place. When in Tokyo don't miss e-earphone, Fujiya Avic and of course Yodobashi.

    HK is similar to Japan, Singapore has plenty of stores but not as big as the ones in Japan or HK. It's also a little bit more expensive.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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  4. kvzrock
    Interesting seeing the suggested diminishing returns past the ER4SR/ER4XR, since I remember some finding IEMs such as the UERR to not be as large of an upgrade as anticipated.
  5. crinacle
    I go with the opposite philosophy, I look for the most suitable source to go with my IEMs, not the other way round. From reading, it seems like the CL-1 is treble murder so unless you have that very specific preference, don't go for it.

    64 Audio tends to be on a smooth, intimate side of the house sound. Granted, it's been a while since I heard the U6 but I wouldn't recommend their products in general for someone who values separation and transparency. Then again, you prefer a warm-ish signature which is what 64 does best so I don't really know...

    APEX is basically just a glorified vent. I guess it can work in relieving pneumatic pressure but I see it as a roundabout way of increasing soundstage.

    You ears may vary. I don't know if you are sensitive to pressure build-up or not (I'm not). If you are, I guess ADEL/APEX or a dynamic-driver IEM would be best.
  6. SilverEars
    Same here. You try out various sources with all the best iem candidates. You consider the ones that brings out the best in them your reference when trying out other iems.

    It's valuable to have a reference source on hand to gauge iem performance.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  7. Bastianpp
    Can you explain this please '' Audeze LCDi4:

    Low distortion, high resolution and excellent clarity marred by poor tuning which destroys timbre ''
  8. crinacle
    The Audeze iSine 10 and the iSine 20 have a weird boost at 1000Hz which is very audible and just sounds odd. The i4 still has this weakness that has to be fixed by EQ.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  9. Radec
    So I got to borrow a friend's Sony 7550 today. Maybe it's a preference thing for me, but I sure don't see how they're so high on the list.

    Is their current tier list ranking based on a mod or something?
  10. tgx78
    for my taste, I also think Periodic Audio Be (B) should be rated little higher. I actually prefer it over almost any other DD IEMs including my CA Vega and IE800.
  11. SilverEars
    Try out the Sony MDR-EX1000. It's a good classic.
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    Can you please elaborate what you like better? I've heard of but never heard a Periodic Audio iem.
  13. tgx78
    You should definitely give them a listen.
    Compare to the vega, periodic BE is more neutral yet it retains musicality of the vega. The Periodic Be comes really close to the Vega in terms of technicality and subjectively beats it in terms of timbre, but only with Silicon tips (i use spiral dots), therefore, it isn't quite capable of great sound combined with the isolation you get from foam tips; however if isolation didn't matter or I preferred silicon, I'd be tempted to save $1000 and just use the Be, however the build quality on the Vega is really good and sometimes i crave little boosted bass while commuting.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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  14. crinacle
    I've had a few friends tell me that this was treble murder before I had my opportunity. So I braced myself, ready for the daggers to pierce my ears, and... well, it wasn't that bad. It's definitely bright, but it's not murder. I guess for reference, the Kinera H3 is my personal definition of treble murder so the AXH was definitely not like that. The AXH has extremely good clarity and sparkle up in the treble, and you would think that it has thin mids, but it doesn't. The midrange is decently rounded and has enough warmth in it to escape sterility.

    Grade: B

    Sennheiser IE80S

    The IE80S is the long awaited updated to the original IE80. At least, long waited by the mainstream masses, not by me. To memory, the IE80S sounds similar if not the same as the original, which is... well, bad is too strong a word, but I guess it's a literal "average". I would sooner pick some of the established chifi like TFZ or VSonic over this.

    Grade: D

    Shure SE215

    The OG $100 powerhouse, known for being "value for money". Not exactly the case now but it's not that bad sounding, all things considered. A warm-ish V-shape with soft notes and muffled treble, but not much to complain about given low expectations.

    Grade: D
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  15. Stuff Jones
    @crinacle How would you compare the Acoustune 1551 and the Vsonic GR09?
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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