1. romnation

    Cracked acrylic CIEM shell - was able to repair with super glue - any affect on sound quality?

    I'm going on a trip soon so unfortunately I dont have time to get these repaired properly. As you can see in the photo there is a crack on the backside of my 64 audio a18ts, as well a chunk that came out near the headphone connector itself. I located the missing chunk and put a super light...
  2. N

    Should I buy a CIEM aftermarket?

    I am considering purchasing a CIEM, specifically one I saw that is at a good price and local to me. Was wondering if the fitting a CIEM of someone else would be a possibility. I think I have a rather larger ear canals (IER-Z1R fitted well when I tried it). Just wondering if this would be a good...
  3. S

    CIEM recommendations

    Hello, I am looking for a CIEM with good isolation and comfortable to wear, but seems that most of the CIEM model are with rigid nozzle except Westone ES series, which comes with silicone nozzle. Does anyone have suggestions that comes with soft nozzle ?
  4. ranel

    Custom IEM bent sound tube? (Spiral Ear 2-way Pro)

    Hi! I have a custom IEM that I never really liked (Spiral Ear SE 2-way Pro). They fit well, but the bass is so faint that hardly anything sounds lifelike or interesting on them. I found them today in a drawer where they've spent the last decade (time flies!) and noticed something funny: the...
  5. corgifall

    Colorado audiologist that does digital scans

    I was wondering if there were any audiologist that any colorado-fi peeps know of that do digital scans vs physical impressions. Thanks!
  6. Kaorichi

    My journey to CIEM

    Hello everyone, I've only registered here after years of lurking, but I have a story to tell. So here I am. I've always wanted to get CIEM as universal iem never really fitted well. It all started when I got BGGAR suggested to me by YT back at the BGVP DM6 era. I ordered those as universal and...
  7. Dèng

    Product Launch of THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia

    A very good morning to everyone! We would like to sincerely thank everyone for actively participating our recent Giveaway campaign for the THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia. The winners will be announced by the end of this month. We would also like to announce that our new THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 Gaia is...
  8. Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    "The ultimate boutique experience. The Plunge Audio Signature Series gives you access to technology, material, and innovations that no other model can provide. You’ll have unlimited access to the Plunge Audio team to create the most unique, tailored pair of IEMs, down to your every...
  9. Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer's flagship sound signature further refined Proprietary 5-way crossover into four acoustic bores is our statement of a balanced sound across the spectrums.This array of nine drivers produce a coherent sound profile - shimmering airy highs, ample bass with great attack and prompt decay with...
  10. Ninbura

    Looking for an alternative to Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered

    Hey there, I was so close to picking up some UE Reference Remastered until after I realized I can't get them with an MMCX connector. If I'm going to spend $1000+ on CIEMs I'd like to be able to use them in every situation, including as Bluetooth buds with one of the various fully wireless...
  11. Dèng

    Shuoer EJ07 & Conductor CIEM Announcement

    Greetings everyone! Linsoul Audio is glad to announce that the custom options for Shuoer Acoustics' Flagships, Shuoer EJ07 and Conductor, are finally available on Do visit our website to check out the designs available. For those who wish to get one with your own design and logo...
  12. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Legacy 4 Announcement Thread

    Greetings everyone! Our THIEAUDIO Legacy 4 has been launched recently, and we are glad to share that the custom options are finally ready. For more information, please kindly visit our website here. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!
  13. L

    Recommend me a CIEM

    I'm old, I was never a golden ear, but there are some typical age related deficiencies as well. The ears aren't perfect. Nevertheless I do appreciate high quality sound. I've owned a couple of IEMs before. I had a set of AlienEars about 10 years ago. I was hard on them and kept breaking the...
  14. O

    Improvement from Westone UM3X

    Hello community, I have been using the Westone UM3X for years now and still love the sound of them a lot. Recently (more like once a year) I am thinking though, if I could improve on them. I have been searching the forums already but would like to hear your opinions as most threads have been...
  15. mjoleksy

    Molds for Custom IEM’s

    In looking to get ear molds done for the first time, I contacted a recommended Audiologist doctor. In addition to making AMAZING ear molds, he taught me quite a bit about the importance of getting it done RIGHT. He said that there are chances that audiologists produce poor molds which lead...
  16. mjoleksy

    CIEM vs UIEM

    So I’ve been using UIEMs for about 10 years starting out with the Shure 215s. Since then, I’ve stuck with and have grown with UNIVERSALS. I’m ready to take the jump to CIEMS. My molds are done and on there way to Japan! I made my first CIEM purchase. It will be a surprise. Tell me, out of...
  17. IMG_20200817_150849.jpg


    FiiO M11 Pro - DUNU HULK - EarSonics EM64
  18. soldiersixteen

    Looking to upgrade my 10yr old UE Triplefi10

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade from my 10yr old UE Triplefi10. I am looking into the Chinese IEM options, I have it narrowed down to the following: 1) Moondrop Starfield 2) Thieaudio Legacy 3 3) iBasso IT00 4) URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 I am looking to run these with my smartphone, although i may...
  19. itzflashgordon

    CIEMS $600 - $1200

    title pretty much says it all, i have weird shaped ears and iems have never been good for me comfort wise and its hard to test iems now a days so im looking for some recommendations! Current front runner is ths 64 audio A6t. My head phone collection consists of the LCD-X, Sony Z1R and Fostex...
  20. project86

    Lear LCM-Skyline

    Budget CIEM with single dynamic driver
  21. Empire Ears Valkyrie

    Empire Ears Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie is the energy of a live performance distilled into an in ear monitor. A rich and tight low end drives a listening experience akin to being in a crowded arena with your favorite band. The crisp and detailed highs are airy with enormous treble extension while the mids are lush and...
  22. Anthem Five E2

    Anthem Five E2

    From Anthem Fives product page: DUAL DRIVERS The E2 features a tuned dynamic low and a balanced armature high, resulting in a slight v-shaped sound signature. CUSTOM TAILORED TO FIT YOUR EAR No human ear is the same, which is why every pair is custom molded to the individual. NATURAL FLAT...
  23. Neo D8-LTD

    Neo D8-LTD

    Driver type: 8mm dynamic Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 103 dB (at 1khz) Impedance: 24 ohm Connector type: Detachable MMCX
  24. admaciaszek

    Good Ear Impressions Massachusetts

    I got my impressions done with my local audiologist in Chicopee Massachusetts and I'm less than thrilled with the result and they were acceptable for ciems. Does anyone know of good audiologist in western mass I only seen 1 or two in boston ever mentioned.
  25. Rochard

    Singer needs help deciding on CIEM

    Hi everyone, I am new to the head fi forums and thank you for allowing me to join.. I need some input and opinions regarding which ciem would be best for lead vocalist.. I'm thinking of either the custom JH ANGIE or UE7PRO . I've used se425's with Sensaphonic sleeves and a sensaphonic 221...