1. chungjun

    WTS: Lunar by Audio Genetic | 2-Pin | 2.5mm (balanced)

    For sale:- 1 x Lunar by Audio Genetic Connector : 2-pin (0.78mm) Termination : 2.5mm (balanced) Condition : 10/10 For more info:- Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. Price does not include shipping nor...
  2. R

    InEarz P650 CIEM with Ted Allen/HPL silver cable

    I have decided to sell my InEarz P650 CIEM. They work wonderfully, but I almost always reach for my SE846 and rarely use these. Includes a Ted Allen silver cable. The shells say P450 on them as that was what I originally ordered and then decided to upgrade to the 650s (6 BA drivers per side vs...
  3. Empire Ears Valkyrie

    Empire Ears Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie is the energy of a live performance distilled into an in ear monitor. A rich and tight low end drives a listening experience akin to being in a crowded arena with your favorite band. The crisp and detailed highs are airy with enormous treble extension while the mids are lush and...
  4. Anthem Five E2

    Anthem Five E2

    From Anthem Fives product page: DUAL DRIVERS The E2 features a tuned dynamic low and a balanced armature high, resulting in a slight v-shaped sound signature. CUSTOM TAILORED TO FIT YOUR EAR No human ear is the same, which is why every pair is custom molded to the individual. NATURAL FLAT...
  5. Neo D8-LTD

    Neo D8-LTD

    Driver type: 8mm dynamic Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 103 dB (at 1khz) Impedance: 24 ohm Connector type: Detachable MMCX
  6. chungjun

    SOLD! - VE8 by Vision Ears

    For sale:- 1 x pair of VE8 by Vision Ears Comes with original case and cable (unused). Re-shell required and can be done by Ambient Acoustics or 3rd party re-shell service provider of your choice. Okay to ship anywhere and local pick up in Singapore can be arranged. Price does not include...
  7. MikeRight

    Empire Ears ZEUS XR XIV custom + ADEL A1, B1, O1

    [FOR SALE] FULL SET Empire Ears ZEUS XR XIV ADEL custom + ADEL Modules A1, B1, O1 Condition + Purchased in April 2017 + Fully cleaned and reviewed by Empire Ears in Abril 2019 (not used after that) Package contents + Custom IEM Empire Ears XR XIV ADEL + Whiplash balanced cable with 2.5mm...
  8. admaciaszek

    Good Ear Impressions Massachusetts

    I got my impressions done with my local audiologist in Chicopee Massachusetts and I'm less than thrilled with the result and they were acceptable for ciems. Does anyone know of good audiologist in western mass I only seen 1 or two in boston ever mentioned.
  9. trex998

    Earwerkz Legend Omega CIEM For Sale

    I am selling my Earwerkz Legend Omega in mint condition. Bought them brand new directly from Earwerkz (now rebranded as Empire Ears). I'd conservatively give them a 9.5/10 in condition, and that half point of deduction is only because they aren't brand new. Sitting in the drawer most of the...
  10. Rochard

    Singer needs help deciding on CIEM

    Hi everyone, I am new to the head fi forums and thank you for allowing me to join.. I need some input and opinions regarding which ciem would be best for lead vocalist.. I'm thinking of either the custom JH ANGIE or UE7PRO . I've used se425's with Sensaphonic sleeves and a sensaphonic 221...
  11. Alson Chua


    Can ship to anywhere
  12. E221b

    Looking for a custom CIEM Cable

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a custom short IEM cable to connect my CIEMs (with IPX/T2 connectors) to my Fiio BTR3 (3.5mm out). Something like 10cm from the splitter to the jack. The ideal price would be under/around $100. Since I can only post here to start, here's where I'm posting! I've...
  13. Avara AV1s

    Avara AV1s

    Avara AV1S by Avara Custom: Avara AV1s is Custom in Ear Monitor with Single Driver Balance Armature. Avara AV1s is the natural upgrade of our current Avara AV1. Avara AV1s delivers super smooth sound, accurate details and great bass impact. Avara AV1s is good for people seeking smooth sounding...
  14. A

    Is a high-end CIEM overkill with an iPhone and Apple Music as source?

    I lost my 64 Audio A12 a while back and I’m looking at various CIEMs after being disappointed by over-ear ANC options (for the office and for travel). The way I see it, if I’m going to get a CIEM, I might as well get a good one because I’ll only regret it if I don’t. I’m looking at hybrid...
  15. ustinj

    Anthem Five E2: hybrid custom-fit IEM made in the USA for $150

    Here goes nothing -- I was contacted via Head-Fi a few months ago to test a prototype of these, and it's been one of my most used pieces of audio gear since then. Why, you might ask -- affordability, convenience, and sound. For $150, you don't often see CIEMs, let alone being made in the USA so...
  16. J

    IEM for Etymotic HD15

    Hello everyone, After lurking for so long, i am now taking the leap forward into the IEM world. I've been using etymotic's HD15 earplugs for work and hunting, but lately i have stopped using them because i hate ear tips that never made the right seals perfectly each time. When it's in...
  17. davidmolliere

    [SOLD] Custom Empire Ears Phantom + Ares II 2.5 - 450€

    Up for sell are my Phantom CIEM, in mint condition and for I believe a good price. Reshell is quoted at 200$ at Naga Audio or Ambient. Accepting PayPal for payment, PayPal friends or additional 4% to the listed price. Shipping fees will be calculated based on destination, I only use express...
  18. MrLocoLuciano

    METAL MAGIC RESEARCH (Thoughts and impressions)

    I found out a few weaks ago that Joseph Mou from Jomo Audio was launching a new brand. It was launched at the CanJam Shangai but I did not see any return in english. For now, MMR is offering 4 different models, all infos come from the website. Official Website : Gáe...


    We are pleased to announce our next generation custom bluetooth cables. Improved in every way over our original. Module details: Redesigned from the ground up Bluetooth 5.0 Complete codec support including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD, and LDAC. Added USB DAC/AMP functionality. Up to 24...
  20. agrosash

    [SOLD] FS: Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro & Accessoires

    It’s time for my beloved original Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro custom In-Ear-Monitors to find a new home. They have never let me down but my headphone/earphone-listening is moving to truly wireless solutions. The buds are in excellent condition and are working perfectly fine with fantastic sound. The...
  21. ceeloChamp

    Clear Nail polish + CIEM, Anyone Tried?

    Hey All, I have a pair of A12t and the right-side fits like a dream, but the left side is slightly and I do mean slightly off. My left ear canal is just a bit bigger and because of this the seal is fairly easily broken when I eat/talk. I have some of the Comply CIEM wraps, but that makes the...
  22. narnos

    Unique Melody Legacy 12BA CIEM

    I’m selling my CIEMs – Unique Melody Legacy, regional exclusive 12BA CIEM with original cable AND Toxic Cables Hydra 22 – 22AWG Litz OCC Pure Silver Cable. Full accessories and original box included. Purchased August 2017, delivered October 2017. Even though they are two years old, I haven't...
  23. diegodesouza

    Best time of the year to buy custom in ear monitors?

    Hi fellow headfiers I'm wondering if there is a good time of the year to buy custom in ear monitors? Like Black Friday or labor day is for electronics and what not. Thanks Cheers
  24. diegodesouza

    CIEM shops in NYC

    Hi fellow headfiers, I'm not if this is the correct place to post this, if not then forgive me. I'm in Long Island NY for about two weeks. I'm in the works to get my first ciem, looking for the 'best' place to get it done in long island or the city. I have not yet decided which brand and model...
  25. davidmolliere

    [CLOSED] Custom Empire Ears Phantom

    Sale is off.